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Jalan Raya with the Girls
Dearies, Wats up? Its raining again. I muz say this yesterday was never meant to be a well-planned outing turned into a disaster due to the unforseen change of weather and a couple of unwanted mishaps we got stuck in
125Z 2 kempen jalan raya rempit myspace
Myspace. Myspace
Jalan Raya di Pennsylvania
I then passed a compilation of Hari Raya songs to Hamidah and Rohana from Singapore. Eid is not complete without Saloma & Ahmad Jais' "Selamat Hari Raya" songs! Yes, in the spirit of Hari Raya, Kak Alo took the effort to prepare all
Jalan Raya!
I decided to do away with studies and SEP related issues just for today simply because its Syawal and I have a life too. So we started at 11, drove all the way across the island, visiting the easties before coming back to the West to
tom and jerries' jalan raya
raya time!! pose kejap sebelom green light thats yaty with my cat!! Tanya~~ bukan question heh~ we took more pics than this la but these are the only few i manage to get yes
My Jalan Raya
Ok, yesterday went jalan raya-ing with Hidayah, Nani, Izzati, Adam, Sarah, Zia, Hannah, Nazurah and Nuriman. We ate at practically every single house I tell you. Anyway, went to Sarah's house first for breakfast.
Jalan Raya
Jalan Raya. I am too busy with my NS life to blog, so I let pictures speak the thousand words. Enjoy. Myspace Slideshows, MySpace slide show, myspace slideshow I made this slideshow at MyFlashFetish.com.
jalan raya 06 communikasi bermassa
Hafiz the first thing that went through my mind when i saw him : he looks like a small boy who’s mum is forcing him to go to some religious class (ok, MAYBE fizah said this.) and the headline fits the pic.
the raya post kedua
just as the raya pictures on the previous post are turning stale and dull, i offer you another collage filled with pictures. this time round, we went a-jalan raya-ing with the ex-ttc president and the bachelor of arts kakis.
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