Prayers to the Holy Spirit

Prayers to the Holy Spirit

Prayers to the Holy Spirit
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Act of Consecration to the Holy Spirit

Love O Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son
Inexhaustible source of grace and life
You want to consecrate my person,
my past, my present, my future,
my desires, my choices,
my decisions, my thoughts, my feelings,
everything that belongs to me
and all that I am.
All those I meet, I think
I know that I love
and everything with which my life
will meet:
everything is benefited by the Power
of Your Light of Your Heat, of Thy peace.
You are the Lord and life
and without Your Strength is nothing without fault.
O Spirit of Love
come into my heart, renew
and make it more and more as
Heart of Mary,
that I may become,
now and forever,
Temple and Tabernacle of Thy Divine Presence.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

"Come Holy Spirit,
Pour out upon us the source of your graces
and gives rise to a new Pentecost in your Church! Get down on your bishops, priests,
on religious and religious
the faithful and those who do not believe,
the most hardened sinners and all of us!
Get down on all the peoples of the world,
of all races and of every class and category of people!
Shake us with Thy divine breath,
cleanse us from every sin
and deliver us from all evil and deceit!
Inflame us with your fire
does that burn and consume us in your love!
Teach us to understand that God is everything,
all our happiness and our joy
and that only in Him is our present,
our future and our eternity.
Come to us and the Holy Spirit transform us,
Save us, reconcile, unite us, consecrate us!
Teach us to be completely to Christ,
your totally, totally of God!
I'll ask this through the intercession
and under the guidance and protection
The Blessed Virgin Mary, Your Immaculate Bride,
Mother of Jesus and our Mother, the Queen of Peace!


Come, Holy Spirit
sent to us from heaven
a ray of light. Without your strength.
nothing is in man,
nothing without guilt.
Come, Father of the poor,
come, giver of gifts,
Come, light of our hearts.
Wash what is soiled,
wet what is dry,
sound that bleeds.
sweet guest of the soul,
sweet relief.
Bend what is rigid,
warm what is cold,
halyard what is crooked.
In our labor, rest,
in the heat, cover,
in tears, solace.
Give your faithful
that only trust in you
your holy gifts.
O most blessed light,
fill the interior
the hearts of your faithful.
Dona virtue and reward,
gives holy death,
gives eternal joy. Amen.

V. - Send your Holy Spirit and will be a new creation.
R. - And You shall renew the face of the earth.

O God, you have taught your faithful, illuminating their hearts with the light of the Holy Spirit, grant us in the same Spirit to have a taste of the good, and always enjoy your comfort.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Come Creator Spirit

Come, Creator Spirit,
visit our minds,
fill with your grace
the hearts you have created.

O sweet Comforter,
gift of the Father Almighty,
living water, fire, love,
anointing of the soul.

Finger of God
promise of the Savior,
radiates your seven gifts,
arouses in us the word.

Be light to,
burning flame in the heart;
heal our wounds,
with the balm of your love.

Protect us from the enemy,
brings the gift of peace,
your guide invincible
preserve us from evil.

Light of eternal wisdom,
reveal to us the great mystery
God the Father and the Son
united in one love.

Glory be to God the Father
and to the Son, who is risen,
the Spirit-Paraclete
for ever and ever. Amen.

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