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1 TV - 34" Diagonal Tau Series PureFlat HDTV Monitor with Precision Picture Processing (Panasonic CT-34WX54) with box - $1100? 1 Computer - home built 2.4 GHz Intel processor, 1Gig RAM Asus mobo, 36GB Raptor boot drive, 400GB RAID array
2 Panasonic 34" models and thoughts on 30"?
I was at Circuity City yesterday and they had a widescreen Panasonic High-Def TV on sale for $1079, model number CT-34WX54. However, on their website, the model they have is is CT-34WX15 currently on sale for $1169.
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New Malata 17" LCD TV, built-in DVD, PC monitor Combo. ILO 42" PLASMA EDTV WITH STAND/WALL MOUNT INCLUDED! HOW TO Become A Millionaire Fast - Limited Time Offer. 34" PANASONIC CT34WX54 34" PURE FLAT HDTV AND STAND
panasonic HD model differences?
I'm not sure if it's a difference in models or years, but I'm looking at CT-34WX54 34 or the CT-34WX15. Both 34", HD, etc. with a few minor differences. The X15 has a different remote than my current (layout) tv does.

Compare Panasonic CT-34WX54 34" TV Prices - Shop for Standard
Save money! Standard Televisions comparison shopping information at mySimon. Compare prices, key features and find the best prices from across the Web.
Review of Panasonic CT-34WX54 34" TV at mySimon
Panasonic CT-34WX54 34. I researched thoroughly before purchasing this tv. I decided on 34" because it was the perfect medium. I wanted picture clarity
Panasonic CT 34WX54 - TV - 34" price comparison at MSN Shopping
Compare Panasonic CT 34WX54 - TV - 34" prices before you buy to make sure you get the best deal. Find a list of Panasonic CT 34WX54 - TV - 34" prices from
Panasonic CT 34WX54 - TV - 34" reviews and ratings at MSN Shopping
Browse Panasonic CT 34WX54 - TV - 34" reviews and ratings at MSN Shopping or submit your own rating and review to help other shoppers.
Epinions Recent Reviews for Panasonic CT-34WX54 34" TV
Recent reviews written about Panasonic CT-34WX54 34" TV en-us 80 80 purchased this Tv in aug 04, To date I have not seen a tv with a better picture,
Consumer Guide: Panasonic CT-34WX54 34" TV Prices
Compare the best price on Panasonic CT-34WX54 34" TV and on other Standard Televisions from Consumer GuideĀ® and HowStuffWorks.
Consumer Guide: Standard Television Prices
Panasonic CT-34WX54 34" TV. Panasonic CT-34WX54 34. Flat Screen, 34 inch Display, HDTV-Ready, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, NTSC, 1080i (HDTV), 480p (EDTV),
Panasonic CRT TV: Find, Compare, Read Reviews & Buy Online @ Yahoo
Panasonic CT-34WX54 Television · 5 stars. Panasonic - 34 in - CRT TV - TAU Series - PureFlat Display - HDTV Compatible - HDMI Connection
Panasonic CT-34WX54 16X9 TV - Product Of The Week
Panasonic CT-34WX54 16X9 TV - Product Of The Week. The Panasonic CT-34WX54 is a 34-inch CRT-type HD-compatible television. Perfect for viewing widescreen
eBay: Panasonic CT-34WX54 34" HDTV. Less than 1 year Used (item
Find Panasonic CT-34WX54 34" HDTV. Less than 1 year Used in the Consumer Electronics CT-36SL14 36'' Tau Series PureFlat Stereo TV - Silver. Features panasonic+34+tv+ct34wx54: panasonic+34+tv+ct34wx54
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