PS2 Review: NASCAR 07
Electronic Arts continues a strong NASCAR racing series with a great choice of drivers, tracks and variety of driving scenarios and game modes. Other new elements include a roleplaying hero/villain type personality you can adapt through game play and driver options (rookie, veteran, legend and bonus levels). It’s easier to succeed with positive play as a hero, but a lot more entertaining as a
PS2 Review: Yakuza
What makes a great media experience in any format? A great story! This third person crime story (also known as Ryu Ga Gotoku ) set in Japan has a great lead character named Kazuma. This Playstation 2 exclusive game from SEGA has an excellent story, characters and voice talent, but some camera issues and an incredibly frustrating mission hurts the game’s overall credibility. This mission
Accessory Review: PDA Panache DS Lite Pro Stylus
One of the best changes introduced in the DS Lite is the new stylus; it is not a toothpick any more. It is, however, still fairly light. This is not a complaint so much as an observation. If you are use a Palm Pilot or similar device, you may be comfortable with a metal stylus. There is a big discrepancy in weight between the two pointer-dependent gadgets, so I went on the hunt for a metal
Nintendo Fusion Tour: Wii Sports Tennis Hands-on
Part of the Nintendo Wii's asking price when it launches in the U.S. will be for Nintendo's re-instatement of the pack-in game - Wii Sports . At a recent stop of Nintendo's Fusion Tour, Ken and I were able to test out the tennis portion of the game as well as the Wiimote's sensor capabilities. Nintendo allowed two people at a time to sample the sports snippet, although the final game will
Nintendo Fusion Tour: ExciteTruck Hands-on
At a recent showing of the Nintendo Fusion Tour, I was able to get some hands-on time with Nintendo's go-to Wii-launch racer, ExciteTruck . If the taste of game play demonstrated at the event is any indication of what to expect in November, players will have plenty of reasons to get excited over ExciteTruck . While the demo unit only allowed for a single player to sit behind the wheel, the

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