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CESKY TELECOM CESKY TELECOM, a.s. - nejvetsi poskytovatel telekomunikacnich sluzeb v CR, komplexni reseni pro firmy i domacnosti v oboru hl...
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AT&T Home Page - Welcome! Home page for AT&T, the communications services corporation, providing voice and data solutions for US consumers and busi...
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ETSI - Telecom Standards For more information on the ETSI Technical Bodies visit http://portal.etsi.org Copyright © ETSI 2001 - All rights reserved | ...
Telecom Knowledge Base and Certification Program Association of Telecom Management Professionals, For all your in house telecom management needs including a Telecom Knowledge B
Ericsson - the world-leading supplier in tele... Ericsson is shaping the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership, ...
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Electronic Engineering Times - Korea Electronic Engineering Times - Asia Online is Asia's resource for daily news, technical papers and application notes on desig...
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