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Tramway 1 photo album

IVB_35''_Bergisel_010702.jpg (79772 byte)

 Let's start our trip on route 1. Bielefelder GT6 35 has just leaved Bergisel and it is running on the reversing loop. On the right between the trees, its sister 33 is pausing at the terminus. July 1st 2002.

IVB_33''_Andreas-Hofer-Strasse_010702.jpg (71519 byte) Bielefelder GT6 33 heading to Hugerburgbahn in Anreas-Hofer-Straße. July 1st 2002.
IVB_74_Buergerstrasse_150803.jpg (44643 byte) Lohner GT6 74 in Bürgerstraße heading to Bergisel. In the background the Karvendelgebirge (Karvendel mountain). August 15th 2003.
IVB_71_Buergerstrasse_150803.jpg (91982 byte) Lohner GT6 71 is crossing Anichstraße and the trolleybus route R on its way to Hungerburgbahn. August 15th 2003.
IVB_71_Marktplatz_010702.jpg (78671 byte) The same car a year before is leaving Marktplatz resuming its trip to Bergisel. July 1st 2002.
IVB_7x_Marktgraben_160803.jpg (72105 byte) A Lohner GT6 is turning from Markplatz to Marktgraben heading to Hugerburgbahn. August 15th 2003.
IVB_74_Museumstrasse_150803.jpg (92183 byte) Another image of Lohner GT6 74, this time in Museumstraße, the northern side of the Stradtschleife (city loop), going to Hugerburgbahn. August 15th 2003.
IVB_38''_Museumstrasse_010702.jpg (73808 byte) Bielefelder GT6 38 at the crossing of Museumstraße with Meinhardstraße. This is the busiest point of both tramway and trolleybus network: all routes pass here. July 1st 2002.
IVB_71_Erzherzog-Eugen-Strasse_010702.jpg (75817 byte) Lohner GT6 71 in Erzherzog-Euegn-Straße is approaching to turn in Falkstraße. We are in the Hungerburgbahn reversing loop. July 1st 2002.
IVB_72_Hungerburgbahn_010702.jpg (79906 byte) Lohner GT6 72 pausing at Hugerburgbahn terminus. July 1st 2002.
Hungerburgbahn_2_Talstation_010702.jpg (81853 byte) On the other side of Falkstraße we can take the Hungerburgbahn. Here car 2 (Bombardier-Rotax) is slowing down into the station. July 1st 2002.


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