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Journal of Nonverbal Behavior
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Journal of Nonverbal Behavior official page
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  Journal of nonverbal Behavior official page
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Unofficial page
"Journal of Nonverbal Behavior".


Volume 27 Summer 2003, No. 2

Joann M. Montepare
Introduction: Evolution and Nonverbal Behavior: Adaptive Social Perceptions
2003 Vol 27 (2), 61-64

Justin H. Park, Jason Faulkner, Mark Schaller
Evolved Disease-Avoidance Processes and Contemporary Anti-Social Behavior: Prejudicial Attitudes and Avoidance of People with Physical Disabilities
2003 Vol 27 (2), 65-87

Caroline F. Keating, David W. Randall, Timothy Kendrick, Katharine A. Gutshall
Do Babyfaced Adults Receive More Help? The (Cross-Cultural) Case of the Lost Resume
2003 Vol 27 (2), 89-109

Alain Mignault, Avi Chaudhuri
The Many Faces of a Neutral Face: Head Tilt and Perception of Dominance and Emotion
2003 Vol 27 (2), 111-132

Leslie A. Zebrowitz
Commentary: Overgeneralization Effects in Perceiving Nonverbal Behavior: Evolutionary and Ecological Origins
2003 Vol 27 (2), 133-138

Volume 27 Spring 2003, No. 1 Free Full Text here

Marianne Sonnby-Borgström, Peter Jönsson, Owe Svensson
Emotional Empathy as Related to Mimicry Reactions at Different Levels of Information Processing
2003 Vol 27 (1), 3-23

Michelle Eskritt, Kang Lee
Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? Preschool Children's Use of the Verbal-Nonverbal Consistency Principle During Inconsistent Communications
2003 Vol 27 (1), 25-41

Kimihiro Suzuki, Kenichi Naitoh
Brief Report: Useful Information for Face Perception Is Described with FACS
2003 Vol 27 (1), 43-55

Invitation to Submit Manuscripts on "Interpersonal Sensitivity" for a Special Issue of the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior
2003 Vol 27 (1), 57-57

Volume 26 Winter 2002, No 4

Heidi R. Riggio, Ronald E. Riggio
Emotional Expressiveness, Extraversion, and Neuroticism: A Meta-Analysis
2002 Vol 26 (4), 195-218

Dawn L. Riddle, Terrance L. Albrecht, Michael D. Coovert, Louis A. Penner, John C. Ruckdeschel, Christina G. Blanchard, Gwendolyn Quinn, Daniel Urbizu
Differences in Audiotaped Versus Videotaped Physician-Patient Interactions
2002 Vol 26 (4), 219-239

Elena Nicoladis
Some Gestures Develop in Conjunction with Spoken Language Development and Others Don't: Evidence from Bilingual Preschoolers
2002 Vol 26 (4), 241-266

Ad Hoc Reviewers from 2002
2002 Vol 26 (4), 267-267

Volume 26 Fall 2002, No 3

Rebekah E. Gunns, Lucy Johnston, Stephen M. Hudson
Victim Selection and Kinematics: A Point-Light Investigation of Vulnerability to Attack
2002 Vol 26 (3), 129-158

Yuichi Iizuka, Miles L. Patterson, James C. Matchen
Accuracy and Confidence on the Interpersonal Perception Task: A Japanese-American Comparison
2002 Vol 26 (3), 159-174

Carel ten Cate
Posing as Professor: Laterality in Posing Orientation for Portraits of Scientists
2002 Vol 26 (3), 175-192

Volume 26 Summer 2002, No 2

Judith A. Hall, Terrence G. Horgan, Jason D. Carter
Assigned and Felt Status in Relation to Observer-Coded and Participant-Reported Smiling
2002 Vol 26 (2), 63-81
Pierre Gosselin, Mélanie Perron, Mélanie Legault, Patrizia Campanella
Children's and Adults' Knowledge of the Distinction Between Enjoyment and Nonenjoyment Smiles
2002 Vol 26 (2), 83-108

Siebke Melfsen, Irmela Florin
Do Socially Anxious Children Show Deficits in Classifying Facial Expressions of Emotions?
2002 Vol 26 (2), 109-126

Volume 26 Spring 2002, No. 1

Victoria Lee, Hugh Wagner
The Effect of Social Presence on the Facial and Verbal Expression of Emotion and the Interrelationships Among Emotion Components
2002 Vol 26 (1), 3-25

Lisa M. Goos, Irwin Silverman
Sex Related Factors in the Perception of Threatening Facial Expressions
2002 Vol 26 (1), 27-41

Joann M. Montepare, Almanzia Opeyo
The Relative Salience of Physiognomic Cues in Differentiating Faces: A Methodological Tool
2002 Vol 26 (1), 43-59

Volume 25 Winter 2001, No. 4

223-223 Announcement

Marco Costa, Wies Dinsbach, Antony S. R. Manstead, Pio Enrico Ricci Bitti
Social Presence, Embarrassment, and Nonverbal Behavior
2001 Vol 25 (4), 225-240

Robert Kurzban
The Social Psychophysics of Cooperation: Nonverbal Communication in a Public Goods Game
pp. 241-259

Nigel Barber
Mustache Fashion Covaries with a Good Marriage Market for Women
2001 Vol 25 (4), 261-272

Reviewers for Volumes 24 and 25
2001 Vol 25 (4), 273-274

Call for Papers
2001 Vol 25 (4), 275-275

Volume 25 Fall 2001, No. 3

2001 Vol 25 (3), 149-149

Gary Bente, Nicole C. Krämer, Anita Petersen, Jan Peter de Ruiter
Computer Animated Movement and Person Perception: Methodological Advances in Nonverbal Behavior Research
2001 Vol 25 (3), 151-166

Michael A. Sayette, Jeffrey F. Cohn, Joan M. Wertz, Michael A. Perrott, Dominic J. Parrott
A Psychometric Evaluation of the Facial Action Coding System for Assessing Spontaneous Expression
2001 Vol 25 (3), 167-185

Janice Zeman, Kimberly Shipman, Susan Penza-Clyve
Development and Initial Validation of the Children's Sadness Management Scale
2001 Vol 25 (3), 187-205

Miles L. Patterson, Jeffrey L. Foster, Craig D. Bellmer
Another Look at Accuracy and Confidence in Social Judgments
2001 Vol 25 (3), 207-219

Volume 25 Summer 2001, No. 2

2001 Vol 25 (2), 77-77

Judith A. Hall, Jason D. Carter, Terrence G. Horgan
Status Roles and Recall of Nonverbal Cues
2001 Vol 25 (2), 79-100

Laura A. Thompson, Mohammad R. Aidinejad, Janisse Ponte
Aging and the Effects of Facial and Prosodic Cues on Emotional Intensity Ratings and Memory Reconstructions
2001 Vol 25 (2), 101-125

Sandra A. Fluck, Jinni A. Harrigan, Jennifer Brindley
Children and Young Adults' Recognition of Anxiety
2001 Vol 25 (2), 127-146

Volume 25 Spring 2001, No. 1

Erin B. McClure, Stephen Nowicki, Jr.
Associations Between Social Anxiety and Nonverbal Processing Skill in Preadolescent Boys and Girls
2001 Vol 25 (1), 3-19

R. Thomas Boone, Joseph G. Cunningham
Children's Expression of Emotional Meaning in Music Through Expressive Body Movement
2001 Vol 25 (1), 21-41

Linda M. Kneidinger, Terry L. Maple, Stuart A. Tross
Touching Behavior in Sport: Functional Components, Analysis of Sex Differences, and Ethological Considerations
2001 Vol 25 (1), 43-62

Marco Costa, Marzia Menzani, Pio Enrico Ricci Bitti
Head Canting in Paintings: An Historical Study
2001 Vol 25 (1), 63-73

Volume 24 Winter 2000, No. 4

Aldert Vrij, Katherine Edward, Kim P. Roberts, Ray Bull
Detecting Deceit via Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Behavior
2000 Vol 24 (4), 239-263

Ursula Hess, Sylvie Blairy, Robert E. Kleck
The Influence of Facial Emotion Displays, Gender, and Ethnicity on Judgments of Dominance and Affiliation
2000 Vol 24 (4), 265-283

Leigh Ann Spell, Elaine Frank
Recognition of Nonverbal Communication of Affect Following Traumatic Brain Injury
2000 Vol 24 (4), 285-300

Volume 24 Fall 2000, No. 3

David Matsumoto, Jeff LeRoux, Carinda Wilson-Cohn, Jake Raroque, Kristie Kooken, Paul Ekman, Nathan Yrizarry, Sherry Loewinger, Hideko Uchida, Albert Yee, Lisa Amo, Angeline Goh
A New Test to Measure Emotion Recognition Ability: Matsumoto and Ekman's Japanese and Caucasian Brief Affect Recognition Test (JACBART)
2000 Vol 24 (3), 179-209

Debi LaPlante, Nalini Ambady
Multiple Messages: Facial Recognition Advantage for Compound Expressions
2000 Vol 24 (3), 211-224

Fernando Carvajal, Jaime Iglesias
Looking Behavior and Smiling in Down Syndrome Infants
2000 Vol 24 (3), 225-236

Volume 24 Summer 2000, No. 2

Chris J. Boyatzis
Gesture and Development:An Introduction to the Special Issue
2000 Vol 24 (2), 59-62

Laura L. Namy, Linda Acredolo, Susan Goodwyn
Verbal Labels and Gestural Routines in Parental Communication with Young Children
2000 Vol 24 (2), 63-79

Susan W. Goodwyn, Linda P. Acredolo, Catherine A. Brown
Impact of Symbolic Gesturing on Early Language Development
2000 Vol 24 (2), 81-103

Jana M. Iverson, Heather L. Tencer, Jill Lany, Susan Goldin-Meadow
The Relation Between Gesture and Speech in Congenitally Blind and Sighted Language-Learners
2000 Vol 24 (2), 105-130

Nicole M. McNeil, Martha W. Alibali, Julia L. Evans
The Role of Gesture in Children's Comprehension of Spoken Language:Now They Need It, Now They Don't
2000 Vol 24 (2), 131-150

R. Breckinridge Church, Spencer D. Kelly, Kathryn Lynch
Immediate Memory for Mismatched Speech and Representational Gesture Across Development
2000 Vol 24 (2), 151-174

2000 Vol 24 (2), 175-175

Volume 24 Spring 2000, No. 1

Holley S. Hodgins, Cindy Belch
Interparental Violence and Nonverbal Abilities
2000 Vol 24 (1), 3-24

Richard A. Lippa, Joshua K. Dietz
The Relation of Gender, Personality, and Intelligence to Judges' Accuracy in Judging Strangers' Personality From Brief Video Segments
2000 Vol 24 (1), 25-43
Monika Thunberg, Ulf Dimberg
Gender Differences in Facial Reactions to Fear-Relevant Stimuli
2000 Vol 24 (1), 45-51

Reviewers for Volume 23
2000 Vol 24 (1), 53-54

2000 Vol 24 (1), 55-55

Volume 23 Winter 1999, No. 4

Jon E. Grahe, Frank J. Bernieri
The Importance of Nonverbal Cues in Judging Rapport
1999, Winter Vol 23 (4), 253-269

Kathleen Bloom, David J. Zajac, Julie Titus
The Influence of Nasality of Voice on Sex-Stereotyped Perceptions
1999, Winter Vol 23 (4), 271-281
Kory Floyd
All Touches are not Created Equal: Effects of Form and Duration on Observers' Interpretations of an Embrace
1999, Winter Vol 23 (4), 283-299
Volume 23, Fall 1999, No. 3
Peter J. de Jong
Communicative and Remedial Effects of Social Blushing
1999 Fall Vol 23 (3), 197-217

Kathleen Bloom, Karen Moore-Schoenmakers, Nobuo Masataka
Nasality of Infant Vocalizations Determines Gender Bias in Adult Favorability Ratings
1999 Fall Vol 23 (3), 219-236

Robert S. Feldman, Jason C. Tomasian, Erik J. Coats
Nonverbal Deception Abilities and Adolescents' Social Competence: Adolescents with Higher Social Skills are Better Liars
1999 Fall Vol 23 (3), 237-249

Volume 23, Summer 1999, No. 2

Mary Lee Hummert, Debra Mazloff, Clark Henry
Vocal Characteristics of Older Adults and Stereotyping
1999 Summer Vol 23 (2), 111-132
Jann Montepare, Elissa Koff, Deborah Zaitchik, Marilyn Albert
The Use of Body Movements and Gestures as Cues to Emotions in Younger and Older Adults
1999 Summer Vol 23 (2), 133-152
Pierre Feyereisen, Isabelle Havard
Mental Imagery and Production of Hand Gestures While Speaking in Younger and Older Adults
1999 Summer Vol 23 (2), 153-171
Monisha Pasupathi, Laura L. Carstensen, Robert W. Levenson, John M. Gottman
Responsive Listening in Long-Married Couples: A Psycholinguistic Perspective
1999 Summer Vol 23 (2), 173-193

Volume 23, Spring 1999, No. 1.

Blairy, Sylvie, Herrera, Pedro, & Hess, Ursula.
Mimicry and the judgment of emotional facial expressions
1999 Spring Vol 23 (1), 5-41.

Langer, S. L., & Wurf, Elissa.
The effects of channel-consistent and channel-inconsistent interpersonal feedback on the formation of metaperceptions
1999 Spring Vol 23 (1), 43-65.

Anderson, D. Eric, DePaulo, Bella, Ansfield, Mathew A., Tickle, Jennifer J., & Green, Emily.
Beliefs about the cues to deception: Mindless stereotypes or untapped wisdom?
1999 Spring Vol 23 (1), 67-89.

Carton, John S., Kessler, Emily A., & Pape, Christina L.
Nonverbal decoding skills and Relationship well-being in adults.
1999 Spring Vol 23 (1), 91-100.

Volume 22, Winter 1998, No. 4

Cashdan, Elizabeth.
Smiles, speech, and body posture: How women and men display sociometric status and power
1998 Winter Vol 22(4), 209-228

Segrin, Chris.
The impact of assessment procedures on the relationship between paper and pencil and behavioral indicators of social skill.
1998 Winter Vol 22(4), 229-251.

Patterson, Miles L., & Stockbridge, E.
Effects of cognitive demand and judgment strategy on person perception accuracy.
1998 Winter Vol 22(4), 253-263.

Volume 22, Fall 1998, No. 3

Zeman, Janice & Shipman, Kimberly
Influence of social context on children's effect regulation: A functionalist
1998 Fall Vol 22(3), 141-165
Thompson, Laura A., Driscoll, Donna, & Markson, Lori
Memory for visual-spoken language in children and adults.
1998 Fall Vol 22(3), 167-187

Feeley, Thomas H. & deTurck, Mark A.
The behavioral correlates of sanctioned and unsanctioned deceptive communication.
1998 Fall Vol 22(3), 189-204

Volume 22, Summer 1998, No. 2

Baum, Kym M. & Nowicki Jr., Stephen
Perception of emotion: Measuring decoding accuracy of adult prosodic cues varying in intensity.
1998 Summer Vol 22(2), 89-107

Tucker, Joan S. & Anders, Sherry L.
Adult attachment style and nonverbal closeness in dating couples.
1998 Summer Vol 22(2), 109-124

Sprouse, Cynthia A., Hall, Cathy W., Webster, Raymond E., & Bolen, Larry M.
Social perception in students with learning disabilities and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
1998 Summer Vol 22(2), 125-134

Volume 22, Spring 1998, No. 1

Krammer, Karl, Kruck, Kirsten B., & Magnusson, Magnus S.
The courtship dance: Patterns of nonverbal synchronization in opposite-sex encounters.
1998 Spring Vol 22(1), 3-29.

Bente, Gary, Donaghy, William C.,& Suwelack.
Sex differences in body movement and visual attention: An integrated analysis of movement and gaze in mixed-sex dyads.
1998 Spring Vol 22(1), 31-58.

Mcdaniel, Ed, & Anderson, Peter A.
International patterns of interpersonal tactile communication: A field study.
1998 Spring Vol 22(1), 59-75.

Carton, John S. and Carton, Erin E.R.
Nonverbal maternal warmth and children's locus of control of reinforcement.
1998 Spring Vol 22(1), 77-86.

Volume 21, Winter 1997, No. 4

The intensity of emotional facial expressions and decoding accuracy.
Ursula Hess, Sylvie Blairy, Robert E. Kleck.
Winter 1997 Vol 21(4), 241-258.

The voice of deception: Vocal strategies of naive and able liars.
Luigi Anolli, Rita Ciceri.
Winter 1997 Vol 21(4), 259-285.

Volume 21, Fall 1997, No. 3

Special issue: The communicative function of facial expressions, part 1: Empirical Challenges. Arvid Kappas, Ed.

The fascination with faces: Are they windows to our soul? Arvid Kappas. Fall 1997 Vol 21, 157-161.

Are spontaneous expressions and emotions linked? An experimental test of coherence.
Jose-Miguel Fernandez-Dols, Flor Sanchez, Pilar Carrera, Maria-Angeles Ruiz-Belda.
Fall 1997 Vol 21 (3), 163-178.

Facial-affective behavior, mutual gaze, and emotional experience in dyadic interactions.
Jorg Merten.
Fall 1997 Vol 21 (3), 179-202.

Fooled by a smile: Detecting anxiety in others.
Jinni A. Harrigan, Kristy T. Taing.
Fall 1997 Vol 21 (3) 203-222.

The painful truth: Interpretation of facial expressions of pain in older adults.
Deborah Hunt Matheson
Fall 1997 Vol 21 (3), 223-239.

Volume 21, Summer 1997, No. 2

Individual differences in hand movements during deception.
Aldert Vrij, Lucy Akehurst, Paul Morris.
Summer 1997 Vol 21(2), 87-102.

Emotional experience as a function of social context: The role of the other.
Esther Jakobs, Agneta H. Fischer, Antony S.R. Manstead
Summer 1997 Vol 21(2), 103-130.

The emotional contagion scale:A measure of individual differences.
R. William Doherty.
Summer 1997 Vol 21(2), 131-155.
Volume 21, Spring 1997, No. 1

Biehl, M., Matsumoto, D., Ekman, P., Hearn, V., Heider, K., Kudoh, T., & Ton, V.
Matsumoto and Ekman's Japanese and Caucasian facial expressions of emotion (JACFEE): Reliability data and cross-national differences.
1997 Spring Vol 21(1), 3-21.

Gregory, Stanford W. Jr., Dagan, K., & Webster, S.
Evaluating the relation of vocal accomodation in conversation of partner's fundamental frequencies to perceptions of communication quality.
1997 Spring Vol 21(1), 23-43.

Dabbs, James M. Jr.
Testosterone, smiling, and facial appearance.
1997 Spring Vol 21(1), 45-56.

Galati, D., & Lavelli, M. Neonate and infant emotion expression perceived by adults.
1997 Spring Vol 21(1), 57-83.

Volume 20, Winter 1996 , No. 4.

Springer, K., Meier, Jo A., & Berry, D. S.
Nonverbal bases of social perception: Developmental change in sensitivity to patterns of motion that reveal interpersonal events.
1996 Winter Vol 20(4), 199-211.

Bente, G., Feist, A., & Elder, S.
Person perception effects of computer-simulated male and female head movement.
1996 Winter Vol 20(4), 213-223

Montgomery, D. E., Moran, C., & Bach, L. M The influence of nonverbal cues associated with looking behavior on young children's mental attributions.
1996 Winter Vol 20(4) 229-249

Volume 20, Fall 1996 , No. 3.

Jones, Stanley E., & Brown, Brandi C.
Touch attitudes and behaviors, recollections of early childhood touch, and social self-confidence.
1996 Fal Vol 20(3) 147-163

Knutson, Brian.
Facial expressions of emotion influence interpersonal trait inferences.
1996 Fal Vol 20(3)165-182

Camras, Linda A., Lambrecht, L., & Michel, George F.
Infant "surprise" expressions as coordinative motor structures.
1996 Fal Vol 20(3) 183-195

Volume 20, Summer 1996, No. 2.

Ellgring, Heiner, & Scherer, K. R.
Vocal indicators of mood change in depression.
1996 Sum Vol 20(2) 83-110

Goldstein, Naomi E., & Feldman, R. S.
Knowledge of American Sign Language and the ability of hearing individuals to decode facial expressions of emotion.
1996 Sum Vol 20(2) 111-122

Jakobs, Esther, Manstead, Antony S. R., & Fisher, A. H.
Social context and the experience of emotion.
1996 Sum Vol 20(2) 123-142

Volume 20, Spring 1996, No 1.

Newton, Tamara L., Haviland, Jeannette M., & Contrada, Richard J.
The face of repressive coping: Social context and the display of hostile expressions and social smiles.
Vol 20(1) 3-22

Hall, Judith A.
Touch, status, and gender at professional meetings.
Vol 20(1) 23-44

Cohen, Ronald L., & Borsoi, D.
The role of gestures in description-communication: A cross-sectional study of aging.
1996 Spr Vol 20(1) 45-63

Vrij, Aldert, & Semin, Guen R.
Lie experts' beliefs about nonverbal indicators of deception.
Vol 20(1) 65-80

Volume 19, Winter 1995. No. 4.

Special Issue: Health, Health Care, and Nonverbal Behavior
Guest Editor: Valerian J. Derlega

Derlega, Valerian J.
Health, health care, and nonverbal behavior: An issues overview.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 189-190.

Prkachin, Kenneth M., & Craig, Kenneth D.
Expressing pain: The communication and interpretation of facial pain signals.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 191-206.

Lepper, Heidi S., Martin, Leslie R., & DiMatteo, M. Robin.
A model of nonverbal exchange in physician-patient expectations for patient involvement.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 207-222

Bensing, Jozien M., Kerssens, Jan J., & van der Pasch, Marja.
Patient-directed gaze as a tool for discovering and handling psychosocial problems in general practice.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 223-242

Yankeelov, Pamela A., Barbee,Anita P.,Cunningham, Michael R., & Druen, Perri B.
The influence of negative medical diagnoses and verbal and nonverbal support activation strategies on the interactive coping process.
1995 Win Vol 19(4) 243-260

Volume 19, Fall 1995. No. 3.

Ansfield, Matthew E., DePaulo, Bella M., & Bell, Kathy L.
Familiarity effects in nonverbal understanding: Recognizing our own facial expressions and our friends'.
1995 Fal Vol 19(3) 135-149

Magill-Evans, Joyce, Konning, Cyndie, Cameron-Sadava, Anne, & Manyk, Kathy.
The child and adolescent social perception measure.
1995 Fal Vol 19(3) 151-169

Christenfeld, Nicholas
Does it hurt to say um?
1995 Fal Vol 19(3) 171-186

Volume 19, Summer 1995. No. 2.

Millar, Murray G., & Millar, K.
Detection of deception in familiar and unfamiliar persons: The effects of information restriction.
1995 Sum Vol 19(2) 69-84

Harrison-Speake, Karen, & Willis, Frank N.
Ratings of the appropriateness of touch among family members. 1995 Sum Vol 19(2) 85-100

Lewis, Robin J., Derlega, Valerian J., Nicols, Brenda., Shankar, Arti, Drury, Kathryn K, & Hawkins, L.
Sex differences in observers' reactions to a nurse's use of touch.
1995 Sum Vol 19(2) 101-113

Bernieri, Frank J., & Gillis, John S.
The judgment of rapport: A cross-cultural comparison between Americans and Greeks.
1995 Sun Vol 19(2) 115-130

Volume 19, Spring 1995. No 1.

Patterson, Miles L.
Invited article: A parallel process model of nonverbal communication.
1995 Spr Vol 19(1) 3-29

Montepare, Joann M.
The impact of variations in height on young children's impressions of men and women.
1995 Spr Vol 19(1) 31-47

Briton, Nancy J., & Hall, Judith A.
Gender-based expectancies and observer judgments of smiling.
1995 Spr Vol 19(1) 49-65

Volume 18, Winter 1994, No. 4.

Kappas, Arvid, Hess, U., Barr, Carol L., & Kleck, Robert E.
Angle of regard: The effect of vertical viewing angle on the perception of facial expressions.
1994 Win Vol 18(4) 263-280

Carrera-Levillain, Pilar, & Fernandez-Dols, Jose-Miguel.
Neutral faces in context: Their emotional meaning and their function.
1994 Win Vol 18(4) 281-299.

Josephs, Ingrid E.
Display rule behavior and understanding in preschool children.
1994 Win Vol 18(4) 301-326

Volume 18, Fall 1994, No. 3.

Berry, Diane S., Hansen, Jane S., Landry-Pester, Julie C., & Meier, Jo A.
Vocal determinants of first impressions of young children.
1994 Fal Vol 18(3) 187-197

Noller, Patricia, & Feeney, Judith A.
Relationship satisfaction, attachment, and nonverbal accuracy inearly marriage.
1994 Fal Vol 18(3) 199-221

Meiran, Nachshon, Netzer, Tali, Netzer, Sefi, Itzhak, Dvori, & Rechnitz, Orit.
Do tests of nonverbal decoding ability measure sensitivity to nonverbal cues?
1994 Fal Vol 18(3) 223-244

Hayduk, Leslie A.
Personal space: Understanding the simplex model.
1994 Fal Vol 18(3) 245-260

Volume 18, Summer 1994. No. 2.

Vrij, Aldert
The impact of information and setting on detection of deceptionby police detectives.
Sum Vol 18(2) 117-136

Guerrero, Laura K., & Anderson, Peter A.
Patterns of matching and initiation: Touch behavior and touch avoidance across romantic relationship stages.
1994 Sum Vol 18(2) 137-153

Burgoon, Judee K., & Buller, David B.
Interpersonal deception: III. Effects of deceit on perceived communication and nonverbal behavior dynamics.
1994 Sum Vol 18(2) 155-184

Volume 18, Spring 1994. No. 1.

Special Issue: Development of nonverbal behavior, Part II.
Social development and nonverbal behavior.
Guest Editor: Amy G. Halberstadt

Halberstadt, Amy G.
Social development and nonverbal behavior, Issue Overview.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 3-7

Nowicki, Stephen Jr., & Duke, Marshall P.
Individual differences in the nonverbal communication of affect: The Diagnostic Analysis of Nonverbal Accuracy Scale.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 9-35.

Boyatzis, Chris J., Satyaprasad, C.
Children's facial and gestural decoding and encoding: Relations between skills and with popularity.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 37-55

Casey, Rita J., & Fuller, Laura L.
Maternal regulation of children's emotions.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 57-89

Kahlbaugh, Patricia E., & Haviland, Jeannette M.
Nonverbal communication between parents and adolescents: A study of approach and avoidance behaviors.
1994 Spr Vol 18(1) 91-113

1993, Winter, Volume 17, No. 4.

Mastumoto, D., & Kudoh, Tsutomo.
American-Japanaes cultural differences in attributions of personality based on smiles.
1993 Winter Vol 17(4) 231-243

Bond, Michael Harris.
Emotions and their expression in Chinese culture.
1993 Winter Vol 17(4) 245-262

Kenner, Andrew N.
A cross-cultural study of body-focused hand movement.
1993 Winter Vol 17(4) 263-279

Volume 17, No. 3. Fall 1993.

Special Issue: Development of nonverbal behavior, Part 1: Emotional experience and expression an issue overview

Halberstadt, Amy G.
Emotional experience and expression: An issue overview.
1993 Fal Vol 17(3), 139-143

Barrett, Karen Caplovitz
Development of nonverbal communication of emotion: a functionalist perspective. 1993 Fal Vol 17(3), 145-169

Camras, Linda A., Sullivan, Jean, & Michel, George.
Do infants express discrete emotions adult judgments of facial vocal and body actions.
1993 Fal Vol 17(3) 171-186

Stifter, Cynthia A., & Grant, Wanda.
Infant responses to frustration individual differences in the expression of negative affect.
1993 Fal Vol 17(3) 187-204

Denham, Susanne A., & Grout, Leslie.
Socialization of emotion pathway to preschoolers emotional and social competence.
1993 Fal Vol 17(3) 205-227

Volume 17, Summer 1993. No. 2.

Blake, Joanna., & Dolgoy, Susan J.
Gestural development and its relation to cognition during the transition to language.
1993 Sum Vol 17(2) 87-102

Tucker, Joan S., & Friedman, Howard S.
Sex differences in nonverbal expressiveness emotional expression personality and impressions.
1993 Sum Vol 17(2) 108-117

Zuckerman, Miron., & Miyake, Kunitate.
The attractive voice: What makes it so?
1993 Sum Vol 17(2) 119-135

Volume 17, Spring 1993, No. 1.

Wagner, Hugh L
Measuring performance in category judgment studies on nonverbal behavior.
1993 Spr Vol 17(1) 3-28

Wagner, Hugh L., Buck, Ross, & Winterbotham, Meg.
Communication of specific emotions gender differences in sending accuracy and communication measures.
1993 Spr Vol 17(1) 29-54

Montepare, Joann M., & Zebrowitz, Leslie A.
A cross cultural comparison of impressions created by age related variations in gait.
1993 Spr Vol 17(1) 55-68

Russell, Robert L., Stokes, James, Jones, Marylouise E., Czogalik, Dietmer, & Rohleder, Lisa.
The role of nonverbal sensitivity in childhood psychopathology.
1993 Spr Vol 17(1) 69-83

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