Boeing 777-300


In this page you can find some images of my Boeing 777-300 completelly designed with CATIA Version 5.

The main goal of this work is to work with surfaces using CATIA. Once the fuselage shape is completed i'll try to redesign an internal structure that hopefully matches the real one.

It is a work done by many of engineers and i don't think i may be that good enough to do the same. In fact my goal is to get a close structure without getting too deeply in details...if i could do it would mean i'm working on the 777 program in the Everett plant and that is something i'm sure i'm not doing...he he!!!

If you think it is interesting, then i'd like to invite you to let it know to other people and at the same time i'd invite you to visit my web site once in a while, searching for new updates.

Ok, here we go, these are the first images......don't forget to visit the VRML page to see it in 3D.

If you want to let me know any critics or else, contact me at the following address: 


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