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 Last revision:  27-Jan-2006
Large scale electrical power distribution systems require complex software engines for real time Power System Restoration and Reconfiguration.

The ADISCON software engine has been developed during a thesis work in Electrical Engineering at University of Cassino (Italy) under the supervision of Prof. A.Losi. Applied to specific large scale distribution networks, the engine has provided really promising results for real time Restoration/Reconfiguration. High quality solutions are found in few seconds even in the cases for which the complexity of the restoration problem is considerable.

The last stable version of ADISCON has been released on Jan-2006, with about 50000 lines of C++ code (optimized for multiprocessor systems and 64bit) and several new modules this numerical engine could probably be considered one of the most advanced and reliable currently available. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more informations.

New modules (available for Windows and Linux) provide real time solutions and planning for:
  • Distribution Network Service Restoration
  • Distribution Network Reconfiguration (eg: for loss reduction or load balancing)
  • Distribution Network Demand Side Management
  • Distribution Network State Estimation