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Used to add a post without typing anything, means "+1 to my post count, +1 - When used with a quote, means the same thing as "Ditto" Shooting Supplies -shooting supplies & gun accessories " 2006 " August .
HARRIS BIPODS - AR-15 Acronyms P- Gun Accessories P2P - Person to
P2P - Person to Person (used in chat, may also be used to refer to face to face sales) PAFS - Permanently Attached Flash Suppressor (generally permanantly attached in order to bring a barrel's overall Gun Accessories to 16"
Prosecutor: Ban Fantasy Knives
something (as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat, or destroy. But it's not the only purpose. First, it could be used for defense--would you mug someone holding one? Plus, there are plenty (millions?
Sunday Battleship Blogging: HMS Dreadnought
However, developments in optics and improvements in gun accuracy at the beginning of the twentieth century began to tilt the balance towards heavier guns. "Dreadnought" is a name that the Royal Navy has used throughout it's history,
Gays with guns
But many people disagree that advocating more guns is helpful, moral, or wise. unlikely ever to be used for self-defense but quite possibly will be used Can anything--even a gun--ever totally erase the sense of powerless in my
3100022MSPMWG , - Queens Man Had a Gun, Police Say New York Times
Police trace gun that killed 11-year-old girl Fort Wayne News Sentinel, IN - Dec 8, 2006… Investigators traced the gun used in the shooting death of an 11-year-old girl to a high school student who was arrested on Friday, police said.
okay, i believe you, but my tommy gun don't
i was supposed to stay in and contemplate whether i really wanted to stay at RIT or not again. i do it every night, but i still wanted to just be able to sit and think. i used to be so excited about moving across the country and being
M1 MAGAZINES - glow sticks and flashlights Blog Archive Mini 14
glow sticks and flashlights Blog Archive gun accessories for Glow Sticks. Glow Sticks have various purposes: they are used in the military, by recreational divers doing night diving, by marching band conductors for night time
AR-15 Acronyms M- Ghillie suit
MP is also used as an easily typed representation of the proof mark that is sometimes quick-change barrel system designed for use with standard AR-15 Gun Accessories ) Gun recovered near scene of Clinton neighbors' shooting
Afghan jihadists gun down five, including two female teachers
The excerpt above is from an AP article, and to remind you, the term "militants" should be used when the armed faction kills the military of another armed faction. The term "terrorist" should be used when the armed faction kills an
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