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IRC chat as always use the server: and the Channel: #futuresalon. Free Wifi is provided by SAP, bring your gadgets and participate in the chat with your fellow futurists from around the world. A Future Salon has the
McGonigal Chat Transcript is Online, and the Second Life Future Salon
Speaking of Second Life, it's been quite a while since we were supposed to have reported on the Second Life Future Salon podcast, so now's just as good a time as any. On November 27th, 2006, the Second Life Future Salon podcast series
Trouble at the Nail Salon
Patrons of the nail salon on Henry and Pineapple Streets had a brush with crime recently according to this week's Brooklyn Paper: Patrons of one Brooklyn Heights nail salon had plenty to chit-chat about while waiting to dry on Feb. 23.
The Electronic Salon
They meet through internet chat, a type of communication which allows "real-time" conversation over the Net. Members type their lines of conversation onto the screen, which everyone in the group sees on their own computer,
Reflecting on the chat at the Blogstreams salon in Tapped in
In our meeting today, certain controversial ideas came up in the chat discussion (which was, btw, sometimes very hard to follow). Some of them I agree with and others just do not seem so right. I felt a bit uneasy with certain positions
vanity, cooking lessons, stolen money, bonding at the cemetery
hair spa. yup, vanity isnt done yet. haha. i had body bleach saturday afternoon, and hair spa saturday night. it was more of bonding with my sister. she wanted to have a hair-relax and cellophane while i just went to the salon with
Alphabet versus the Goddess Future Salon
If you can't join in person we will Webcast the event: Point your Quicktime viewer to the following address: rtsp:// IRC chat as always use the server: and the Channel: #futuresalon
We actually went to a salon type place on my first night in, and exclusive dinner club to meet and greet the Brits in their natural habitat. It was delightful, and very odd, as one of our dining companions actually was a student
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Oui, ce nouveau service de chat requiert un nouveau nom, là pour vous aider dans l'utilisation du service, mais ne se trouvent pas dans chaque salon.
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Le protocole IRC (Internet Relay chat) est un standard libre né en 1988 qui propose par l'intermédiare d'un serveur ou de réseaux de serveurs des canaux de
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CHAT GRATUIT - Salon : Chat Maroc. Tu as du tps libre et tu souhaites animer ton propre chat gratuit ? Tu es dans le chat gratuit : chat Maroc
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CHAT GRATUIT - Salon : Chat 15-20 ans. Animateurs ? Tu as du tps libre et tu souhaites animer ton propre chat gratuit ?
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LE SALON DU CHAT DE RACE 2006: Pour des raisons de sécurité, notre salon ne sera plus à la salle de la Salamandre en 2007, mais à l'Espace 3000 avec
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French language site for francophones and non-francophones, students, teachers and lovers of French. Practice your French in our chatroom and our forum
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