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2 Left Feet Pace a Grocery Store?s Aisles New York Times
The show "10 Items or Less" would make a great series on the Web. And that?s praise.
Beauty secrets of the beautiful people Chicago Sun-Times
Stars are stars because they've got it, and we don't. They're gorgeous. Their eyes sparkle, their skin glows, their hair obeys every command. Are there special effects involved? Just how do celebrities make sure they don't look like us?
12-05-06 EUR ALL ON ONE PAGE Eurweb
BEYONCE ADDRESSES RUMOR OF FEUD WITH HUDSON: Singer says ‘it hurts my heart because it’s so clichéd.’ *A press junket for “Dreamgirls” was held in New York over the weekend and star Beyonce spent a good part of it answering questions about her supposed feud with co-star Jennifer Hudson.
Vintage videos still rockin' on the Web Calendarlive.com
SCOTT COLLINS, The Channel Island column runs every Monday in Calendar. Scott Collins' television blog of the same name is at latimes.com/channelisland.
Style on the Lam Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
fashion designer just launching his own collection has endless hurdles to clear: financing, manufacturing, marketing. Derek Lam, who has been in business since 2003, had all of those worries – and one more. He calls it the “implant issue.”
Godsmack rocks BJC Penn State Collegian
For those about to rock: We salute you.
New York's Retro Kids love the '80s Orlando Sentinel
The group stands out in hip-hop styles from the days of beepers and break dancing. Sporting architectural haircuts that haven't been seen since the Reagan administration and clothes that looked borrowed from the closets of Run-D.M.C. and Theo Huxtable, a group of young black men who call themselves the Retro Kids were turning heads the other evening at a party for Parish, a new urban clothing
Follow-la-la-la our advice on choosing tunes Chicago Sun-Times
Every year, as I hunker down to the task of assessing the new musical contributions to the Christmas canon, I feel compelled to note that I am neither Scrooge nor Grinch, and I really do love both the holiday and its associated pop-music soundtrack.
High fashion in Springfield The Springfield News-Leader
Haute couture is back. It never leaves other parts of the world, of course. But in Springfield, the world of high fashion visits every other year when the Ebony Fashion Fair comes to town. Hosted by the Ladies Civic League, the 49th annual event hits the runway Wednesday at the Oasis Inn and Convention Center with designs by Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and Bill Blass.
For middle-aged, it's a challenge to look stylish Arizona Daily Star
As a costume designer and fashion stylist for 30 years, Sherrie Mathieson outfitted such celebrities as Bill Cosby, Gregory Peck, Lena Horne, Susan Sarandon, Sugar Ray Leonard and Brooke Shields.

5 Hot Hair Style Trends For 2005
The latest hair style trends sweep the globe slowly, which means that the life cycle 80's Inspired - A return to the 80's means an influence from that
The Feathered-Back Hair Site
Tabetha, She loves 80s rock and has been to a Def Leppard concert. Who has the best feathered hairstyle ? We are never afraid to hit tough issues head
1980s Fashion History. Power Dressing C20Th
The 80s fashion look was a tailored look. It was hard to go anywhere Big was best and fashion hair styles of the 1980s grew bigger to match the look.
80s hair dos
Fashionable Hair styles from the 80s: Feathered Hair, 80s man hair, hair style 80s hair, 80s hair style, 80s hair dos, 80s big hair band, 80s hair bands
80s Rewind » 80s hair dos
This is by far the dumbest 80s hair do that I attempted to have. The gumby hair style let a young male fro in the shape of Gumby’s head, hence the name.
American Vintage Blues: History of Fashion 1980-1990
Big hair is not unique to the 80s - the 60s had the beehive and the 70s had the afro. What set the 80s hair styles apart was their diversity.
80'S Style And 80'S Fashion - Zimbio
80's Hair Styles. Loading - please wait Sorted by: Top Rated. + add photo. What's a Member Photo Album? Public album for members to upload photos
In The 80s - Halloween Costumes From the Eighties
Black leather biker jacket, black jeans, black combat or biker boots, spiky dark brown or black hair80s style black sunglasses, water pistol. if you can
DragonForce 80s hair metal style - dragon - dragonforce
Technically, this band is awesome but aren't they 18 years too late? Perhaps this style of music is back. mmmmmmmm - dragon, dragonforce, roadrunner
AskMen.com - Hair styles for men
Hair styles for men- Different hairstyles for men. Don't grow your hair like the punk rockers we all head-banged to in the "rockin'" 80's. 80s+hair+style: , hair style in the 80s , , hair style in the 80s , 80s+hair+style
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