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Doch im aktuellen Scheidungsprozess vor dem Mailänder Familiengericht ficht der Sänger die alte Vereinbarung an. Aus dem Umfeld der Anwälte Hunzikers zittiert «Bild»: «Eros will mit aller Macht das Sorgerecht. Er klagt, Michelle habe zu viele Jobs, vernachlässige Aurora.»

Nata il 24 gennaio 1977 a Lugano da madre olandese e padre svizzero tedesco, Michelle Hunziker è rimasta in Svizzera fino all'età di diciassette, diplomandosi in lingue straniere e perfezionandosi in danza moderna.

Early years
Michelle was born in the southern, Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Her mother Ineke is Dutch, her father Rudolf was Swiss German. He was a painter, but he worked as a hotel boss (he died of a heart attack in fall 2001). In 1983, the whole family including Michelle's brother Harold moved to Ostermundigen, a suburb of Berne in the German speaking part of Switzerland, where Michelle attended the elementary school. After her parents' separation Michelle's mother moved to Zuchwil/Solothurn and her parents got divorced. This was one of the hardest moments in Michelle's life, and she fell in a crisis. In 1993, when Michelle was 16 years old, she moved to Bologna with her mother. Michelle continued to realize her dream: she wanted to become an interpreter. Therefore she studied Italian, French, German, English and Dutch at a local college. After having moved to Milan with her mother, she wanted to become a fashion model. She knocked at the door of one of the most famous agencies in town and was assumed by Riccardo Gay, one of the most renowed agents. Although she was too corpulent and too short, she posed for well known labels such as Armani, Rocco Barocco, La Perla, Colmar, Fuerte Ventura, Lovable and Swish when she was 17 years old. Michelle could also be seen on a poster where she was wearing nothing than g-string.