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PSP Kit black(1.5)-269.99 € >Datel Batteria doppia-44.99 € .::Ultimo Tutorial: wifi pubblico, del proprio pc. Download QUI >Installa Lua PC Remote Viewer su PSP >Info su Live Updat
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Sony PSP system firmware 2.0 update instructions?" from the Ask Dave
But the problem is than it cant load the game and I thinkit is because the new games have security where the psp must be updated. I have 1.5. What should I update to and will the fake games work after
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For these customers who obtained PSP® in the other countries/areas, please DO NOT update PSP® through this web site. There are no guarantee of proper operation of the other PS
04 Dec 06 19:40:00 UTCPSP - PSP - Downgrade PSP
Create una cartella chiamata UPDATE in PSP/GAME/ sulla vostra memory stick. Copiate EBOOT.PBP (l'update 1 da mirko il 04/10/2006 : 15:49. si puo' da 2.80 a 1.5???? rispondete per fare piacere ad un amic
Article Detail - PlayStation Portable News - PSP Updates
I own a 1.5 PSP, but I hope a new Exploit or possibility for full homebrew support will not only a security update with some small "bonus-features". People, enjoy the update or enjoy staying with 1.5
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Quindi tutti i posri di PSP con firmware 1.5 potranno emulare i giochi ristretti alle Notizia flash! È disponibile il firmware 2.82 per la PSP, attraverso il Network Update

PSP firmware 2.0 to 1.5 downgrader - Engadget
All I did was run the hack that told my PSP was 1.0 (which allowed me to Then run the 1.5 update). I'm sorry I confused what was going on.
Article Detail - PlayStation Portable News - PSP Updates
Copy the folders downhelper and downhelper% from the folder 1.50 HELPER folder to /PSP/GAME/ in your memstick. Obtain the 1.50 update and put it in
:: PSP italia.Giochi e programmazione,downloads programmi e
Dopo aver scaricato l'eboot 1.50 decomprimetelo e spostatelo nella memorystick in X:PSP/GAME/UPDATE (con "UPDATE" scritto maiuscolo).
:: PSP italia.Giochi e programmazione,downloads programmi e
PSP italia-il tempio della PSP Sony-giochi,downloads e recensioni.guide Utilizzare una versione precedente del devhook 0.45 port per emulare il fw 1.5.
PSP - Firmware 1.5 Update
Copy the firmware into the "UPDATE" folder. Insert the Memory Stick back to the PSP. Make sure that you have inserted a fully charged battery and connected
Downgrade del firmware PSP, possibile? » gamesblog
In the next step you will go to you Game Menu, Then Memory Stick, and then Launch “PSP Update ver 1.50.” It will then ask you to downgrade and lead you
PSP Italia - PSP DOWNGRADE 2.0 -> 1.5
x:\index.dat x:\PSP\GAME\UPDATE\eboot.pbp x:\PSP\PHOTO\overflow.tif EBOOT 1.5. Klima. Ultimo aggiornamento ( giovedì 16 novembre 2006 )
.::AL.FA.COMPUTER::. - PSP a 248,00 €
Creare la cartella UPDATE (tutto maiuscolo) all’interno della cartella PSP/GAME della Memory Stick - Copiare il firmware 1.50 - eboot.pbp nella cartella
Sony releases firmware update 1.5.1 | PSP World
Sony today released a firmware update for all US PSPs. The update, which contains firmware version 1.5.1, requires at least 14MB of free space on
Downgrade PSP Europea - PSP Sony
Ora andate nel Menu di Gioco, scegliete "Memory Stick" e fate partire "PSP Update 1.50". Il programma Vi chiederà se volete davvero downgradare e poi vi 1.5+psp+update: 1.5+psp+update
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