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Pascal : Cant see why program wont run, exits with error.
Im failing to see what Ive done wrong, the syntax is right but the program wont run for me when I enter in a the else statement works tho. program Word (input, output); uses crt; var number : integer; letter: string;
DeLong on hedge fund billionaires
There is some question as to what the hell they are doing that is worth that kind of money. That is a quote from Brad DeLong, commenting on the fact that there are 3 hedge fund managers taking home more than $1bn for the last year
Brace for impact!
Tomorrow might prove to be interesting! So fasten your seatbelts… Paul Hirsch, a moderator on got wind that hacker Billy Hoffman with SPI Dynamics is going to do a talk tomorrow at Schmoo titled: “Javascript Malware
Pascal's Wager Version 2.0
Pascal's; Gambit or Pascal's; Wager is a rather famous rhetorical ploy. It is not an argument for 'god', instead, it attempts to outline the pragmatic benefits of believing in a god. As such, it is intriguing because it is intended to
mod_deflate and IE6 bug
This one was very strange. IE 6.0.29 would randomly come up with white pages
Another Pascal to Html Converter 1.1 Freeware
Another Pascal; to Html Converter is a tiny application that can convert Dascal and Delphi sources to html files
In the Book Review
The Grand Surprise: The Journals of Leo Lerman, Edited by Stephen Pascal;. A celebrity book: everyone you've ever heard of went to Leo Lerman's parties. Is that a reason to read his journals? Certainly not. Liesl Schillinger, alas
Pascal Lamy goes to Canossa
Pascal; Lamy, one time Delors henchman, Énarque, Science Po alumnus, Légion d'honneur laureate and come to that, sporter of the colours of the Order of the Aztec Eagle, can be safely assumed to be steeped in la exception Française so
The Art of Affinage with Pascal Beillevaire
Affineur Pascal; Beillevaire headed a class at the San Francisco Cheese School called The Art of Affinage and Joanne was pleased to attend. He shared nine wonderful cheeses and spoke a bit about his company and what he does.
Monday, Monday
Well Here it is. 19 days to the wedding. I know I seem to talk about it a lot, but really, what would you do in my position?(^_^) Still no time for new sketches, so, here's another Background I did for of the projects I'm working on.
Lenguaje de programación Pascal - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Pascal es un lenguaje de programación desarrollado por el profesor suizo Niklaus Wirth a finales de los años 60. Su objetivo era crear un lenguaje que
Pascal D'Angelo
Pasquale (Pascal) D’Angelo nacque ad Introdacqua AQ il 20.1.1894 e morì a New York il 17.3.1932. Frequentò la scuola elementare di campagna che si trovava a
Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662)
Detailed biography reproduced from a 1908 history of mathematics.
DISF - Dizionario Interdisciplinare di Scienza e Fede | Pascal
Una scheda biografica redatta da Bernard Tommaso Vinaty.
Największe wydawnictwo turystyczne w Polsce - - największe wydawnictwo turystyczne w Polsce.
GNU Pascal has moved. GNU Pascal can now be found at
GNU Pascal
32-bit optimizing compiler, part of GNU family. Implements standard Pascal, Borland Pascal with Objects, most of extended Pascal.
ABU - AUTEUR Blaise Pascal
Textes de Blaise Pascal disponibles sur le serveur de l'ABU.
Pascal (bahasa pemrograman) - Wikipedia Indonesia, ensiklopedia
Pascal adalah bahasa pemrograman yang pertama kali di buat oleh Profesor Niklaus Wirth, seorang anggota International Federation of Information Processing
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