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Honoring the past and focusing on the future
We are still committed to both education and educators and will continue to do our best to facilitate opportunities for DEN members to connect with their most valuable resource…each other. But we can not do it alone, we need you.
Law Enforcement & Corrections Technology News Summary
"Cops Add Web Tools as a Way to Connect" Sacramento Bee (CA) (12/03/06) P. B1; Lillis, Ryan The Sacramento Police Department has Kentucky-Area Police" University Wire (11/30/06) The Lexington, Ky., police department received its
My Old Kentucky Blog (best rap/hip hop albums) Nick Diamonds of Islands for Filter (albums) I have dreams of being a lyricist and being on stage; I could really connect with the audience. I’m definitely going to get their CD."
Kentucky Dude, November 29
Kentucky State Treasury: Biography of Jonathan Miller Harvard College and Law School . to bring to Kentucky a pre-paid college tuition savings program to help make it Dell, Sprint Connect for Mobile Broadband Houston Chronicle
Tips from "Dr. Crumpton"
I'ma native Texan and now live in Kentucky. I'ma graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, with an M. Any time an author has an opportunity to speak or connect with the media, it's great for the author,
Disability Law :: Prof. Moore Kentucky on SS Reform
Moore (Kentucky) on SS Reformbr / Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 03:38 pm (GMT 0)br / br Moore (Kentucky) on SS Reform br / Professor Kathryn Moore, Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky, has recently
Spanish Yellow Pages Help Businesses Reach New Customers
The use of yellow pages in Spanish is expanding, allowing US businesses to connect with more potential customers. Kentucky, Connecticut, and Arizona are among the states where businesses advertise in Spanish yellow page directories.
Announcing the 2006 Discovery Educator Network National Poster Contest
Dencstpstr2_s2_1_2Challenge your students to express their love for learning by creating a digital image that shows how they "Connect to a World of Learning." • What do you enjoy learning? • How do you learn?
Pre & National Middle School Conference
Yes, I can truly say that she's a true STAR because just before her presentation, she realizes she forgot her adapter for her laptop (Apple) to connect to the LCD projector. So, before her presentation, she had to figure out how she
Collegiate 4-H in Kentucky
Now with the establishment of the UK chapter, Kentucky’s 4-Her’s will be able to connect not only on campus, but also on a national level with students who share the same dedication to the organization. “I feel that there is a bright
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