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Confusing Gift from Gloucester
The Magic Scarf Company, based in Gloucester, have been responsible for distributing the magic scarves that have been making Image of a woman holding the same model and style shirt as she's wearing from the Magic Scarf website where
Tea Party: Naughty or Nice
Magic Scarf Fetish II Originally uploaded by viviane212. The magic scarf is a long tube made of eyelash yarn, with several holes in it. It can be worn many ways - as a sweater, a scarf, a hood,a shawl. Nowit's a pervertable
Final Sunday
The magic of the cup was truly in evidence, as Pat and Claire sat engrossed Stuart txted me to suggest his lucky scarf had been the deciding factor in I presume, therefore, that he has bought a different "lucky" scarf to the one
Magic Scarf - Thank You!
Thanks so much to Black Dog Knits for giving me the link for this scarf pattern! You're the BEST!!!! *hugs
Magic Scarf pattern?
Does anyone know where I can find THE pattern for the Magic Scarf? I've searched online and find patterns that people call the magic scarf, but none of them seem to be the real one I see in stores. Thanks for any help you can give.
My so-called scarf - any embellishments?
Monkey Magic posted a new topic:. Currently working on (and loving) my so-called scarf using some Rowan ribbon twist yarn I got on half price sale yesterday. it's absolutely gorgeous (the colour is racy - beautiful red wool with a
A display
The highlight was a scarf made with yarn Ellen and I had selected this August at a rural Arizona truck stop/trading post/yarn emporium, a magic scarf that somehow keeps me warm even when it does not slither around my neck.
Things in Triplicate
1. Crazy Aunt Purl's Magic Scarf 2. A plain scarf in stockingette Oh, so she's getting the Magic Scarf. The plain scarf is for Gracie the Wonderdog's mama (who is also my boss's wife)because they've been absolutely wonderful to
Planning Ahead
Lace Scarf Grape Hyacinth Skinny Scarf (This is an UFO) Lacy V Scarf Cinnabar Party Lace Uniscarfity My So Called Scarf Vegan Fox (Sub. yarns) Candle Flame Crazy Aunt Purl's Magic Scarf Kiri (pdf) trellis Snowflake Illusion
Skinny Scarves!!! 'Tis the season
The variegated skinny scarf -- this one on C from Milan, Italy (knit in Mont Blanc The scarf is that ubiquitous oomph!accessory, a completely versatile, rib and change colours as your whimsy dictates, and watch the magic unfold

CrazyAuntPurl: Magic Scarf -- a better recipe
first time I posted about making my Magic Scarf (as Drew calls it), I may have I love the "magic" scarf pattern - I've made quite a few of them as gifts, and
Magic Scarf bind off
The Magic Scarf has been much discussed around and about. It's basically a scarf knit to 1/2 or 1/3 of the final desired length and
Magic Scarf
Magic Tricks with quality from the online magic shop for serious magicians. The performer displays a large (22") black scarf with brightly colored dots.
Magic Scarf
Magic Scarf, cape, poncho, wrap, mini skirt, mood,f un, soft, women's accessories, Have a ball wearing this Magic Scarf. It changes according to your mood!
Jenanne -- Magic Scarf pattern
jenanne.com. Magic Scarf. As interpreted by Jenanne Hassler, for a knitting machine magicked as when you finish the knitting. Magic Scarf Keyplate: 3
Maggie Scarf
Maggie Scarf is a journalist and bestselling author. luminous, beautifully written book, Scarf brilliantly examines the complex ways
Magic Scarf Company Wholesale Web Site - popcorn shirts bubble shirts ladies fashion popcorn dress popcorn atire
WWW.MAGICSCARF.COM. Welcome to the Online Home of. The Magic Scarf Company. For Personal Orders Orders. Click Here. Wholesale. The Magic Scarf Company
The Magic Scarf Trick by Sitta
The Magic Scarf by Sitta. The performer displays a large (22") black scarf with brightly colored dots. At his command, the dots seemingly appear and
Alibaba.com: Magic Scarf Hangzhou New Guanshi Garments Co., Ltd.,China Mainland
of Magic Scarf. Fashion Accessories > Scarves & Shawls > Magic Scarf most recent posting for this Magic Scarf (Dec 15, 2006) Detailed Product
Needs ends finished off
Needs ends finished off. Magic scarf: Fun fur or eyelash type of yarn, two to three skeins needed. hide all strings. Magic scarf done. magic+scarf: magic tube scarf , free magic scarf pattern , magic tube scarf , free magic scarf pattern , magic+scarf
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