The End of Time
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The End of Time

Death puts an end to human life, at that time opened to accept or reject the grace of God appeared in the sky. The New Testament speaks primarily from the perspective of the final encounter with Christ at his second coming, but it also states, on several occasions, the rewarded immediately after death, will be given to each one in relation to his works and his faith. (Catechism 1021)

By the time they leave this earth, your money and your property that will? By closing time everything in this world will end and with it all deceit, then you'll realize how fatuous was the earthly wealth, human respect, the dissipation in those pleasures which so much longed for and! The new size will be forced to admit that all was vanity and vexation of spirit.

There, you will know the magnitude of the graces received a gift from God and from you disappointed, you will know your boundless selfishness, your pride, the severity of your many sins and you will not know where to hide in shame.

In a flash, you find yourself on the gates of eternity. Now, would not have spent time in trifles, attended dubious companies, past moments in conversations or in occupations that were not appropriate for a Christian, but you could invest the time for good and for the Holy Fear of God would you be happy Now!

"I do not know what tomorrow will be your life! A vapor that appears for a while and then vanishes" (James 4-14). "We are like grass on the rooftops before it is torn, dries up." (Ps. 128.6)

You should not have to waste time when it was in place, you do not know that life is like a flash and it all ends? Did not know how to spend the time and day you seemed too long, and now you happy?

Well, while we are on the way of life if giantesses sudden death, as we would? There is a plausible reason for not acting in good intentions and avoid the disappointment of losing forever the happiness when we are in a timeless dimension?

God, who loves us madly, exhorts us to do good before closing time, before that eternity may surprise us, otherwise it will be the night where we can no longer operate. Remember that nothing is more precious time: "The days pass the salvation and no one thinks that the day passes and never returns" (St. Bernard)

It is better to postpone until tomorrow what you can do in today: "Confide in your wickedness ... You will fall over that you cannot avoid a calamity" (Isaiah 47.10 to 11).

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