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'The Painted Veil' El Paso Times
"Hannibal Rising" (R) This is Hannibal Lecter's back story, about the World War II atrocities that twisted this child of nobility into a man of sophisticated palate with an eye for fine cutlery.
Retail Notebook: Designer fashions her own shop, line of clothes Seattle Post-Intelligencer
A Seattle fashion designer is showing off her work in her own new shop in Madison Park.
All dolled up Pocono Record
Chris Stoeckel and Bret Fowler have always been fascinated by fashion, from playing with Barbies as youngsters and later collecting vintage dolls to obtaining degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Capsule movie reviews El Paso Times
"Because I Said So" (PG-13) Everything about "Because I Said So" screams out generic chick flick -- and we do mean scream, literally -- from the forgettable title to the excruciatingly corny ending. In between, director Michael Lehmann runs through a veritable checklist of cliches.
'60s chic Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Fashions in the 1960s marked a movement away from elite haute couture designs and toward looks that appealed to the tastes and lifestyles of a younger generation.

Cathy's Vintage Barbie dolls and Fashions
Vintage Barbie dolls and Fashions for sale. Cathy's Vintage Barbie Dolls and Fashions. UPDATED 09/15/06. My name is Cathy Pelletier.
Barbiefanatics Vintage Barbie dolls and Fashions
Focused on vintage Barbie dolls, with photos, chat rooms, and a list of dolls for sale
BARBIE FASHIONS 900S - Vintage Fashions
vintage fashions - barbie fashions 900s Vintage Fashions - Barbie Fashions 900s. 36 Items Next 12 > all of the new vintage fashions and dolls now in
Welcome to My Vintage Barbie
Vintage Barbie American Girl & Bubble Cut at 178 Dior Ave Marl sells vintage Barbie, fashions and a great varitiy of modern fashion dolls.
Barbie Fashions Vintage on eBay
Shop at eBay for great deals on Barbie Fashions Vintage items. 12 Pc Lot Vintage 60's Barbie Fashions Dresses Snaps, ends Feb-17 2:30 pm PST.
Vintage Barbie
Deni's Vintage Barbie Collection
Devoted collector of vintage Barbie Dolls, with list of dolls for sale broken up by time period
Vintage Barbie Dolls - Clothing - Net Links
Vintage Barbie doll clothing. Great fashions for dressing your 1960s goddesses! Barbie Fashions. Vintage fashions, all with pictures, for sale at the Doll Habit.
Barbie Fashions
Vintage Barbie Fashions Currently For Sale. Thanks for checking out our Vintage Barbie pages. many other exciting vintage Barbie. items we have
The Vintage Barbie Ring
This is A Vintage Barbie Ring that contains sites of Cathy's Vintage Barbie dolls and Fashions. A site devoted To Vintage Barbie Dolls and her Fashions. barbie+fashions+vintage: barbie+fashions+vintage
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