There was a great curious fact in the song "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" during the 1977 tour of ANIMALS, known perhaps only by the collectors of live concerts. Just at the end of the second sung strophe (before the instrumental attack), and sometimes at the end of the third strophe, Roger shouted a number for almost all the concerts, different for every concert.

So many discussions have been made on these numbers, either to individualize the numbers exactly in every concert, either to try to understand the meaning that Roger Waters has wanted to give to them in that so particular tour.

As far as it concerns the individualization of these numbers, we thank some fans, as Jean-Manuel Esnault and Phillippe Vanroy on one side, Ingo Brode and Hans-Juergen Mueller from the other (and the omnipresent Vernon Fitch, too), if we can finally have a complete list of these numbers. Times and times to listen to the live-tapes of the tour, directly or indirectly, and so we can have an enough complete list, even if confirmed not officially by the components of the Floyds, above all Roger Waters. This motive makes this list of numbers the more adjourned and sure of the net! Some fans have called this particular situation of the tour of Animals the "Roger Waters Numbers Game", almost to underline that it was a game from Roger.


...omissis the list...


For the meaning that Roger Waters wanted to give at these numbers, it has been really the author of this website to disclose the mystery. In 1986, during the searches for the writing of the book "SCACCO MATTO", Stefano Tarquini and Nino Gatti have written to one of the Floyds directly, Nick Mason, at the Britain Row Studios in London. The drummer, through his agent and friend, Ben Sutton, has answeered me that the numbers shouted from Waters in "Pigs" were to identify the bootlegs recordings (literally in the letter: "...The numbers in Pigs that you mentioned were... identify bootleg recordings!").




Translated by Stefano Tarquini 2001