Deep Purple - Rapture Of The Deep - Official site. Includes news and merchandise for fans as well as information and images for press and promoters. . The Official Deep Purple Site - . Deep Purple - The Original Web Pages: The Highway Star - The original fan site. Includes news, tour information, music, lyrics, and history.. The website of The Deep Purple Appreciation ... -' The Deep Purple Appreciation Society's Website. Reliable, confirmed news from Welcome to the homepage of the Deep Purple Appreciation Society.. AXX Rock Metal Band - Sito Ufficiale - Official Website - AXX - Produzione propria e cover band di Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, RJD, Rainbow. Questo sito è interamente realizzato in carta riciclata, per produrlo nessun animale . N-Gel Official WebSite - Gli N-Gel nascono nel 2001 proponendo un repertorio che spazia e unisce covers della tradizione rock degli anni ’70-’80 (Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Guns n’Roses, Aerosmith, Queen) a . Paolo Gambino - Official WebSite | - Suona inoltre con I 60/70 ( ), band tributo ai Deep Purple che vanta collaborazioni con Andrea Braido (Vasco Rossi, Mina), Neil Otupacca (Gotthard) e lo stesso Ian Paice, storico . Towers - official website - Vasco Rossi, Ligabue, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Deep Purple e altre ancora. Potete ascoltare e giudicare i nostri lavori cliccando su Download. Se volete potete farci conoscere il vostro giudizio . Fireball Band Home Page - Alcuni links utili per i fans dei Deep Purple . Deep Purple Official website: Deep Purple Fan site:
The Arcade Fire Prep New Single, Reissue EP (Pitchfork) - Since Funeral came out last year, the Arcade Fire have released a number of singles.. Montreux Jazz Festival Lineup Announced (Pitchfork) - Apart from providing the setting for Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water", the Montreux Jazz Festival is also famous for its beautiful setting and spectacular performances.. Report for 11/10/06 (antiMUSIC) - Before we get to today's news here are our picks of the day featuring our latest reviews and the song of the day to listen to while reading today's report!. Movie Talk (WPRI 12 Providence) - Welcome to Movie Talk, a blog dishing out opinions, news, and more about feature flix. Do you think you've got what it takes to review a movie? We're looking for a few good reviewers!. Broken Hand Forces Guided by Voices to Cancel Shows (Pitchfork) - Guided by Voices has been forced to cancel several shows due to drummer Jon McCann breaking his hand. While information has not been released as to the cause of the break, the late-60's motorcycle gang, the Cycle Savages, are primary suspects.. Stream: The Shins: “Phantom Limb” (Pitchfork) - Count your arms and legs (especially the bones toward the front of your calves), and slip on those big ol' Natalie Portman headphones , because the Shins have sent some ghost appendage love by way of the Internet.. Photos: Secret Machines [Atlanta, GA; 10/31/06] (Pitchfork) - What began feeling like an off night for New York's Secret Machines -- with Beck performing a secret gig elsewhere in the very same building, no less-- wound up an electric showcase of what the trio does best.. Sunn 0))), Fehlmann, Jelinek on Buddha Machine Comp (Pitchfork) - Since its release, FM3 's portable plastic loop player the Buddha Machine has been enshrined by the likes of Brian Eno, Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls), Thomas Fehlmann (the Orb), plus thousands of drone-friendly fans worldwide.. Frida Hyvonen Tours U.S., Scores Dancing Poodles (Pitchfork) - They may take our lives, but they'll never take our Frida! You never got Frida Hyvönen right, but she's not mad about it. Indeed, she's out to give you another chance, playing her lively piano-pop tunes to you-- hot off the just-U.S.-released Until Death Comes ( Secretly Canadian )-- on a series of dates in the States.. The Azusa Plane's Jason DiEmilio Passes Away (Pitchfork) - Our hearts sank this afternoon upon reading an item posted on today, which reports that Philadelphia psych icon Jason DiEmilio has passed away..

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