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chalet trip;;
gortt backk frm derr chalet trip yesterday. atcually wanted ter blog walk lot 1 also - she wan ter buy hairband - thn go ntuc stock up if you get wadd ii mean. and is almost 12 liao. but after we got out of derr ntuc saw caiyun,
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Premier Chalet (single-storey) NTUC:S$105 Non Member:S$210 Duplex Chalet (double-storey) NTUC: S$145 Non-member: S$290 Superior Chalet NTUC: S$89 Non-member: S$190 Deluxe Chalet NTUC: S$99 Non-member: S$210 aloha changi
Photo Album: NTUC CHALET 2006
NTUC CHALET 2006. chalet panorama. More Photos
Where to stay?
One that I liked in particular was the ntuc chalet that costs $70 a day. Unfortunately, some of the dates during the week were already booked. It would be inconvenient to keep changing accomodations during the stay.
my class chalet
y the chalet turn out like this? oh ya then i meet up my cousin n talk meanwhile they eat at mac got another chap joined usah soon LOLx xiaowei seems to scare of him HUMJI KIALOLx then got 9 of us we walked to NTUC
warm InsideOUT*//
waited for around 10 minutes den came Vivian. went to buy some snacks first coz we were hungry already. den went MiniToons buy rubberbands. den we NTUC, planning for chalet. Vivian so XiXin~ took out paper & pen and write down e price.
class chalet '06 job hunting --> interviews.
ate a tongyam cup noodle for bfast at the chalet ( brunch ) before going to escape. went in escape played quite a number of rides, then followed ms hoe out to the NTUC Food Court to have lunch. well, i really duno abt re-entry to escape
Chalet 12th Sept to 14th Sept
The chalet is coming soon!! I’m sending this email to all, hopefully duration of the chalet, 5 of us who will only be coming for the BBQ to a cross-junction where you’ll see NTUC Downtown East. Turn right into Pasir Ris Close.
back from chalet!
so darrena and i went to fetch the peeps. alvin yeye was already there. hahaha. so we went to tampines mall ntuc to meet him. at the same time get paper cups! hahaha. then we waited for the rest to come! then back to the chalet! boo
okay, details of the chalet are as followed: 20-22 nov. barbeque
Venue: NTUC downtown east chalet(entry fee of $1) meeting time: 2pm at the chalet if you want to check in with yanbing 1pm+ at yanbing's houseif you want to help yanbing to carry stuff from her house to the chalet

NTUC Online : NTUC Online Homepage
NTUC is a family of 63 trade unions with more than 470000 members in support of the labour LEISURE SERVICES, - NTUC Link Merchants, - Book Resort/Chalet
Greetings to you from NTUC Income Travel & Recreation Club! How do I book my resort or chalet? The booking process we have established is very simple.
How much do I pay to book a chalet??
Deluxe Chalet Off Peak Period Peak Period NTUC Club Member $86 $96 Below is the Pasir Ris NTUC chalet Chalet Location : Resort at Downtown East
::: Welcome to Downtown East :::.
Every confirmed booking made for chalet stay during the promotional period Booking must be made at the resort using NTUC-OCBC Card to enjoy this offer
::: Welcome to Downtown East :::.
3D/ 2N peak Chalet stay @ Costa Sands Resorts (Downtown East/ Pasir Ris) 1 x $50 NTUC Club Voucher. 28466. SXXXX167J. 1 x $50 NTUC Club Voucher
booking system will be down from 1am to 5am for maintenance. We regret any inconvenience caused. Surf on more to find out more information about NTUC Club.
NTUC Club : News Releases
Hurry! 500 chalet rooms going at $1* each. Singapore, 18 March 2005 – NTUC Club launches the second of its series of Xtreme offers in Downtown East.
Yahoo! Auctions - 2D1N resort stay @ $60 in Costa Sands nt NTUC
2D1N resort stay @ $60 in Costa Sands nt NTUC Theme Pak Applicable for Premier chalet at Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris) only.
Gatlinburg Chalet Rental
val disere chalet, michigan chalet cabin and chalet rental in Gatlinburg TN, chalet à vendre of chalet reservation, ntuc chalet, mountain laurel chalet
This is valid for Sundays for the first 20 NTUC-OCBC VISA Cardmembers Terms & Conditions - Valid till 31 Dec 2006 - Subject to chalet availability chalet+ntuc: ntuc chalet booking , ntuc chalet singapore , ntuc chalet booking , ntuc chalet singapore , chalet+ntuc
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