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A Look into the History of Tennis
The old game of Tennis, still called jeu de paume in France, experienced being overshadowed by the new found dominance of the Lawn version. Tennis is now called Real Tennis or Royal Tennis in Britain to differentiate it from Lawn Tennis
All about Australian Open 2007
History of Australian Open:. Australian Tennis Championship (Australian Open was known by this name earlier) was first organized in Warehouseman's Cricket Ground in St Kilda Road, Melbourne in 1905 which was arranged by Lawn Tennis
What is tennis? | revision 3
In some places tennis is still called lawn tennis to distinguish it from Originating in England in the late 19th century, lawn tennis spread first (See Tennis score for a description of both tie-break scoring and its history.)
Tennis | revision 8
If you have found this history of tennis interesting we strongly recommend a visit to the Tennis Museum at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club - the home of the Wimbledon Championships. The Museum has a vast collection of
Tennis — How Vulcanized Rubber Changed the Game
That is why I choose to start my history of tennis at the point in which lawn tennis diverged from real tennis, and this happened in the 1850’s. It was in the 1850’s that Charles Goodyear, of Goodyear tire fame, invented vulcanized
Ten Greatest US Tennis Players of All Time
William Tatem Tilden II was another great player in the tennis history. He wrote two books on tennis named “The Art of Lawn Tennis” and “Match Play and in her career which is second highest Grand Slam success in tennis history.
Thank you for visiting the home of the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association. … tennis among the islands of The Bahamas. … Source: www.blta.net. Bahamas: History, Geography, Government, and Culture FactMonster.com
Arthur Ashe's Early Stand Against Apartheid
Shrewdly, Ashe used the occasion to take a stand against the oppression of apartheid by calling for the expulsion of South Africa from the International Lawn Tennis Association. Ashe's outcry would be one of many blows he would strike
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Tennis Updates
"The level of tennis I played in individual matches was inside top-20 level. He has a chance to become the best ever in the history of tennis - and for him joining the Lawn Tennis Association's bid to revive the British game.

Tennis History Origins Early Historical Invention Beginnings
History of Lawn Tennis A nicely illustrated narrative of the evolution of tennis from 1873 to 1938, augmented by additional articles and a gallery.
LTA Tennis Nation The history of tennis and the LTA
With over a century of history, the LTA has been constantly adapting to meet The early days of lawn tennis, the founding president of the LTA and its
LTA Tennis Nation About Us
We are united in our commitment to growing the sport of tennis throughout From early 2007, Britain will have a new National Tennis Centre in Roehampton.
Wimbledon - The Official Website of The All England Lawn Tennis
Old Centre Court. © Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum History at Wimbledon We look back at the last time Olympic tennis was played at Wimbledon,
2006 Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Facts | Fashion | History | Lawn
From forehands to fashion, Kidzworld checks out the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament - the world's biggest tennis event played on grass.
The Driftway Collection - History of Lawn TennisWeb Site by
Collection showcases the evolution of lawn tennis at the turn of the century, leading the visitor to "flip" through this history of lawn tennis.
Lawn Tennis: A (nearly) complete history of sporting encounters
Lawn Tennis: A (nearly) complete history of sporting encounters with from Independent, The (London) in News & Society provided free by LookSmart Find
History of Tennis
The first game of lawn tennis in the United States was probably played in John McEnroe during this period ranks as one of the best in tennis history.
ITF Tennis - About the ITF - History of Tennis
History of Tennis. The origins of tennis are a matter of dispute. The regulators of lawn tennis were the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the governing
Ealing Lawn Tennis Club
Ealing Lawn Tennis Club's history is almost the history of lawn tennis in this country. Founded in 1882 as "Ealing Lawn Tennis & Archery Club" and history+of+lawn+tennis: history+of+lawn+tennis
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