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Installation Utility


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If you don't want to use rpm for every little package that you install, instutil is for you. It's a very simple python script that save into a file basic information about a package that you install. In every moment you can know what packages you have installed from source and where they were installed from; since version 0.0.4 instutil support InstallWatch so that you can have a list of installed files for every package.

instutil 0.0.7


-Added a config file
-Added -T -t -u options
-Installwatch-0.6.3 included in the package

Probably the next release will come with a frontend, that i'm already writing

instutil 0.0.6


- Improvements in InstallWatch log parser, now should be ok
- Added -r option, to remove entries from database without unistall them
- code cleanup

This should be the last 0.0.x release, in the next there will be lots of changes.

instutil 0.0.5


- Code cleanup
- Bugfixes in Installwatch log parser
- Added "-o" option, similar to "rpm -qf [FILE_NAME]"
- Small bugfixes

Perhaps InstallWatch will be included in future releases

instutil 0.0.4

Features added:

- Installwatch support, tested with installwatch 0.6.3
- Removed checkinstall option
- Added --file-list option to view the file list for a package

Bug Fixes
- Fixed "unistall" that was broken in 0.0.3

Simply typing
# instutil -i -s
you can install a package with installwatch. Instutil will parse installwatch log file and will create a file list for the package; if you want to uninstall a package and the "make uninstall" script fails you can choose to use this list to uninstall the package, however this features should be tested.

instutil 0.0.3

Features added:

- long list option added
- custom command for installation option added

Minor changes

- created Package class, so that every package is an instance of this class instead of a dictionary
- bugfixes

instutil 0.0.2

Features added:

- package version support
- name and version autodetection
- now you can change package info at the end of installation
- Makefile added with a monitored-installation option
- command line option to change package database


Download instutil;

# tar xfz instutil-0.0.2
# cd instutil-0.0.2
# make install <== If you want a normal installation (you can change prefix in makefile)
# make install-instutil <== If you want an installation made by instutil itself

instutil 0.0.1

Installation Utility is a little python script (instutil) that give you the opportunity of keeping track of packages that you install from sources. You can choose a name, a description and instutil will save the installation time and the directory the package was installed from in a file called "~/.instutil_list". You can uninstall the package just typing

# instutil -u program_name

It works only if "make uninstall" is available and the directory is still present.

# instutil -h

for a complete list of options.


Download instutil-0.0.7

Download instutil-0.0.6

Download instutil-0.0.5

Dwload instutil-0.0.4 -- Dwload Installwatch-0.6.3 (only if you want to use Installwatch feature)

Download instutil-0.0.3

Download instutil-0.0.2

You can find Installation Utility here(0.0.1).
If you want to give an opinion, a suggestion, a bug :)....mail here.