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Photo album 2.



Badner Bahn (WLB)

Gauge: 1435 mm

bab208[1].jpg (136253 byte) A train of two GT8 "Mannheimer", WLB 103 + 121. Train to Wien Oper, Guntramsdorf Feldgasse, October 23rd 1998. Photo © Wolfgang Auer.


Gauge: 1000 mm

StH_10_Kaltenbrunnerstrasse_050803.jpg (82225 byte) Stern & Hafferl (StH) 10, a double-ended Großraumwagen but with doors on one side only. Route G to Franz-Joseph-Platz, Kuferzeile, August 5th 2003.


Gauge: 1435 mm

Grazer_277_283_Remise_Steyrergasse_310703.jpg (103076 byte) From left, GVB 277 and 283, two single ended GT6 with recessed windscreen from series 260 built by SGP and Lohner in 1963, resting in Remise III Steyergasse. July 31st 2003.
Grazer_510_534_Jakominiplatz_310703.jpg (92152 byte) Left: GVB 510, a single ended GT8 "Mannheimer" from series 500 built by SGP in 1977, route 3 to Krenngasse Waltendorf. Right: GVB 534, another single ended GT8 "Mannheimer", this from series 520 ex Duisburg, built by Düwag in 1971. Jakominiplatz, July 31st 2003.
Graz_581_Linie_4_Liebenau_Portrait_08081997[1].jpg (66597 byte) GVB 581, a single ended GT8 with recessed windscreen from series 580, created rebuilding four units of series 260 with middle bodies from ex Wuppertal GT8. See the different side windows of the middle body. Route 4 in Liebenau, August 8th 1997. Photo © Wolfgang Auer.
Graz_581_Linie_4_Liebenau_Detail_08081997[1].jpg (107984 byte) A closer view of the middle body of the same car: the writing remark the rebuilding from six to eight-axle. Photo © Wolfgang Auer.


Gauge: 1000 mm

IVB_35''_Bergisel_010702.jpg (79772 byte) IVB 35II, a single ended GT6 with recessed windscreen, ex Bielefeld GT8 (ex GT6) 810 with the middle body transferred to GT8 85. These trams are usually called Bielefelder GT6, series 31II-42II. Route 1 to Hugerburgbahn, Klostergasse (Bergisel reversing loop), July 1st 2002.
IVB_53'''_Igls_150803_(1).jpg (96955 byte) IVB 53III, a single ended GT6 with recessed windscreen, type Bielefelder GT8 series 51II-53III. This unit was built as GT6 in 1957 for Bielefeld tramways, transformed in GT8 814 in 1962, sold to Innsbruck in 1980 where it was transformed in GT6 32III, finally in 1991 it became the GT8 53III with the middle body from the ex Bielefeld GT8 (ex GT6) 809! Route 6 in Igls reversing loop, August 15th 2003.
IVB_61_Lokalbahnmuseum_290602_(1).jpg (76517 byte) IVB 61, a single-ended Großraumwagen with recessed windscreen, type Lohner Großraumwagen series 61-66, built by Lohner in 1960. Car preserved in the Localbahnmuseum, June 29th 2002.
IVB_75_Maria-Theresien-Strasse_150803.jpg (90924 byte) IVB 75, a single ended GT6 with recessed windscreen still in the old red/cream livery, type Lohner GT6 series 71-77, built by Lohner in 1966. Route 3 to Amras, Maria-Theresien-Straße, August 15th 2003.
IVB_82''_Maria-Theresien-Strasse_010702.jpg (84204 byte) IVB 82II, a double ended GT8 with flat windscreens, type Hagener GT8 series 81-88. This is another car with an interesting history. In 1960 the double ended GT6 62 was delivered to Hagener Straßenbahn AG. In 1976 the car was sold to IVB where it was renumbered 82. In 1980-81 it was transformed in GT8 with middle body from the ex Bielefeld GT8 815. In 1983 it passed to AGStB (the operator of the Stubaitalbahn Innsbruck – Igls). In 1995, after a crash, the car was scrapped saving the middle body that was transferred to the ex Bogestra (1) GT6 41, creating car 82II. Finally, AGStB was absorbed by IVB in 1997. Route STB to Fulpmes, Maria-Theresien-Straße, July 1st 2002.


Gauge: 900 mm

LL_65_Blumauerplatz_040803.jpg (103876 byte) LL 65, a single ended GT6 with recessed windscreen: note that the middle body has onyl three windows instead of four. The tram is running on the left-hand track, because of repairing works on the other track. Route 3 to Hauptbahnhof, Blumauerplatz, August 4th 2003.
LL_78_Landstrasse_040803.jpg (97170 byte) LL 78, a single ended GT10 with recessed windscreen. Route 2 to Universität Auhof, Landstraße, August 2003.


Gauge: 1435 mm

WVB_BH_1222_Pratestern_xx0899.jpg (136345 byte) WVB 1222, a Großraumbeiwagen (trailer) (called type c2 by WVB) built by Lohner, and a BH service car. Pratestern, August 1999.
WVB_4704_Mariahilferstrasse_xx0991.jpg (78736 byte) WVB 4704, a single ended GT6 (called type E1 by WVB) with recessed windscreen and a Großraum trailer, both built by Lohner. Route 52 to Baumgarten, Mariahilferstraße, September 1991. This is my first tram photo!
WVB_4927_Mariahilfrguertel_xx0996.jpg (114910 byte)
WVB E6 4927 + c6 + T + c6 + E6 light metro train on route U6 to Floridsdorf. E6 are double-ended GT6 Mannheimer, c6 are six-axes Mannheimer trailers, both built by Lohner. T are modern eight-axes cars built by Bombardier, no relationship with the classic Düwag trams. Over this train a GT6 + Großraumbeiwagen tramway train is visible. Mariahilfergürtel, September 1996.


  1. Bogestra is the tramway company that operates in Bochum, Herne and Gelsenkirchen (BOchum GElsenkirchen STRAßenbahnen).


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