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Modem Bridged & Router capable???
Just got my ASDL line up the other day, and hooked up my new Billion 7300M ADSL Router. Here's my problem. I have 2 PC's and a laptop, all wirelessly linked, and want to run route sentry for my 2 Telkom/Openweb accounts to be routed
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Nice, Neotel will be gunning the consumer market in 2 months or so, offering a decoder like router able to stream 1500 tv channels and an extra uncapped 11 something mbps connie, these will be offered as seperate packages.
How Do I Set Up A Internet Gateway?
I currently have a Linksys router (WRT300N) which does NOT have an ADSL modem built in. The router requires you to connect an DSL ethernet modem/router to gain internet access (via a blue network socket).
Airtel user clocks 146 kBps 1.16 Mbps
If the screen shot you have posted is true then it Could have been a router problem Because Adsl router capacity is 8 Mbps maximum <AFAIK> ( 8192kbps = 1024KBps) If your screen shot is true then Does it mean are you getting
ADSL Router problems! Is there hope?
I'm using the Telkom ADSL 5102G Router and very recently updated the firmware to Version: "5120G_Telkom_2.7.0.13(ZUE0_B1)". A day or two after updating the firmware (friday, 16 feb), my connection has been giving me a lot of
Router ADSL Status
Forum: PressF1 Posted By: bk T Post Time: 18-01-2007 at 12:19 PM
need advice on flashing my useless telkom router
I've recently had my telkom-branded ADSL WiFi router break down on me i had tried to update the firmware via the browser administration; the page had timed out on me and then the router lost it's ability to connect to the internet
ADSL Router problems! Is there hope?
Forum: General ADSL discussions Posted By: Prowler Post Time: 17-02-2007 at 11:35 PM
Marconi router - How do I get it to bridge mode?
Do I just delete the current account on the router, and use the CD to put in the details of his Netlive account (use Bridge there, instead of the straight forward ADSL), and then put the openweb account on his PC, will this work?
Port forwarding - Telkom 5102G router
Has anyone managed to setup port forwarding on the telkom 5102G router? This seems an impossible task, or my router is broken. I have tried doing it under NAT as the manual suggests but with no luck. I also tried under IP filters,

Tin.it Help - Guide
Apri &middot; Router ADSL &middot; Apri &middot; Modem ADSL Ethernet &middot; Apri &middot; Modem ADSL USB &middot; Apri &middot; Dispositivi WiFi &middot; Apri &middot; Effettuare la prima connessione
Wind.it - Aziende - Manuali
Il modem / Router ADSL Alcatel Speed Touch Pro permette di effettuare un accesso a Il Router D-Link ADSL DSL 500 permette di effettuare un accesso a
Netgear DG834UK ADSL Firewall Router (UK), #DG834UK - eXpansys Italia
Belkin ADSL Modem with Built-in Wireless Router (802.11g) Con il Firewall Router ADSL DG834 di Netgear, i genitori potranno controllare l&#39;accesso a siti
D-Link DSL-604+ Wireless ADSL Router, #DSL-604+ - eXpansys Italia
Il dispositivo DSL-604+ è un router ADSL con access point Wireless a 2.4 GHz e con switch a Remote Router with built-in ADSL interface and wireless LAN;
Router - Offerte Router, Modem router e Router ADSL su eBay.it
Compra Router, Modem router e Router ADSL su eBay Italia. Oltre a Router trovi anche una vasta scelta di Router Cisco e cisco a prezzi convenienti.
Scheda prodotto - NETGEAR Wireless ADSL Router con modem e access
Router ADSL con modem e wireless Access Point 54 Mbit 802.11g integrato (antenna staccabile) - 4 porte-lan 10/100 - FIREWALL - max 253 utenti LAN,
Scheda prodotto - FRITZ!BOX ADSL router con modem integrato e firewall
Router ADSL con modem integrato e firewall SPI. Router e modem ADSL ad alte prestazioni con traffic shaping che sfrutta al massimo tutto il potenziale
Router ADSL 2/2+ per LAN Ethernet 10/100 , Access Point Wireless NUOVO MICHELANGELO OFFICE CX Router ADSL con switch 4 porte 10/100 e supporto Firewall
Un router ADSL che fa da print server
Lo propone Edimax includendo anche funzioni di access point e NAS.
ADSL: istruzioni per l'uso
Oltre a un router ADSL sapientemente configurato, è fondamentale anche la presenza di un server. Il più pratico e accessibile sicuramente risulta essere un router+adsl: configurare router adsl , configurazione router adsl , configurare router adsl , configurazione router adsl , router+adsl
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