Chatlog del 12 Settembre 2003 con Gabez e BgBenny Boy. Quello senza nick sono io, IENA.

Fri Sep 12 22:40:59 GMT+02:00 2003] bgbennyboy has no profile.
> Hi Big Benny Boy
<Mar85> bgbennyboy?
> S vero questo mar
<Mar85> hi!
<bgbennyboy> hola
<sheepwood> si rave!
> Hola
<sheepwood> intendo la lettera prioritaria
<Rave67> si
<sheepwood> hola
> Hei Big forgive me for my post in the Lucas Forum
> :)
<sheepwood> tu ablas espanol big benny=
<sheepwood> ?
<Mar85> ....
<Rave67> allora anke a te arr lunedi
<erfico> vi saluto!:)
<erfico> CIAO"
<Mar85> bye
<Rave67> ciao
<Mar85> there's anyone
<Mar85> ?
[Fri Sep 12 22:43:18 GMT+02:00 2003] Yay has no profile.
<Mar85> ?
> Hi
<Yay> ;D
<Rave67> HELLO!
<Mar85> comincio ad andare in tilt...
> Hello welcome to the carnival of damned
<Mar85> Hello!
<Yay> Ciao bella!
<sheepwood> bella?
<Rave67> ma siamo maski!
<Mar85> chi buffon?
<sheepwood> ciao?
<Yay> Pasta!
<sheepwood> siamo maschi?
<sheepwood> yay chi sei?
<Rave67> PIzza!
<Mar85> Spaghetti, pizza, colosseo
<Yay> Pesto!
<sheepwood> cosa?
<Mar85> Ti!
<Yay> Donadoni!
<Mar85> Dono giocattoli
<Rave67> Vieri!
<sheepwood> zambrotta!
<Yay> /
<sheepwood> sentite
<sheepwood> io sto scemunendo
<Mar85> anke io
<sheepwood> gabez non arriva ma arriva gente strana!
<Yay> Ok, so I'm Gabez, what's up?
<Mar85> really?
> all ok
<Yay> Yes
<sheepwood> really?
<Yay> Yes
<sheepwood> do you now me?
<Mar85> so, welcome gabez
<Rave67> Kno!
<Rave67> Know!
<Yay> Thank you ;)
<sheepwood> hem
<sheepwood> do you know me gabez?
<bgbennyboy> biblically
> Bg Benny!
<sheepwood> i'm the italian boy of the #monkey island channel
<Rave67> Gabez
<Mar85> he's alive!
<Yay> Ah, ok
<sheepwood> gabez? are you here?
<sheepwood> raga
<Yay> I'm Gabez!
<sheepwood> non gabez
<bgbennyboy> No IM Gabez!
<Yay> I just couldn't log in with my real name :(
> why?
<Rave67> Have you any news from
<Rave67> Lucas Arts for MI5?
<Yay> I can't share that ;
<Mar85> :-)
<Rave67> Why?
<Yay> Though there might be something going on ;)
<Mar85> he's joking
<Rave67> But...
<Mar85> I think :-o
<Rave67> We want know!
> I'm uploading
> Rave stai calmo
<Mar85> great!
<Yay> What do you want to know?
> The secret of Lucas Forum
<Rave67> Some news from MI5!
<Mar85> What Hyena?
<Yay> Well, Ron Gilbert's coming back to do it
> Gabez, Benny
<sheepwood> si gabez nel irc ha detto
<Rave67> Really?
<Yay> Yep
<sheepwood> che Yay
<Rave67> Wow!
> nn ci credo
> We can't believe it
> Byut
<Mar85> Really reallyreally?
> But I have a question
<bgbennyboy> aye
<Yay> Really!
<Rave67> But
<Mar85> How do you know?
<sheepwood> si gabez
<sheepwood> anche bgbennyboy
<Yay> I've been e-mailing back and forth with Ron for years!
<Yay> We're good friends.
> really
<Mar85> wow
> non ci credo
<Rave67> Wow!
> please, tell us the mail!
> ....
<sheepwood> YAy
<Mar85> i can't believe it!
<bgbennyboy> he comes and has chats in irc remember
<bgbennyboy> the logs are on the scumm bar
<Mar85> yes...
> We know that time
> we have the translation of that chatlog
> I've made it
[Fri Sep 12 22:52:26 GMT+02:00 2003] Gabez has no profile.
<Gabez> Sorry, crashed
<sheepwood> gabez
<Gabez> Anyway, where were we?
> gabez
> could you
<sheepwood> can you tell me the e-mail of gilbert?
> give us
<Mar85> traduci iena
> the mai of mr gilbert
<Gabez> No, sorry.
<Gabez> That's confidential.
> Oh crap
<Mar85> telo dovevi immaginare danilo :-)
<Rave67> Yes,this chat is a shit
<Rave67> !
<sheepwood> but we dont want disturd mr gilbert
<Gabez> He doesn't like talking to a lot of fans I'm sad to say.
> But Gabe, I'm being looking for that for three years
<Mar85> it's normal
> Our intention aren't cruel :)
> We are not going to disturb it
> only a message with some questions
<Mar85> no? :-)
<Gabez> The game will be good though.
<Rave67> What's the tittle?
<Rave67> MI3a?
<Gabez> I don't know.
<Mar85> ron strikes back :-)
<Gabez> Parts of it will be in space though, which is kinda strange!
<Rave67> But how he does do with rhe right?
> ????
<Mar85> ????
> ragazzi cerchiamo di non ammazzare l'inglese
<Gabez> There are some hints in MI2 that MI is actually a space story.
> vi prego
> a space story?
<Mar85> the end of the game (star wars reference)?
> with Mark Hammil and Harrison Ford?
<Mar85> :-)
<bgbennyboy> if Gabez gives away ALL the secrets there will be no
exclusives for the scumm bar ;
<Gabez> The Star Wars part, yeah, I think that's it.

<Mar85> iena, come si dice sento puzza di bruciato?
<Rave67> Hyena cmq io nn ammazzo nessun inglese xke l'unioca
materia in cui nn ho l'insufficenza ma 8!
> we arent' going
> to revel it
> well....
> Gabez, Benny
<Gabez> I've also heard that George Lucas is working directly with
LucasArts this time
<Gabez> So there will be many wacky Episode 3 jokes forsure!
[Fri Sep 12 22:58:38 GMT+02:00 2003] Rave has no profile.
<Rave> I'm crashed
<Mar85> on a tree?
<Rave> WHat's on a tree?
<Mar85> nothing...
> crash
> gabez
<Mar85> bandicoot
> what is the secret of Monkey Island
> -_-
> what a question
<Mar85> :-(
<Gabez> The secret will be revealed in the fifth game
<Gabez> But I can tell you this much
<Rave> Mah
> But without Gilbert
<Mar85> maybe...
> maybe maybe
<Gabez> It will be shocking
> We know it
<Gabez> No, Gilbert's making the game!
> Gilbert is not a Lucas employee
<Gabez> To put it this way
<Gabez> He's working as a consultant.

<Rave> Ve l'avevo detto
<Gabez> There are some hints in the first 2 games of what the secret is
<Gabez> Look for llama references
<Rave> io nella discussione precedente
<Rave> Sempre se vero
> llama?
<Mar85> llama?
<Gabez> Yes, like the animal you know
<Gabez> That spits
<Gabez> It plays a big part in it apparently
<Mar85> o, i see
> ?
> a llama ?
> a llama is the secret of MI?
<Mar85> qualcuno ci st prendendo per il sedere....
<Rave> UN lama?
<Gabez> It's part of it
<Mar85> But where is a lama in the game?
> into his pocket
> guybrush's pocket
<Mar85> :-)
> bwhahahaahah
> The Spit Tournament
<Mar85> nice humorist
> tipical Italian Humor
<Mar85> :-)
<Mar85> ll instead is a typical english humor?
<Rave> IBwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
<Mar85> llama
> can you stay with us for lunch
> we have got...a tipical italian dish
<Mar85> :-)))))))))))))))))))))
<Mar85> ahahah
<Mar85> in effetti...
<Mar85> abbiamo imparato li?
> I wish you were here
<Mar85> pink floyd
<Mar85> ?

Molti dubbi, molte domande, ma alla fine tutti ci siamo resi conto di una cosa, analizzando ci che ci avevano detto gli americani

<sheepwood> sono andati tutti e 2!
<Rave> Ma secondo voi
<Mar85> ci hanno preso in giro ben bene poi sene sono andati
<Rave> ci stava a piglia x culo!
<sheepwood> come
<Mar85> e come sela ridevano
<sheepwood> io non ho seguito la discussione
<sheepwood> che hanno detto?
<Mar85> riuscivo a sentire le risate dall'america
<sheepwood> e che hanno detto?
<sheepwood> io stavo facendo un'altra cosa
<sheepwood> me lo dite?
<Mar85> che gilbert st lavorando a stretto contatto con la lucas per mi

<sheepwood> e se fosse vero?
<sheepwood> non sappiamo
<Rave> Bwahahahahahahahahahahaah
<sheepwood> potrebbe essere anche se ne dubito
<Mar85> Che il segreto di mi racchiuso in un lama?
<sheepwood> no
<sheepwood> non questa l'altra
<Mar85> ma per favore
<sheepwood> quella di gilbert
<Mar85> ,,,,,
<Mar85> speriamo
<sheepwood> in effetti MOLTO IMPROBABILE
> ragazzi sorridete
> gli americani ci hanno preso per imbecilli
> non ci credo
<Mar85> e
<sheepwood> seee
<Mar85> che c' un riferimento al segreto di mi
<sheepwood> non ci credo
<sheepwood> ragazzi
<Mar85> in un lama

>ragazzi sorridete

>siamo appena stati presi per i fondelli dagli americani!