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The Iceman of the Alps
Suppose you were able to interview the Iceman. Write at least three questions you would ask him, and provide the answers you think he might give
Oetzi The Iceman Discovered, September 19, 1991
MP3 File Today in 1991, two German tourists discovered a frozen, naturally mummified body in a glacier of the Otztal Alps. This discovery, Oetzi the Iceman, as the mummy came to be known, was initially thought to be the corpse of
The Iceman Cometh, Anniversary Edition
Fifteen years ago this week, two German tourists uncovered Ötzi the Iceman in the Austrian alps. That was over 5000 years after poor Ötzi hung up his boots, so he quickly came to fame as the world's oldest natural human mummy.
The Iceman
But when a 23-year-old Saskatoon native and professional hockey player named Duncan MacPherson disappeared in the Austrian Alps in 1989, his parents soon discovered that the local police weren't very interested at all in helping them.
Abe of the Alps
Ötzi the Iceman, the world's oldest and best-preserved mummy, might have been murdered in a struggle for power, according to a new theory that identifies the 5300-year-old mummy as the powerfu
The world's oldest murder mystery
Remember the Iceman? A 5300-year-old mummy found in the alps near the borders of Austria and Italy in 1991. From the first examinations, it was clear that he had been killed somehow. Perhaps as a ritual sacrifice, perhaps because he had
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This past month we have learned many new and interesting things, from the iceman of the alps to data and graphing. In math, we have learned data and graphing. Even though we knew about mean, median, and mode we learned a lot more about
Oetzi - The 5000 year old Ice-man
Such is the age of the Oetzi, the legendary Iceman, whose almost perfectly preserved body was found in 1991 in the icy Alps. It offers a fantastic peek into the life and times of a man, who died in 3300 BC.
Curse of the Iceman
In 1991, a pair of German tourists discovered the frozen corpse of a Copper Age man in the Alps, where it had apparently lain undisturbed since 3300 BC "Ötzi" In all, eight people connected with the iceman have died unexpectedly.
The Writer's Almanac for Tuesday, September 19,
It was on this day in 1991 that a 5300-year-old man was found frozen in a glacier in the Alps, between Austria and Italy. He became known as the "Iceman." Why his discovery was so important for anthropologists was the fact that he died

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Iceman's discoverer dead in Alps
The German man who found the remains of a 5300-year-old frozen mummy in 1991 is found dead in the Alps.
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Iceman discoverer claims reward
A German who discovered the 5300-year-old iceman, Oetzi, in the Alps demands up to $250000 as a finder's fee.
Otzi The Iceman - Crystalinks
The Iceman's death has been the subject of much speculation since his frozen body was found in a melting glacier in the Otztal Alps - hence the Otzi name
Alps Iceman put inside chilly case at Italy museum
Alps Iceman put inside chilly case at Italy museum. BOLZANO, Italy (AP) A 5300-year-old Bronze Age hunter went on display Saturday in a museum created in
Iceman of the Alps
Discovery of a frozen man in the Italian Alps. According to Konrad Spindler, leader of the scientific investigation of the Iceman, the best estimate of
In the section of what we know as the Austrian Alps raw materials such as salt, gold, and iron were found. If the Iceman was just in it in the Alps on
BBC - Science & Nature - Horizon - Death of the Iceman
Provides documentary about Oetzi, the Iceman. Includes cripts of BBC documentery.
TIME.com: The Iceman: Murdered in the Alps -- Aug. 25, 2003 -- Page 1
When they first pulled his frozen body from a glacier on the Italy-Austria border in 1991, after some 5300 years on ice, most experts thought the
Oetzi Iceman: A Who2 Profile
The prehistoric mountaineer known as the Oetzi Iceman was discovered at a height of 3200 meters (more than 10000 feet) in the Tyrollean Alps on 19 September
NOVA | Transcripts | Ice Mummies: Return of the Iceman | PBS
In keeping with his celebrity, the Iceman had an armored truck and military escort for his final trip over the Alps. The Iceman's long journey finally ended alps+iceman: alps+iceman
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