Love and Sexuality

Sublimation and tantra



Because it offers a comprehension of love and sexuality according to an Initial Philosophy: for discovering the divine gift of what Plato talked about in the Symposium: “Here is, so I declare it, the energy of love (eros) is, the most ancient and worthiest, among gods. It has the greatest titles for driving the man on the virtue and happiness way, both in life and in kingdom of afterlife”. So, we set out some reflections drawn by the disciplines of the Initial Philosophy (kabbala, alchemy, symbolism, tarots, astrology, yoga tantra) with the hope to furnish, to our visitors, internal stimulus to analyze and to face up better the demonstration of love and sexuality in the daily life.
What does initial philosophy bring about original, compared with the generic philosophical religious approach, and compared with that psychoanalytical and psychological?
Concretely, how can love (platonic winged eros) conduct us on this way, predicted by many evolved creatures? How to direct this extraordinary energy towards the predestinate aim and not stopped at halfway? So, what is the predestinate half? Does this aim involve sadness, inexpressible privations and the cessation of the pleasure? Or, is it an approaching to a new pleasure, more intense and thinner, to new joys? Moreover, this sense would have a spiritual run if this had to conduct to sadness and privation?
Probably, it only need substitute a rough, temporary and carrier, in the time of poisons and bitterness, pleasure with another kind of pleasure which develops light, knowledge, joy and generosity. The fear to abdicate the most immediate pleasure, stops sometimes the enter and the experimentation of ancient truths.
Is this love, that man knows in the affective sphere, different from love that move the sun and the other stars" of which Dante, the Supreme Poet ("L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle" in Paradise XXXIII, 145) talked about?

That this energy can help us to fly and ,so, to feed our spiritual centers (chakra), symbolically, it is well-known since the antiquity. In fact, The winged dragon, fantastic animal knew to all the mythologies and at present also in the Christian iconography, is the symbol of the existing instinctive strengths in the man and of their possible transformation. Subduing and steering these strength to use them as mean of propulsion towards the most elevated peaks of the spirit, represents the deep sense of the spiritual run that everyone is, or it will be, called to complete it.
The predestination of the man is to develop, here on the earth, his divine quality and the sexual energy. The energy of love is the resource, inseparable from the practice of the virtues, predestinate to feed the development of the spiritual organs of the man (chakra).
It is necessary to add that it doesn't mean to dominate the sexual energy for not committing a sin, but it means to sublime it... it doesn't need to repress it, but to sensitize it, and to direct it upward; this is its predestination and it brings suffering or mere renouncement in the man. But to enrich him, to give him more elevated and more intense joys, that’s why, if energy goes upward, it feeds the spiritual, extraordinary centers (chakras) that everyone has got effectively, if also to the latent state, made exception for the evolved creatures, the geniuses and above all the Saints whose spiritual gifts are apparent and visible to everybody.

Certainly it is not an easy job, whose result can be programmed to temporal level. It doesn't deal with applying mental techniques in theory, tout court, but to develop, day by day, with humility, simplicity and tolerance also towards themselves, a state of conscience, a whole of so many small daily behaviors more and more elevated, so a day it can be tasted, also on the earth, that fullness, that joy to which our soul strongly and naturally long for.
"The sexual strength or the winged dragon", not by chance it is just the title of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s famous work with which the author has deepened the comprehension of love and sexuality. He has furnished concrete indications to live in an harmonious way this divine energy ,that feeds our existence. "All the human beings, whoever they are, without knowing they look for God. Do they believe to look for only the happiness? and who doesn't look for it? God is anywhere in the universe and he is hidden in all of this that arouses our desire. The ambitious ones, the drunkards, the gluttons, the avid ones, the dissolute persons, by their way, everybody look for God, because effectively it is also possible to find one lower case letter of Yours particle in the alcohol, in the food, in the sexuality, in the money, in the glory, in the power... God can be found anywhere, also in the swamps, also in the stones where Your presence is as a hidden spark. Certainly from these things you can be drawn only a momentary satisfaction, because God not him he can really find in the coarsest layers, in the inferior forms of the subject, but only in the spirit." (Daily thoughts)
This spiritual job, this activity, willy-nilly, constitutes a forced way of our run in this long cycle of the reincarnations. And' an activity that doesn't ask for isolation, monastic life or bachelorhood. It is compatible with the life of couple and with the life from single.
Certainly in this field there is a risk to stir from an excess to the other and whoever scrutinizes with sincerity his own behaviors he can recognize it.
The initiatic philosophy finds a different point of balance from the traditional yoga tantra.
Mirabail M. talks about that in his volume "Dictionnaire de l'ésotérisme - Collection Marabout université": "O.M. Aivanhov talks, instead, about another way: a sort of loving homeopathy" susceptible to wake up again in the creatures, also in the life of couple, the spiritual gifts that are present in each of us.


The contribution of the Philosophy

The great illness of the twentieth century, that has to be seen with all our problems and it strikes us both as single individuals both in so much society, is the «loss of soul». When the soul is neglected, it doesn't limit him to abandon us; it reappears in symptomatic way in the obsessions, in the dependences of every kind, in the forms of violence and in the loss of meaning. We have tried to isolate these symptoms or to eradicate them one by one; but the background problem is that we have lost ours to relatively know to the soul and we don't even interest there more to it". (Thomas Moore)
The man's soul reborn in the Renaissance official culture for worth of Ficino, it returns today in the contemporary psychology of Hilmann.
Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499) author, besides, of the De religione Christiana et fidei pietate and Commentary on Plato's Symposium on Love, conceives the universe as universal hierarchy organized in five Corporate body: God, angels, rational soul, quality and body.
At the top there is God, in an intermediary position there is man, or, better the human soul ("copy of the world").
The soul is the base of every creature, it is the soul of every individual it mirrors the world that surrounds her.
The Renaissance theory of the homo copulation mundi replaces the man to the center of the world after centuries of pessimism and anticipates the modern psychology cfr. Hilmann.
The man is the middle term between the divine and the ground. Then the soul of the man is the center of the world, where divine and terrestrial meet her. The man has the liberty to decide if to inhale the tall one or to lose himself in the lower part, has the privilege to perceive both the divine things and the terrestrial things. The accession to God ends with a gradual run done of knowledge and love.
How observes Aivanhov in "Man's Two Natures, Human and Divine " man is set to the limits of the animal world and the divine world; its nature is therefore double and it is important that he takes conscience of such ambivalence to win her and to overcome her. If in the sacred texts it is written "you are gods" it is for remembering the presence of a superior essence to the man hidden in him. So, he has to learn to manifest it."
The Nature for Ficino is the Symbol of the unity of the Immortalize Love that has produced it, even if this appears disguised in the deceptive multiplicity of the creatures. This Love produces all the Realities, inclusive that visible in which we live. This gasp of love he manifests perpetually the creation of reality and it extends, to return to his origin, inhales in turn, to rejoin. This trial back of love towards himself ends above all through the trip of the man.
In the comment Tale of Eros and Psyche (The legend of 'Cupid and Psyche, or the Tale of Amour and Psyche) of Apuleius, Ficino talks about ecstasy of lover as "furor amatorius", because ‚who really loves tries to rejoin himself to God, to the part of itself, to create the "spirituals circuits" from God to the soul and from it to God. The eros is winged, as explained Plato, because it can conduct the man towards the spiritual salvation.
Despite Ficino had been orderly priest, he succeeded in proposing a new vision of the Christianity (cfr. introduction to the Enneads of Plotino)... it is the true and taller form of one "Tradition", about a common religion and natural precedent... the run of the divine Revelation is not initiated with the Christianity, but it started to be revealed also before, in the investigation and in the works of Zarathustra, of Hermes Trismegisto, Pythagoras, Plato...
How said M. Ficino " It was the supporter of an ideal of Humanity to respect all of his members, that only Humanity that looks for the Light - the only Light - also practicing and crossing different streets."
Traditionally, the Initial Philosophy, the intention are established to know the soul, to explain the divine nature of the sexual energy, to disclose its sacred finality, to illustrate its formalities to direct it.
Certainly, it is not an easy job whose result can be programmed to temporal level. It doesn't deal with applying mental techniques in theory, tout court, but to develop, day by day, with humility, simplicity and tolerance also towards themselves, a state of conscience raised, a whole daily behaviors permeated by the desire to live that ethical values proper of the teaching of the Gospel... And we have to intervene on the behavior of life.
The utility of the Initial philosophy derives from the fact that it can offer the cognitive and methodological tools to face this run of improvement and perfecting. All of them desire to spiritualize, to embellish their own sexuality to change indeed, the it is necessary to know, suitable methods and Love from who intends to change.
We will talk, therefore, some disciplines of the initial philosophy (cabala, alchemy, symbolism, tarots, astrology, the homeopathic way) in synthetic way necessarily with the auspice to furnish internal levers to our visitors to analyze and to face better the demonstration of love and t sexuality in the daily life.

The Chakras and the Kundalini

Inside every human being there is:
- a network of nerves and sensory organs that are in contact with the external physical world and it corresponds to the traditional structure of man according to the western culture that the soul adds you;
- as well as a thin system of channels (nadi) and of centers of energy (chakra) and this corresponds to the structure of the thin bodies according to the oriental mystical culture.
The most ancient story where the word is mentioned chakra, it seems to attribute to Sees: the god Vishnu is described while it is coming down on the earth bringing among his four arms a chakra, a flower of lotus, a baton and a shell.
The term sanscrito Nadi derives from the root Nad that means "movement" and the Nadis are the channels through which the Prana (the vital strength) it flows for the whole thin body of the man.
Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel and represented as vortex of energy that rotates in our body.
The sleeping strength at the base of the coccyx, called Kundalini, it is the reflex of the Divine Mother who is in us. The Greek talks about "Pneuma", the Islam of "Ruh", the Christians "Puff of the Saint Spirit", the Hebrews of "Shekhinah" and, still first the Sumeris revered "Inanna", the mother goddess that gives the spiritual birth and the sacred puff.
The chakras are also represented by the flower of lotus, sacred in India, that is born from the mud as a flower of few petals and it is disclosed and it evolves up to become a" lotus from the thousand petals." As the flower of lotus also the man can develop departing from the ground of the instincts up to reach the maximum spiritual conscience, the illumination, the true awareness of the Itself, or according to the Gospel, "the Second birth."
This thin structure represents, under the symbolic profile, a spiritual suit that the man possesses, but that he doesn't succeed in wearing yet. The Saints, the Teachers have succeeded in this assignment and the test is furnished by the spiritual gifts that they manifests.
In fact in this sketch it can be observed around the head, in proximity of the last chakra (Sahasrara), the presence of an aureole, of a bright bundle: symbol of holiness.
Every chakras possesses different spiritual qualities. These qualities exist to the latent state... when the Kundalini wakes up him and goes up, it acts on the chakras that open as the flowers of lotus... then the spiritual qualities proper of every chakras start to be revealed in our life.
The development of the chakras, or goes up again of the Kundalini it is therefore, at the same time, a process of spiritual ascension.

To illustrate the formalities of gone up again of the kundalini we can furnish these simple indications.
Along the acantha, we have the central channel Sushumna through which it has to go up again Kundalini. This channel to facilitate the ascent of the kundalini must preliminarily be polishes up through the purification.
To the left and to the right of the channel sushumna, and in some points are crossed, we have the two Nadis or current, Ida and Pingala, that as spirals go up again long Sushumna and they finish at the base of the nostrils.
In this sketch we observe the two tides that climb in the way of snakes and aloft the two heads of an only snake meet him. Aloft we have the crown of the initiate the enlightenment
Little by little kundalini climbs, it wakes up again the situated chakras along the acantha.
These sketches underline as the awakening of the Kundalini is already contained in the famous symbol of the caduceus one of Hermes, very diffused in our days.
Another symbol (ouroboros) is the snake eats the tail, underlines the same trial: the join of the opposite ones, of the masculine and of the female one...
The study of the Chakras is, therefore, the study of a thin, therefore real physiology even if less thick subject of that that supports the physical apparatus and however influential on the nervous and endocrine system. Every chakras, correspond particularly, to determined nervous ganglions and determine glands of the endocrine system. Then, every chakra can be in partnership to specific parts of the body and particular physiological functions.
While in the oriental culture it is strong the tendency to directly act on the chakrases through postures, mantra, prayers... in the western culture it would owe, instead, to prevail the referable Christian run to the initial teaching of the Gospel: the quality of the behaviors, of the feelings and of our thoughts, it naturally produces the development of the connected spiritual gifts to the chakras (The Saints represented with the aureoles). Then spiritual exercises in narrow sense (prayers, meditations...) is needed in the life of every day.
However, the awareness of the chakras is the fact that every human being possesses latent spiritual gifts.It can help us to mostly understand our divine nature and the importance of our choices and our behavior of life. There is in fact a link among thoughts, feelings, behaviors, mental and psychic comfort, health of the body.
The science by now has shown the relationships among subjective world (thoughts and feelings) and nervous system and, in general, the health of the physical body.
We have not therefore thoughts and feelings or a visible thin subject (with the actual scientific tools) so strongly to act on a thick and visible matter or the physical body.
The chakras, the centers energy, if they don't correctly work they negatively act on the incretory glands and on the health: we think about they can stop energy. The chakras, besides, bring energy in vibration, they are intimately sensitive to the vibrations of the colors and the music. From here, the diffusion of the music therapy and the chrome therapy.
"Modern physics confirms us these philosophical conceptions when they recognizes the undulated nature of the subatomic particles that they constitute, at the end, the subject. According to the mechanical totality, in fact, the subject is never inactive, but it is an aggregation of atoms in continuous movement. Also the inanimate objects, also seeming macroscopically immovable, in reality, to microscopic level they show one vibration movement of theirs. They wave, even if to such a low frequency to be seemed immovable. The chakras are known as energy's centers, wheels or gears of an energetic system, also says energetic body, that overlaps to our physical body vivifying it. I am energy in movement for excellence, propelled you of becoming, and continually they rotate in every of us, with a frequency of vibration that increases, gradually, from the inferior chakrases, to low vibration frequency, because more neighbors to the subject, to the superior chakrases, to tall vibration frequency, more neighbors to the mind and the spirit". (S.Tassoni)

Here are the names of the chakras. 7°: Sahasrara (chakra of the crown). Literally "Thousand Petals." This energetic point is found on the cranial summit. 6°: Ajnaì ( chakra of the mind).. 5°: Vishuddha (chakra of the throat). 4°: Anahata (chakra of the heart): 3°: Manipura (chakra of the solar plexus). 2°: Svadhisthana (chakra of the navel): 1°: Muladhara (within this chakra resides/sleeps the kundalini shakti, the great spiritual potential).


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The Sublimation - Sexuality with homeopathic doses .


"Subliming the sexual strength and getting a perfect mastery of itself, it isn’t necessary to complete all the experiences described in the texts on the Hindu or Tibetan tantrism. Another Tantra-yoga that overcomes it. exists and I am a fervent supporter of it. One of the techniques of this tantrism consists in learning to love without waiting for being beloved... " O.M. Aïvanhov
The initiatic philosophy transmitted by O.M.Aivanhov finds a point of different equilibrium from the traditional yoga tantra.
He writes, to such intention M. Mirabail in his volume "Dictionary of the esotericism" (.Mondadori):"O.M. Aivanhov talks about another way: a sort of loving homeopathy" susceptible to wake up again in the beings, also in the life of couple, the spiritual gifts that are present in each one of us.
As we have anticipated in the initial page, certainly it is not an easy job, whose result can be programmed to temporal level. It doesn't deal with applying mental techniques in theory, tout court, but to develop, day by day, with humility, simplicity and tolerance also towards themselves, a state of conscience, a whole of so many small daily behaviours more and more elevated, so a day it can be tasted, also on the earth, that fullness, that joy to our soul strongly and naturally long for.
It is not enough in this field to impart prohibitions, it is necessary to furnish explanations, methods and to put the sexuality in the ample sketch of improvement of the attainable man through the cycle of the reincarnations. The embellishment of the own existence cannot be imposed but it has to be the fruit of an internal need warned sincerely.
The spiritual job that we’ll get to begin will be never lost, will belong to our more intimate baggage and we will find again him/it in the following incarnations.
For us Western, it is not essential going in India to find the methodological answers for the job of sublimation about sexual energy. Also teaching Gospel contains the truths, the principles that it is necessary however to translate in concrete methods in rules of daily life.

About relationships among practical yoga and the parables of the Gospel see the volume "Man's Subtle Bodies and Centres. .

In the work of O.M.Aïvanhov, suggestions and methods transmit him to rediscover the divine nature of the sexual strength with the purpose to live love and sexuality in balanced way, for the spiritual elevation of the single one and the couple.
Talking about spiritual life it doesn't mean, precise Aïvanhov, stopping eat, to drink, to sleep, to breathe, to be children, but mean doing better everything. Every day would be necessary to practice the sublimation or the substitution, to make to flow inside of us every day a new water, for way of living states of conscience you divine, marvellous. All it takes is wanting to succeed him, it also need the deep knowledge of our human and divine nature the acquisition of methods.

"Many people come to me for complaining about particular discomforts and unbalances, and I have always said them "Why have you stopped loving? These troubles derive from the fact that you have compressed love inside of you; then you are repressed ending up devastating everything. The love is a powerful stream, but since you didn't know it since you were not illuminated, you have swept away all the barriers. If you want to save you from these torments, you have to love, love day and night, love all the creatures… at this point you’ll never let the time torment you because will be busy! Instead now, closer than you, you are stingy of love and the things are more complicated. You are generous, and you will be safe; you give your love to all the creatures". (O.M.Aïvanhov)

The volumes where you can read the thought of Aïvanhov about the matter we postpone dutifully, are numerous.

Recently, P. Riffard, in "The Dictionary of Esoterism") has put O.M.Aïvanhov among the greater twelve characters of western esotericism, of every time, beginning from Orfeo, Pitagora...

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Textes of O.M.Aïvanhov

"Love is impossible to define or explain, it is all things at once... a power, a principle, an emotion, a feeling, a powerful force, inspiration, understanding, everything comes under the heading of love. But for love to be effective you must understand what it is, you must think of it as an instrument, a magic power you can always make use of. For instance when nothing is going right, when you are sad or discouraged and disillusioned, when you think everything is lost and the world is against you then the only thing that will help you is love. Whatever happens to you the solution is to go on loving, loving all creation, all humanity. The greatest philosophy, the greates wisdom and light, are hidden in the words: never stop loving."

Relationships, love and sexuality are issues which humanity continues to struggle to fullyunderstand. Without a new spiritual understanding of love and sexuality we will continue to suffer, relationships will fail and the true happiness love can bring will continue to be an unreachable dream.

The teaching shows that men and women are reflections of the divine principles which like the union of spirit and matter create a very powerful union which raises their love to new heights and is a source of inspiration for all.

"The next time you take someone in your arms, try to project them all the way to heaven and linkthem to the higher. A man should address himself to the Divine Mother through his beloved and sheshould address herself to the Heavenly Father through him, instead of limiting their exchanges tothe lower regions, both of them will be linking themselves to the Source. In this way both of youtake the riches God has given you, life, and the emanations and warmth of mutual love, and insteadof using them for your own pleasure, you drink together the purest form of love from the highest source.”

Sexual energy is a great gift, the source of our life force and supports the continuationof humanity.
It can be likened to combustible fuel which if used wisely and directed towards a spiritual ideal propels us to a higherform of love which brings lasting joy, inspiration and fulfilling relationships.

“The sexual force is a gift from God, it is we who must learn how to use it. Countries which have great deposits of coal or oil under their soil have become immensely rich because they make use of their resources. Those who do not know how to use them, burn them. In the same way, the sexual force is an energy which we must learn to use so that we can turn on the lights, light the fires and set all the engines within us in motion.”

Whether one chooses to be single or in a relationship, sublimation of the sexual force is a work which reaps immeasurable rewards. Repression or promiscuity both have undesirable consequences but there is a third solution. With a commitment to a high spiritual ideal and by linking ourselves to our soul and spirit we can transform our sexual energy to develop our fullest potential as human beings and to bring heaven down to earth.

“To master the sexual force you must have a high ideal, a tremendous love for perfection, purity and beauty. This is not easy and needs an entire science if you are to succeed. Without a high ideal, without an aspiration to live the divine life, it is not worth struggling against the sexual force because you will not succeed in sublimating it. You will only repress and this is not a solution to the problem of sexuality. Only a tremendous love for a high ideal will allow you to sublimate your energies.”

Satisfaction of the sexual instinct is one of the greatest sources of pleasure a human being experiences – but it comes at a price and is transitory. By changing our attitude towards intimate relations, and considering them a spiritual work, then pleasures of a more lasting and divine nature can be experienced.

“The secret of control, the secret of sublimation, is to seek work not pleasure. You say “But suppose I hold my love in my arms… what’s the point if I’m not looking for pleasure?.
There can be joy, there can be inspiration, there can be wonder and ecstasy, if you have a heightened consciousness …. is that not more than pleasure? When a man and woman are together sharing a divine emotion, without being carried away, then their communion, this tenderness between them, is something so expressive, so beautiful. It is a form of pleasure of course, but superior pleasure, something divine which makes them immortal.”

“The Kingdom of God will only come on earth when human love is made more spiritual. May those who are enlightened and who have a high ideal in love, know they can work for the Kingdom of God with their sexual energy. May they love each other, embrace each other, but always with the idea that this love is dedicated to the realization of something divine. If they do this, they will produce such beautiful emanations that the angels themselves will be amazed and in their delighted wonder, will bring all sorts of gifts to lovers.

The quotes above are taken from:

Complete Works
Vol. 13 Love and Sexuality Vol.1
Vol. 13 Love and Sexuality Vol.2
Izvor P213AN Sexual force or the Winged Dragon


To further study the works of Aïvanhov


Sexuality tends to be self-centered. It drives man to seek only his own pleasure, even to the detriment of others. Love, on the other hand, thinks of the other's happiness above all else. It is based on self-denial and sacrifice: the sacrifice of one's time, energy and money, even the sacrifice of one's gratification, for the sake of helping the other, of allowing the other to blossom and develop their full potential. Nothing is more beautiful than love, when you are ready to do without, to give up that you have or what you enjoy. Spirituality begins precisely at the point where love prevails over sexuality, when a human being is willing to wrest something from himself for the sake of another. As long as you are incapable of sacrifice, you will be unable to love.




. The Masculine and Feminine Principles The Love of God, the Love of Others, Self Love
2. Taking the Bull by the Horns - The Caduceus of Mercury
3. The Serpent -Isis Unveiled
4. The Power of the Dragon
5. Spirit and Matter - The Sexual Organs
6. Manifestations of the Masculine and Feminine Principles
7. Jealousy
8. The Twelve Doors of Man
9. From Yesod to Kether : The Path of Sexual Sublimation
10. The Spiritual Screen
11. Nourishment and Love
12. Woman's Role in the New Culture
13. The Initiatic Meaning of Nudity
14. Exchanges and Relationships
15. Wealth and Poverty
16. To Love is the Work of the Disciple
17. Love in the Universe
18. A Wider Concept of Marriage I
19. The Twin-Soul
20. Everything Depends on Your Point of View
21. A Wider Concept of Marriage II and III
22. Analysis and Synthesis
23. Like the Sun, Love Brings Order to Life
24. Mother Love
25. The Meaning of Renunciation
26. The Bonds of Love
27. Youth and the Problem of Love - The New Currents Marriage - Why Self-Control - The Need for a Guide Give Your Love to God First


1. A Question of Attitude
2. True Marriage
3. The Sun is the Source of Love
4. The Goal of Love is Light
5. The Manifestations of the Masculine and Feminine Principles
6. Master or Mistress ?
7. Vestal Virgins ; the New Eve
8. Materialism, Idealism and Sexuality - ‘On Earth as in Heaven’
9. Heart and Mind ; the Universal White Brotherhood
10. Seek the Soul and the Spirit
11. Restoring Love to its Pristine Purity
12. Love Transforms Matter
13. Love and Identification
14. The Task of a Disciple
15. Open Yourself to Others and They Will Love You
16. Tantra-Yoga
17. Emptiness and Fullness : the Holy Grail
18. Love is Everywhere
19. Look for Love at its Source
20. Know How to Use Your Powers of Love
21. A Broader Concept of Marriage, Part IV
22. It Rises from Earth and Descends from Heaven
23. The Secret of Happiness is in an Expanded Consciousness
24. ‘Whatever you Bind on Earth’
25. Love God so as to Love Your Neighbour Better
26. Live Lovingly
27. Our Only Weapons: Love and Light
28. Never Stop Loving
29. Towards a Broader Concept of the Family

Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon


The dragon is not pure fiction: it is the symbol of our instinctive, primitive forces and is common to all mythologies as well as to early Christian iconography. The great challenge of the spiritual life is to conquer, tame and use those forces to reach the highest summits of the spirit. The fact that this fire-breathing monster with the tail of a serpent also has wings shows that the forces it embodies have a spiritual destination.

Sexual energy is like petrol: if you are ignorant and use it carelessly you will burn yourself; your very quintessence will be destroyed by this all-consuming force. But Initiates, who know how to handle it, use it to move freely about the universe. This is the true meaning of the winged dragon


Table of Contents

1. The Winged Dragon
2. Love and Sexuality
3. The Sexual Force is Essential for Life on Earth
4. Pleasure: I - Do not Seek Pleasure for it Will Impoverish You
4. Pleasure: II - Replace Pleasure with Work
5. The Dangers of Tantric Yoga
6. Love without Waiting to be Loved
7. Love is Everywhere in the Universe
8. Spiritual Love is a Higher Way of Feeding Ourselves
9. A High Ideal Transforms Sexual Energy
10. Open Your Love to a Higher Path

Man's Subtle Bodies and Centres

For thousands of years men have worked to multiply and amplify the sensations and perceptions entering their consciousness through their five senses, and it is this play on the keyboard of the senses that thay call civilization and culture. Well, is this not rather meagre? However much we cultivate and refine our five senses they will always be sverely limited in scope for they belong to the physical plane: they will never be capable any reality above and beyond the physical. Until human beings recognize that there ate other areas that invite exploration, other dimensions to see, touch and breathe, they will never experience new, richer, more far-reaching or subtler sensations. Each of our organs is specialized: it has its own particular function to perform and it can convey only its own particular type of sensation. In order to experience other, new sensations, we must call into play those other, subtler organs and centers which we all possess.


Table of Contents

1. Human Evolution and the Development of the Spiritual Organs
2. The Aura
3. The Solar Plexus
4. The Hara Centre
5. Kundalini Force
6. The Chakras: The Chakra System
I. The Chakra System
II. Ajna and Sahasrara

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