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SNS Authentication
Our old logic was to force all users to authenticate to SNS (Screen Name Services), that is, sign in with their screen name, before we would display a project page, if the project required an AOL or AIM account.
Your Monday Photo Shoot: What's in a Name?
Finally I decided I would go with my AOL screenname, which also happens to be my My name on AOL (and most other parts of the Internet) is Astaryth. enough that I have never been turned down when I've picked it as a sign-in name.
AOL Toolbar 1.2 for Firefox
If you are using the AOL Toolbar for IE, when you mistype a web address, Members of the AOL Online Service, and require you to sign in with a screen name to You may sign up for the AOL Network by clicking the sign-in link on the
Confused by AOL Parental Controls? You’re Not Alone
It seems the Screen Name service is AOL’s version of Microsoft Passport and Google’s unified sign-in. Now it’s possible to download the application. So far, so good (so slow). It takes me 5 minutes to figure out where to find the
Starry Night: Halo 3 Commercial and Beta
Since then, Starry Night (the official name of the first Halo 3 On the same day, Bungie opened the Halo 3 Public Beta sign-up over at Halo3.com. The big news this week, though, is the ability to sign up to be chosen to
Whatever her name is, she’s glad Jake didn’t go to jail. scared I want to climb through the screen a la the creepy Japanese girl in The Ring and give him a hug. How do you sign up to be a Rocketeer so I can feel Jake’s muscles?
Holidailies, day 8: it's the cheat
This year for Christmas, Target put out a series of holiday t-shirts with glittery trees, foil stars and the one I got, a screen-printed t-shirt with the name "Vixen" across the bust on an off white banner.
Become the "master of your own domain name!"
Now you can create your own domain name (the name to the right of the @ sign) and use this new AOL feature with your AOL Mail as a new identity, as well as use it with the AOL Instant Messenger—all for free!
Sanity with instant messenger: AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk
This will prevent you from getting a gazillion welcome IMs when you sign on for Sign In / Sign Out CHECK: None (3) UNCHECK: Start AIM when Windows starts (4) plus talk about the pros and cons of publicizing your IM screen names.
Part 3 of 4 easy steps to getting your videos online
I already have an AOL screen name, but as usual it’s easy to sign in if you don’t. Address details are required which not all sites ask for. A short registration form with possibly the longest CAPTCHA image (prevents automated

AOL Instant Messenger | Support | Starting Out | Screen Names
A:All you need to do to add the new screen name to your list is sign on with it. To do this: Q: How do I remove screen names from the Sign On screen?
AOL Help: Settings
To sign onto AOL using the new Screen Name, click the Sign Off menu at the top of your screen and choose Switch Screen Name. Alternatively, next time you
The Tech Zone Computer Hardware Reviews
Aol aim express:. CSU plans to change ition pay system 4.8 aim express without aim express screen name sign in aim instant messenger expressdownloading
"How to create new screen names on AOL (America Online)?" from the
i'm trying to get an existing screenname to show up on my aol sign on screen. Hey there,i have an aol screen name and it's not showing up on the sign in
Apple - Support - iTunes Store - iTunes Account and Email Address FAQ
Enter your AOL screen name and your AOL password in the iTunes sign-in screen. Where can I use my AOL screen name to sign in? If you live in France,
Apple - Support - iTunes Store - iTunes Account and Email Address FAQ
If you live in France, Germany, the US or the UK, you can sign in to the iTunes Store using your AOL screen name. If you live in one of these countries,
Problems using AOL: master screen name sign on
Hello there! It is just simple pull up your AOL system information by right clicking on the aol icon by the clock/time at the lower right hand corner of
Sign the Inactive and Canceled AIM/AOL Screen names Petition
Sign the Inactive and Canceled AIM/AOL Screen names Petition to America Online.
Trace Picture, Trace AOL Screenname or Match.com, Kiss.com
helps deduce Name of person associated with the AOL ScreenName and also choose and the part after the @ sign is a domain name which can be looked up in
Linked screen names in AIM - AOl Help
To do this, you must first register additional AIM or AOL screen names. Exit the AIM Triton software, then sign back in with your screen name to aol+screen+name+sign+in: aol in mail name screen sign , , aol in mail name screen sign , , aol+screen+name+sign+in
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