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So then would the Yoda be Rock Hudson?
So then would the Yoda be Rock Hudson? I mean, until he got outed by Darth AIDS? The Real JR
November 7, 1991
Before them, Rock Hudson was the only celebrity or icon who had AIDS that we knew about. All three of these resulted in fatalities. It's a crazy disease that has no cure, though Magic Johnson has managed to live 15 years on a cocktail
maybe i should have dressed like this?
But for those of us who remember Rock Hudson and how he wasted away from AIDS, maybe it's in everyone's best interest to tell the truth about ourselves. It's not unusual, especially in Hollyweirdadmitting to various and sundry
Rock Hudson
died of AIDS; was the 1st celebrity to announce he had it (1985
Can Openly Gay TV Stars Play Straight?
Gays like Rock Hudson ('Dynasty') and Richard Chamberlain ('The Thorn Birds') have portrayed straight characters for many years. But they had never spoken about their uality before their work on TV ended.
Return of the Hudson
One time this really hot cheerleader walked up to me and said "Oh, 'The Rock' Hudson, you are such a man, I can hardly stand it!" Then she swooned right then and there, and all of her friends laughed nervously as I walked away with a
Man's Favorite Sport 1964, Howard Hawks - Rock Hudson, Paula
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Lifting Another Rock
The unexpurgated version -- that's what author Robert Hofler calls the just-published edition of his book, The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson (Carroll Graf). When the hardcover was published, Hofler says, The publisher's lawyer made me
The Meaning of Chicano, The King of Things/El Rey de las Cosas
Melendezat the Hudson Valley Writers' Center (www.writerscenter.org)on Sunday, METRO-NORTH RAILROAD: From Grand Central Station, take the Hudson Line Cactus Gallery & Gifts :: 4534 Eagle Rock Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA 90041
Michelle Malkin Follows Up With NY Times
I heard about Rock Hudson and Gomer Pyle being an item on the playground in fourth or fifth grade (in the late '60s) from another girl whose father told her. Everybody said, "Eeeewww!" and never came back to the subject.

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