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Chrysler 300C Pullman stretches the concept of big American sedans
Like the Imperial, the Pullman also features rear suicide doors to aid entry into this big, rear-wheel drive sedan, We don't know yet what engine powers the Pullman, whether it's your garden variety 5.7-liter HEMI or the 6.1-liter
"Wal-Mart is bad, but could help Pullman"
But if Wal-Mart is successful in moving to Pullman, many WSU students and likely many Wal-Mart employees who fer over will make at least $7.63 an hour – Washington’s minimum wage. That’sa big increase.
The fight by citizens of Pullman, Washington against the Walmarting of their community continues with a decision to carry the battle to the 3rd District Court of Appeals According to The Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development:
pulling apart pullman…
last week a judge in whitman county, washington, rejected an appeal by citizens to block the construction of a wal mart in pullman. the pullman alliance for responsible development hasn’t given up. two objections appear in this
chrysler to show long-wheelbase 300c pullman at sema
chrysler will unveil a customized version of its 300c rear-wheel-drive sedan at the sema custom car show next week. called the 300c pullman, the car is a long-wheelbase ride for executives. stretched for greater rear-seat roominess,
george pullman dies, october 19, 1897
today in 1897, george mortimer pullman died in chicago, illinois. pullman’s career as a manufacturer of luxury railroad cars revolutionized train travel around the world, while the labor practices he embraced made him one of the most
Wanted 1920-27 Pullman Sleeper
Wanted: 1920-27 Pullman heavyweight sleeper in good condition (not tubed out). Does not need to be road ready. If you know where one is please call. Mike 503-692-5200
No Surprise - PARD Continues to Hold Pullman Hostage
PARD has announced it will take its appeal of the Pullman Wal-Mart Supercenter to the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Spokane. Good. Even though this appeal will cost Pullman taxpayers even more money, PARD will inevitably lose and
WSU College of Business Prepares Fall 06 Business Plan Competition
PULLMAN, Wash. - The Washington State University College of Business is gearing up for the fourth annual WSU Business Plan Competition, to be held on the Pullman campus Dec. 1. There are 13 teams registered to participate in the
US Ag Secretary Recognizes WSU Extension for Operation: Military
PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University Extension is among those recognized by US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns for its role in developing a nationwide 4-H program specifically for children whose parents are deployed as
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