Birdwatching in Cesena 

Words and photos by Stefano Fantini

(Created 15/07/2000 - Last update 10/12/2005)

                                                                                                                                                            ITALIAN VERSION


This site contains photographs taken while spending many hours and whole days in natural full immersion. Sometimes by being in a wood, sometimes simply by looking out of my windows. In this way I have had the possibility of admiring many of the bird species that live in my town. This site has no pretentions to be technical or scientific, it’s just a choice of natural beauties that Cesena can offer to sharp observant eyes. A big thank to Daniela, my girlfriend and now my wife, for patience and cooperation!

If you want to learn more about my town, have a look here…


During spring and summer, when the trees are full of leaves, it is necessary to know how birds sing, because often you cannot see but only hear them. I have been helped by a fantastic bird-song guide in a four Compact Disc edition of Sittelle (see link-page).

While I am writing down these documents, the Commune, with the cooperation of Lipu (Italian section of Birdlife International), Legambiente, WWF and other associations are working on the creation of “Parco del fiume Savio”. They are trying to protect a very beautiful part of our town. Even if many things are still to be done, we wish a successful and satisfying job to every one!

I suggest everyone to take some time and have a good walk around Cesena: it will certainly be a great experience to remember!


The following list of sightings is where you can find links to the birds you can find, with photo. Till now I have observed 73 species! All sightings are supported by photographs.


















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ALL PICTURES are taken by the author and CANNOT be used in anyway without

the author’s permission. ALL RIGHTS are reserved. If you want to use my pictures, simply ask before!


You can find below the list of sightings I have made in my town, updated 10/12/2005.

The link under latin name brings you to the picture (when available).    N=nesting


1.            Night Heron                                   Nicticorax nicticorax                       

2.            Little Egret                                     Egretta garzetta                              

3.            Grey Heron                                    Ardea cinerea                                   

4.            White Stork                                    Ciconia ciconia                                 

5.            Short-toed Eagle                          Circaetus gallicus                            

6.            Marsh Harrier                                Circus aeruginosus                          

7.            Red Kite                                          Milvus milvus                                    

8.            Common Buzzard                         Buteo buteo                                      

9.            Honey Buzzard                             Pernis apivorus                                

10.        Kestrel                                            Falco tinnunculus                             

11.        Sparrowhawk                                Accipiter nisus                                  

12.        Pheasant  N                                   Phasianus colchicus                        

13.        Woodcock                                      Scolopax rusticola

14.        Moorhen  N                                    Gallinula chloropus                          

15.        Black-headed Gull                        Larus ridibundus                              

16.        Yellow-legged Gull                       Larus cachinnans                             

17.        Turtle Dove  N                               Streptopelia turtur                           

18.        Collared Dove N                           Streptopelia decaocto                    

19.        Cuckoo N                                       Cuculus canorus                               

20.        Scops Owl N                                  Otus scops                                        

21.        Little Owl N                                    Athene noctua                                  

22.        Swift N                                            Apus apus                                          

23.        Hoopoe N                                       Upupa epops                                     

24.        Kingfisher                                       Alcedo atthis                                     

25.        Bee-eater N                                  Merops apiaster                               

26.        Great Spotted Woodpecker        Dendrocopos major                         

27.        Green Woodpecker                       Picus virdis                                        

28.        Wryneck N                                     Jinx torquilla                                     

29.        Barn Swallow N                            Hirundo rustica                                 

30.        House Martin N                             Delichon urbica                                 

31.        Meadow Pipit                                 Anthus pratensis                              

32.        White Wagtail N                           Motacilla alba                                   

33.        Grey Wagtail N                             Motacilla cinerea                              

34.        Wren N                                           Troglodytes troglodytes                 

35.        Dunnock                                         Prunella modularis                           

36.        Robin N                                           Erithacus rubecula                           

37.        Nightingale N                                Luscinia megarhynchos                  

38.        Redstart N                                     Phoenicurus phoenicurus               

39.        Black Redstart N                          Phoenicurus ochruros                     

40.        Stonechat N                                  Saxicola torquata                            

41.        Song Thrush                                   Turdus philomelus                           

42.        Blackbird N                                    Turdus merula                                  

43.        Blackcap N                                    Sylvia atricapilla                              

44.        Sardinian Warbler N                    Sylvia melanocephala                     

45.        Zitting Cisticola                             Cisticola juncidis                              

46.        Cetti’s Warbler N                          Cettia cetti                                        

47.        Melodious Warbler N                   Hyppolais polyglotta                       

48.        Willow Warbler                              Phylloscopus trochilus                    

49.        Chiffchaff                                        Phylloscopus collybita                    

50.        Firecrest N                                    Regulus ignicapillus                         

51.        Spotted Flycatcher N                  Muscicapa striata                            

52.        Great Tit N                                     Parus major                                      

53.        Coal Tit                                           Parus ater                                          

54.        Marsh Tit                                        Parus palustris                                 

55.        Blue Tit N                                       Parus caeruleus                               

56.        Long-tailed Tit                               Aegithalos caudatus                       

57.        Nuthatch                                        Sitta europaea                                  

58.        Treecreeper                                   Certhia brachydactyla                    

59.        Red-backed Shrike N                   Lanius collurio                                  

60.        Magpie N                                        Pica pica                                            

61.        Jay                                                   Garrulus glandarius                         

62.        Jackdaw N                                     Corvus monedula                             

63.        Hooded Crow N                            Corvus corone cornix                      

64.        Common Starling N                     Sturnus vulgaris                               

65.        Golden Oriole N                            Oriolus oriolus                                  

66.        House Sparrow N                         Passer domesticus                          

67.        Tree Sparrow N                             Passer montanus                             

68.        Chaffinch N                                    Fringilla coelebs                               

69.        Goldfinch N                                    Carduelis carduelis                          

70.        Greenfinch N                                 Carduelis chloris                              

71.        Siskin                                              Carduelis spinus                               

72.        Serin N                                           Serinus serinus                                 

73.        Cirl Bunting N                                Emberiza cirlus