Scribbles # 359 Monday, March 19, 2007 Salutation
Tomorrow night I'll likely update the garbagebook website to include our title we just decided on, and to let people know that in addition to wanting to speak with the haulers, we're also interested in having people email us to say they
Support the Cesar Chavez Day Walk Saturday and WALKOUT! March 30
(mailto:california [at] your name, phone number, email, school, and city. The latest list of cities where students are organizing, and schools where people are planning to walk out or stay out March 30th:
Nokia 6233 on Orange - Email Problems
an account. Have had the settings sent repeatedly by Orange. Done them manually myself. Had Orange talk through the settings manually. All to no avail. Whenever an attempt is made to check mail, the error message "could not
Two-By-Two Meme
Bronwyn tagged me, or at least said I was likely to fill this out, and since I'm lazying about in comfy clothes and watching You've Got Mail (this is how I'm preparing to teach, this afternoon). Two Names You Go By 1. Me-me Faye WiFi not letting me send email; but it’s fast
It’s that are providing the access here in this Novotel. And that’sa bugger, because it’s doing something with my Entourage and preventing it from sending mail. Now and again, email dribbles out. I’ve got 67 sat waiting to go.
Ask the MACist -- Getting Gmail with Apple Mail
3. Click 'Forwarding and POP' in the orange Mail Settings box. 4. Select 'Enable POP for all mail.' 5. Choose the action you'd like your Gmail messages to take after they are accessed with POP. I usually leave it at 'Leave Gmail's Copy
Gmail workaround for Orange/Freeserve/Wanadoo customers with email
A few months ago it became apparent that people with Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange accounts were having problems with email. My post on the subject has had a lot of attention. The company’s email servers were repeatedly listed on spam
Judge Nathan Hecht Crosses Ethics Boundary Again?
I would suspect the primary target of Hecht's direct mail campaign were indeed lawyers with cases before the court, which were more likely to deliver a check towards his debt retirement. Anyone who didn't respond with a check,
Speaking of Book Covers
On a whim, I compared the IP address on Rosh's comment to the one on an e-mail Lott had sent me from his home. They were the same. I posted all of this, and to his credit Lott confessed. "The MaRyRoSh pen name account," he explained,
Orange County's Fenton earns honor for philanthropy
By Roger Moon, Hoosier Times FRENCH LICK — Two separate nominations have led to the selection of Marilyn Fenton as Orange

Le guide des télécoms sur ComparaTEL
Orange Mail veut révolutionner l'email mobile pour les PME Orange Mail pour serveur d'entreprise est conçu pour les entreprises qui disposent de leur
Orange Mail révolutionne l’email mobile pour les PME
Orange Mail pour serveur d’entreprise est conçu pour les entreprises qui Avec Orange Mail, Orange poursuit sa stratégie de démocratisation du mail
Orange communautés
J'ai deja essayé d'eliminer l'ennuyeuse icone orange mail. Resultat des mes essais: * aucun aide de la part d'orange (ni par tel, ni dans la boutique)
Orange communautés
Tu trouveras plus d'infos sur ou Répondre à ce message. . Re: SPV M3100 et ORANGE MAIL
Paris, le 21 octobre 2004
La présence de l’icône Orange Mail dans le menu principal assure un accès rapide Sur une période de 24 mois, le coût total de possession d’Orange Mail
Orange Mail veut révolutionner l'email mobile pour les PME
Actualités Internet : Orange Mail veut révolutionner l'email mobile pour les PME.
Orange et Palm s'associent et proposent une offre centrée sur la
Jusqu'au 30 avril, pour toute souscription à l'offre Orange Mail, le Palm Tréo 650 sera disponible pour environ 220 euros (HT), avec un mois d'abonnement
Orange Business Services - Orange Mail
Traitez vos mails depuis votre mobile, en haut débit.
Identification. Pour accéder à ce service, veuillez vous identifier. Numéro de mobile Orange. Mot de passe. > Mot de passe oublié ? [ Annuler ] [ Valider ]
Orangecaraï [le mail Orange]
Avec l'email Orange, vous pouvez créer gratuitement votre boîte aux lettres personnalisée: ex: Avec le mail Orange vous pouvez: orange+mail: web mail orange | adresse mail orange | web mail orange | adresse mail orange | orange+mail