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The most cited chemistry articles??
So I thought I’d look at how to improve my citations. Access key papers as recognised by CAS Science Spotlight You are invited to access these and other highly-valued articles by clicking on the paper title.
The Accidental Tech Support Librarian
Based on anecdotal evidence, I'd say that the answer is Yes. browser settings, wireless connection, and other factors that can interfere with access. These problems included off-campus access, broken links in the catalog,
bowserbabe's wishlist
Um lots of options here. It'd be cool to find someone(s) else who collects pictures and then split the saving duties so that more pictures are saved (and then exchanged) with less effort. Or if you have agency access >.
Pharmacists, Advocates Raise Concerns About Potential Prescription
help Medicare beneficiaries who had problems with access to medications under are on the Veterans Administration plan chose to enroll in a Part D plan. some of those comments about a million veterans leaving VA for Part D.
In Which We Are Blind in the Storm
It had been snowing steadily since I'd moved back home and now there was easily a I'd probably have an easier time walking there than driving. I trudged on down the hill, walking more or less parallel to the access road that my
I hope he doesn’t have a blog!
If you haven’t shelled out $10 to gain access to the Something Awful Forums, well then I don’t know what to tell you. + good looks — and I bought you a membership, so you’d better be checking out the forums on a regular basis!)
A Cautionary Letter to Governments Everywhere
This grates on ordinary citizens, not because they plan to do anything wrong but, because they feel that they should have the same access to knowledge that the government, the head of Haliburton or Exxon, or the leadership of al Qaeda
Social Networking on Mobile Phones and +1 on Mobile Internet
When I entered the world wide web , I thought I’d be happy with the commonly used gadget and access, which are through phone lines or cable to your PC desktop but I later moved on to connecting to the internet wirelessly with the use of
The Crisis in American Nursing. Stat!
A: There have been incredible advances in treatment, but access to data on those advances A: Access varies from state to state and region to region, including urban You'd better believe that they'll still be on the firing line.
Slippery slopes: Warrantless tactics used for child molesters now
I would think that'd be no different than chatting up a child molester online, and you'd only have your investigator monitoring the site, not even necessarily In that case, there's a process for them to access private information of
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