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Custer's Last Stand
While in Newcastle last weekend, I had a chat with one of the men who works at At any rate, last year, the calvary tried to convince the Indians to let them at one with Custer these days, having made a not exactly heroic last stand
Q: Who Was General Custer and Where Did He Stand Last?
A: We all remember learning about "Custer's Last Stand" in history class, but some of us may be a little foggy on the details. Heck, a few of us can only point out that "Custer" sounds like "custard," and then go hunting for dessert.
4:00pm | Custer's Last Stand | 192, DTIMES
Historical researchers examine artifacts from Little Big Horn and attempt to re-create the series of events during the battle of June 25, 1876, when George Armstrong Custer and his unit were completely wiped out by the Sioux. (TV Show
Chicago Cubune Watch :: How Would They Cover Custer's Last Stand?
The Tribune fires the LA Times editor who stood up against the Tribune's campaign to gut the Times, the journalism community nationwide decries the act as an assault on editorial quality, and the Chicago Tribune covers the incident as a
Blockbuster’s Last Stand
So I really do believe that this is Blockbuster’s last stand. And I believe that they’ll meet the same fate as George Custer in the end. Confident and cocky in their prime, but ultimately outmatched and defeated
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A Congress of Whores and Pipsqueaks
Unluckily for the rest of us, who thought we were taking a stand for freedom, the Constitution, and a restoration of national sanity when we voted last month, the struggle to revive the Bill of Rights and the concept of tripartite
Custer's Last Screw Up
My ever increasing interest in the historical Old West caused me to stop at the Little Bighorn battlefield (Custer’s last stand, 1876). It's a poignant and lasting tribute to complete arrogance and stupidity in a military command.
Catching my breath after marathon bouts working on the book, I watched the Custer's Last Stand episode of Steven Spielberg's TV miniseries, Into the West ( http://alt.tnt.tv/itw/ ), billed as a "Journey to the Heart of the American
Iraq: here we go again.
Custer's Last Stand is primarily noteable because it actually resulted in an American defeat. Still, anyone who would look critically at the reservation system that resulted from those wars would see it as a near total disaster at
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