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Cambridge First Certificate

Nota bene: da dicembre 2008 la prova è cambiata

FCE Cambridge site

1. Struttura dell'esame (new FCE exam)
2. Writing 5a (prescribed texts to download)
3. Handbook New FCE Cambridge for TEACHERS
4. On line sample test

Resources on line (previous exam format)

1. -


FCE: Tests on line

3 .

Esercizi on-line o stampabili, utili per il conseguimento dell'FCE

5. -  
6. -
reading comprehension tests

     - - FCE.html#FCE

FCE reading


FCE listening



FCE (use of English)

10.  FCE: Stem words, suffixes, prefixes
11. Phrasal verbs con audio di pochi minuti, da ascoltare con Real Player, prodotti dalla BBC (EXCELLENT!!!)

Use of English

General Service List of English Words (list of 2000 most useful headwords/word families)

Useful Grammar

Tips on the new FCE: Use of English

1. - Verb patterns: infinitive or -ing form
    - Infinitive/ing-forms

2. Collocations: Make/do/have/take/get

3. Table of common phrasal verbs

4. Prefix and Suffix Word List
5. Table of Some Derivatives
6. Phrasal verb quizzes on line
7. Travel-journey-trip

1. Esercizi di ascolto con materiale AUTENTICO tratti dalla quotidianità a diversi livelli di complessità


Consigli sulle varie tipologie di writing richieste dall' FCE
Linking Words/Phrases (from V. Evans, Successful Writing. Proficiency)
FCE writing models



- PET speaking: extra language

1. FCE speaking: useful phrases 1 (new!)
2. FCE speaking. useful phrases 2 (new!)
3. Language for FCE, CAE, CPE (new!)

1. Photo description (Speaking Test)  [printable file]
2. Picture/ photo description
4. PDF with useful words and phrases for picture description
3. Picture description (Metropolitan Museum of Art- NY)

4. Physical Description
5. Personality Adjectives