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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Indiestore picks, Arnold G, Vaeda, Full CD
The music of NYC rock trio Vaeda may lead the listeners astray, but they invariably find their way back to the band, who were the No. 1 unsigned band on MySpace in Sep/Oct 2005 based on song plays on the band's homepage (and who
oldies but goodies
at 100.30 FM or the oldies but goodies station. they only play songs from the the artistry of these old music. they like to listen with me. sometimes when come to think of it i am an oldie - but a goodie? definitely yes and
Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Beatles, Jibbs, Taylor Hicks, Test Your
The result is an unprecedented approach to the music. but in the mean time you can watch the video for the single "Pieces of the Sun": round-up column of audio and video media downloads and streams called the Blogcritics Goodie Bag
I mostly listen to oldies and shit. You know, like, Motown and shit?" they're coming from the most lame-ass corny country music goody-two-shoe yucks? Well, I'm not sure you realize it, but country music and hip-hop are the two
but goodie
I’ve been in a very oldies phase lately. Lots of Beatles, Van Morrisson, T Rex, Buddy Holly, I haven’t even heard the song in ages, but everyday…poof there it is. Bizzare. as I’ve never been big into the music of my home land.
I have a plan - it looks like a plan, sounds like a plan, it IS a
I loaded up my ipod with some new tunes and resurrected some oldies and this morning I ran! and finally I could hear my music over my breathing. I was running.!!!!! .and my current favourite - an oldie but a goodie
ASTOUNDING!!! i'm utterly and completely impressed at this. please
i was going over some of my music vid's, while cleaning up and playing with the boy. and i decided to post one of those oldies but really goody videos. but when i went to find it on youtube, i found something quite amazing!!!
But this one's got a really good mix of classic rock (Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gimme Three The Music publishers’ Association and the National Music Publishers’ Association "I think the goodie bags should all be sent to New Orleans.
mash-up monday becomes mp3 monday. today’s theme is “love”
In light of the relative dearth of mash-ups in relation to music in general, if you like oldies, great, but if you don’t, maybe not so much. i personally love 1: another oldie but goodie. some pretty cool vocalizing in the
Simply Cee-Lo Green
Through all of the earlier Outkast, Goodie Mob and Dungen Family albums, the stumpy, soul-stirring Cee-Lo Green was the wild card, the essential but often overlooked individual characteristic that kept the music off-center and unique to
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