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Bear's thump-thump is music to ears of parents The Columbus Dispatch
The technician squeezed goo onto the pregnant belly of Michelle Guffey, gently rolled a scanner across it, then studied the monitor. "This is the heart," she said. "Do you see the heart?
Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner: Family Leave in the USA - Tell Your Story! HuffingtonPost
Got tennis shoes? A self-described "mom in tennis shoes," who also happened to be a U.S. Senator, helped pass the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) back in 1993. This law has been a real life-saver for tens of thousands of families. It allows people who work for companies with fifty or more workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for a new baby, or to care for a family member or
In Search of a New Agenda Austin Chronicle
Before Tom Craddick tried to reinvent himself two weeks ago as a kinder, gentler leader for 2007, most House members on both sides of the aisle had already determined that – with or without Craddick as speaker – bipartisanship would be making some semblance of a comeback in the new, 80th Texas Legislature.
Jerome Street residents move on, clean up The Daily Iberian
After Thursday’s deadly tornado that tore through Iberia Parish, shock set in as residents affected by the twister came to grips with the reality of the tragedy.
Prenatal Center Is a Dream Come True The Signal
Right now, there is a back room in the Samuel Dixon Family Health Center in Val Verde that lies in waiting. In March, the room will have an ultrasound machine, fetal monitor and obstetrics table to help treat pregnant women and their babies.
Body Composition Device Facilitates Infant Studies Science Daily
The accuracy of a new machine for estimating the body composition of infants has been demonstrated in a two-year study by scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-funded Children's Nutrition Research Center (CNRC) in Houston, Texas. Nutrition researcher Ken Ellis at CNRC oversaw testing of the device--an infant-sized, air-displacement plethysmograph called the PEA POD Infant Body
Novel surgery saves life of boy with curved spine The Toledo Blade
During his sixth week in the womb, Caleb Manuel was as small as a raspberry and perfectly formed, with a fetus’ round otherworldly head and the buds of a developing nose, ears, and toes.
Hormone Replacement Therapy in Menopausal Women: Past Problems and Future Possibilities RedNova
By Schmidt, John W; Wollner, Debra; Curcio, Jes
Uganda: Boda Boda Cyclists Given Until April to Leave City AllAfrica.com
THE government on Sunday extended the January 1, 2007 deadline given to all the Boda-boda cyclists in Kampala to vacate the city ahead of the Commonwealth summit.
Clinical Systems Are a “GO” in Real Life Health Management Technology
Clinical information systems have become more than just integrated with other healthcare IT systems. Now they are integrated into the daily routines of healthcare providers.

Fetal Monitor - Products for Fetal Monitor - Manufacturers
Fetal Monitor Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers,Traders,Companies,Factories at Alibaba.com, the world's largest online base of suppliers and importers.
Electronic Fetal Monitorw
Before the invention of the electronic fetal monitor in the 1950s, In Diana's response to the electronic fetal monitor, we can observe the successful
Internal Electronic Fetal Monitor
Because it uses ultrasound waves to penetrate into the woman's uterus and record the baby's heartbeat, external fetal monitoring is subject to various forms
Fetal Heart Monitors: Home Fetal Dopplers
Using a fetal monitor at home can provide parents with comfort and reassurance that On the other hand, renting a fetal heart monitor can be surprisingly
Interpretation of the Electronic Fetal Heart Rate During Labor
Electronic fetal heart rate monitoring (EFM) was first introduced at Yale Most patients who undergo internal fetal monitoring during labor accept
Electronic Fetal Heart Monitoring
Electronic fetal heart monitoring is done during pregnancy, labor, and delivery to monitor the heart
Search continues for effective fetal monitor - USATODAY.com
If uteruses had windows, doctors would have a relatively easy time keeping an eye on how fetuses coped with their end of the birth process.
GE Healthcare-Product Features -Maternal and Fetal Monitoring
GE Healthcare brings a strong heritage and a commitment to maternal/fetal monitoring. By bridging high-tech and high-touch, GE provides flexibility and
Fetal Monitoring
Fetal (FEE-tal) monitoring is a way for your There are different types of fetal monitoring. decides to use fetal monitoring, do not worry.
Fetal Monitoring / Decels - from Ronnie Falcão's Midwife Archives
Electronic fetal monitoring - Is not necessary for low risk labours Michelle Murray, PhD, RNC is an expert on fetal monitoring and offers a variety of fetal+monitor: fetal doppler monitor , fetal heart rate monitor , fetal doppler monitor , fetal heart rate monitor , fetal+monitor
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