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  For many years the group has taken an interest in Balkan musical traditions and regularly performs instrumental  and vocal works from the Balkan regions including Macedonia, Rumania and Ex Jugoslavia. In the same programme, Barbapedana also introduces us to the rich world of gypsy music and the jewish klezmer of Eastern Europe.

         Togheter with traditional folk instruments ( including bagpipes, panpipes, tapān and derbuka) tipical of the countries represented, the group also performs on violin, piano accordion, guitar, mandolin, clarinet and a rhythm section with electric bass and drums.

     Exciting rhythms and yearning melodies intermingle with one another giving life to a performance that also aims at involving the audience...

      In April 1997 the group produced Sherele, the CD that, for Barbapedana represents  the beginning of a new phase in which elements of Balkan and East European music are examined and reinterpreted ia a personal way, oscillating between ancient and more modern styles.

    In November 1998 the group produced his second Cd I Tre Lorienti, with Italian and European traditional Christmas songs.

     The new CD Yol (road), of June 2000, is  also a mix of balkan, klezmer & gipsy music.

The musicians are:

Adolfo Silvestri               electric bass

Eraldo Zanetti                 guitar, tapān,voice

Francesco Bernardi       violin, mandore, tambura, voice

Mauro Gatto                    drums, derbuka, frame drums

Christian Tonello            piano accordion, rhythmic voices

Renato Tapino            clarinet, sax, gajda, panflute, shawms, recorders,       

                                mandolin, voice

Barbapedana was founded in 1978 and performs in various ways ( including concerts and shows) and collaborates with theatre, multivision and dance groups.

Besides the CD Sherele  (1997) the group  has produced three audio cassettes: Lautareasca (1989), L’č rivā el Barbapedana (1993) and Cuore di cane ( 1995).

Barbapedana has performed in many important festivals both in Italy (including the Venice Biennial ) and abroad.

For bookings call:

Renato Tapino - Via Morandi, 2 - 31031 Caerano di San Marco (TV) - Italy

Tel. 0423/858069 - email : barbapedana@libero.it

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