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Etisalat, MMS, voice mail offer AME Info
Etisalat has announced that its MMS and Al Mersal voice mail services can now be accessed by all subscribers, without registration fees.
Middle East Business Information Zawya
11 February 2007 Etisalat yesterday announced its Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and Al Mersal Voice Mail services can now be enjoyed by all subscribers without registration fees.
Murphy Rules Box Office With 'Norbit' The Times and Democrat
LOS ANGELES - Movie fans couldn't pass up three Eddie Murphys for the price of one. Murphy's comedy "Norbit," in which he plays three wildly different roles, opened as the top weekend movie with $33.7 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.
Jon Ronson: Who are the favoured targets for the junk mail juggernauts? Guardian Unlimited
Who are the favoured targets for junk mail? Jon Ronson investigates.
Short-term goals: Thanks to those who have helped so far, but much more still needed Palm Springs and Coachella Valley Local News and Guides
Tax-deductible donations can be mailed to Hidden Harvest, P.O. Box 226, Coachella, CA 92236.
Snuggly, cuddly stuff for Valentine's Day The Aspen Times
You've got your dinner reservations, your iest lingerie, a box of chocolates, candles. You've banished the kids from the house (or at least from the bedroom) and turned off the cell phone.
Stained Glass? Boston Globe
When Appleā€™s new boston flagship store opens its doors at 815 Boylston Street later this year, expect mania. Apple devotees, known for their fierce brand loyalty, approach store openings with the fervor of rock groupies. When a San Francisco flagship store opened in 2004, there were 1,200 people in line, many of whom had camped overnight. Last year, thousands attended
Justice may be best judged by history Asbury Park Press
Half a century ago, a guy bought a new car in New Jersey. Ten days later, his wife drove it into a brick wall, totaled it. She claimed the steering wheel didn't work properly. So the couple took the matter to court.
Le Chevalier D'Eon DVD Talk
Another couple of weeks, some more anime, and another column; you know the drill. This time around we have a few more capsule reviews to peruse. A few new shows are included but for the most part we keep tabs on the continuation of many already introduced series.
Where's downside for credit cards? Boston Globe
I don't understand the popularity of debit cards ( "The debit dilemma," Feb. 4 ). We use only credit cards and enjoy the float. We pay them off monthly and incur no interest charges. We carry cards that have high interest and no fixed fees. Where is the downside?

Voice Mail Box
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price comparisons and user reviews and ratings for voice mail box products. Recording Time 2 More Voice Mail Boxes (1 box per line) Answers While
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Mailbox Sample Page for Freedom Voice Systems. See how your mailbox will look. Save money on checking voice mail and save tons of time.
How to reinitialize your voice mail box
Voice Mail Topics. Distribution Lists. Greetings. Message Notification Light (at extension 4399) can adjust your voice mail box so that you can set a new one. voice+mail+box: free voice mail box , , free voice mail box , , voice+mail+box
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