Adventures in DVDs Last November, I placed an order for three DVDs
This past week, I get in the mail the Lost Shows collection and the Steptoe movies…but no sign of Kate and Fred. I’ve decided to quit while I’m ahead…though again, I wasn’t charged for the Alice Adams disc, so everything’s jake with me.
Bloom 'N Bean 3/5/07
For the past three seasons, the soothing voice of Mary Alice Young has become par for the course, but this week the late Rex Van De Kamp takes the show in a completely different direction. (more) JASON STATHAM
As an accountant, I just have to play yesterday's
How likely are you to take the time to fill out and mail the application (with appropriate receipts) to actually get the rebate mailed to you? Not likely. 3. How many credit cards do you have right now that have a zero balance?
Public Key Encryption that Allows PIR Queries, by Dan Boneh and
Consider the following problem: Alice wishes to maintain her email using a storage-provider Bob (such as a Yahoo! or hotmail e-mail account). This storage-provider should provide for Alice the ability to collect, retrieve,
Big Loss For The Jazz World: Michael Brecker and Alice Coltrane Died
Two of the biggest jazz stars, 11-time Grammy winner Michael Brecker, a saxophonist of the post-Coltrane era, and Alice Coltrane, a jazz pianist-harpist-composer, passed away this weekend. Michael Brecker, 57, died of leukemia on
Email, heaven and hell
Much appreciated.” The correspondent replied that I was a gentleman and would go to heaven. You see, the difference between eternal damnation and eternal joy can be just a single sarcastic email
Ja wohl, Alice!
is the only phrase I recognize) and a nutty homemade "Brady" parody using actual footage but intentionally badly voiced-over new words, in which Cindy finds out she's pregnant by Oliver, and Alice comes out of the closet, kind of.
Liquor and cake, and all things baked
We each left still hungry and desserts were $9, nearly the price of a brunch entree. Boo. We three agreed that dessert must be had, so we ducked into an (overpriced) EuroPan. I have a soft spot for cannoli (ask Alice, it's a funny
How to give your young children a personalized managed email address
The mail will appear to come from Johnny and replies will come right back into your regular Gmail account. You can even create filters for Alice+Johnny to separate those emails from your other email. And you can create as many as you
The Urban Landscapes Radioshow 10.4
On January 12th, there was a posting on the Beyondjazz website, something like Alice Coltrane, RIP (??) The posting apparently came from the blog of LA based producer Flying Lotus, who I’d learn later on was a nephew to Alice Coltrane.

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