email blessing @ Catholic Faith
>From the barters of 2Barter, Google & Youtube allowed us too came this far through barters and? So why not email this Non-profit making it then a blessing by welcoming the JFK home. And start A email Party as well, so from one email,
Postfix and Local Account Routing
Hi There, I have an issue with Postfix and routing for mail that orginates on the local machine (eg from a PHP script or similar). The domain I'm trying to send mail to is using Google Mail for domains and has the correct MX records
be claim not later than March 7th, 2007,Your email won the lottery.For a total pay out of �1000000. Please remember to quote your reference number and batch numbers: 1, Batch 9484-9006-0076,2, Ref: 637409467-Nll.3, lucky numbers
Gmail now Google Mail across the EU?
In the UK, already a trademark dispute means that all new signups get addresses instead of, and the branding on the actual webmail interface mentions ‘Google Mail’ instead of the shortened form.
Comment on Another Gmail Problem by kayenne
I can load up google page to receive mail, the inbox appears but no mail is showing, either there or in any of the boxes (sent mail, archives. etc) Google will not allow me to scroll down the page or access any other instructions.
TV quiz man scoops £1m
A Didcot man bluffed his way to a £1m jackpot on TV game show Pokerface - and then even 'pokerfaced' his own family about his win
Google Mail Now Open To All
<p>Google announced this week that the extremely popular Gmail webmail service is now open to anyone who wants an account.&nbsp; The service launched on April 1st, 2004 as a beta product and invit
Finally. Someone agrees with me about Gmail and Mobile Devices
It seems like pulling GMAIL via POP setting from GMAIL/Google Apps (which I just paid for) results in inconsistency, lost mail, and delays. Forwarding from GMAIL seems slightly better, but still slow and painful.
Geocoding UK Postcodes with Google Map API
Until Royal Mail sort get their act together, and relax the licensing agreement, hopefully this will help people who want a ‘pure’ Google solution and hadn’t come across this option. Please use the comments section to let me know if you Google Mail Downtime
Right now, Google Mail disappeared just as I was about to send an email. And I thought this would never happen! (2 minutes later the service is up and running again) UPDATE: Two things happened after going online again.
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