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James Chiefland FL
Just a quick note to say I am thoroughly impressed with your company. I set up a new account yesterday (04-09-06) and called today to add a second email address to my account. The hold time was less than 30 seconds for tech support.
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David Logan, UT
I can actually get help from someone in the US that speaks english! Thank You! Thank You
Michelle Oklahoma
Im glad that I found you. You should advertise more and let everybody know how good you are
JB Ohio
I have promoted totalusa to my friends that use Linux. I hope you keep the great isp up to there standards also. Thanks for all you have put out there for us
Jenny LA CA
i set my mom up for your service and it's great! Im going to get some of her friends to sign up also
Kim Blue Creek OH
Great isp I am migrating as we speak. Netscape,AOL,MSN are sucking canal water. Send me any and all your new upgrades. Thanks for a truely well thought out design and ease of use
Abe Utah
Free tech support? who gives that now days! you guys are great
Ive tried all of the cheap isps and I'm sticking with you. great
Ive tried all of the cheap isps and I'm sticking with you. great intor price and the regular prices arent bad either. thank for the great service dan i set my mom up for your service and it's great! Im going to get some of her friends

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