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Fetish regarding young boys. Originally popularized in [[YaoiGuys yaoi fandom as the [[BishonenBoy bishounen aesthetic taken to its natural extrem
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Chan - refer to Shota-con; Disturbing Content - Some readers will find the situations and themes contained in the fic "disturbing". Drug Use - Narcotics are featured Shota-con - with a minor / under-age . Also known as chan.
Que es el shota y el lolicon??
Shotacon El shōta (ショタ?) o shōta-con (ショタコン?) es el género de manga que se centra en las relaciones homouales entre un hombre y un niño o entre dos niños; aunque también se le considera entre una mujer adulta y un niño.
Poll: Lolicon and Shotacon: Love or Hate
There are things in anime and manga that don’t sit well with me. Some are minor annoyances (angsty, know-it-all day glo 15 year olds) while others disturb me (crazy glomp happy yaoi fan girls) and still others really make me run for a
Im looking for WORKING shotacon movies with english subs or just in english
What is Shotacon? | revision 4
Shotacon: Relationships dealing with boyxboy couples that one or both the boys look like underage boys,or are underage boys (13-18). I know that some are frowning on this and thats why I make these pages,so you know,and that you wont be
new shiz
Have you seen these yet? So clever Nice find Shota. Also got in some new (non all-over print) shirts from LocalRec Can't get enough of that Bmore Oriole
Saint October - Anime First Impressions
Anyway, the masked shotacon gets away with the kid, and the girls are left to eat cake. Apparently the masked shotacon is working for a company called “Reverse Company. It isn’t too long before masked shotacon attacks again!
Shotacon amvs | revision 2
Scope: 0 images added, 0 images deleted, 42 words added, 0 words deleted, Word count: 44. Okies I dont have to many of these so yeah,this has a little nudity in it so. Warning,if you fear butt then dont watch. You have been warned!
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SHOTA CON Genere di manga a sfondo pseudo-pedofilo. Non si tratta di fumetti pedo-grafici; in Giappone esiste ed è ben accetta una forma di tutorato
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Shota-con - FrozenWiki
donde Shōtarō es un nombre relativamente frecuente entre los niños nipones). Obtenido de "http://wiki.frozen-layer.net?title=Shota-con"
Urban Dictionary: Shota Con
Shota con is a Japanies art form similer to anime that is short for shotaru complex. The other person will usualy be a male if it's true shota con,
~~Shota-con~~ - A Xanga Blogring
~:Shota-con is the best thing to come out of anime mwaahaahaahaa!:~ ~:Look what God has made angels!!:~ ~:Hurray for the Irken Empire:~ ~:Hurray
Ash e co sono rimasti intrappolati nella città e i cloni tentano in tutti i modi di prenderli ma l'unico che riescono a catturare è shota con blaistoise gli
Shota - Wikipedia
Per questo molto spesso con shotakon e shota, più che indicare l'attrazione verso i ragazzini, ci si riferisce a quelle dōjinshi che trattano lo shotakon
Shota Rustaveli - Wikipedia
È autore dell'opera letteraria Il cavaliere con la pelle di pantera Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature of the Georgian Academy of Sciences
Loli-con - Uiquipedia
Les illustraciones loli-con suelen amosar carauterístiques infantiles con posibles dobles L'equivalente masculín del loli-con ye'l shota-con.
shota - Community Info
Shota-con (ショタコン,ショタ) is a sexual complex where an adult, usually male, is attracted to an underage boy. It has also been applied to graphic art shota+con: , , shota+con
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