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This might make it hard for vegans to enjoy pastries, since the only substitute for Crisco is butter or lard. A total ban on Crisco would also radically reshape how busy people cook, since--as anyone who's ever watched Jacques and Julia
Re: christmas pudding quandary
i wouldn't chance the bird feeder stuff -- either go to a butcher directly and ask for it, or use a substitute like Crisco or some other type of lard or shortening
More fat.
fats and the fats that will substitute for them are equally caloric, we almost always made pie crusts and Toll House cookies with Crisco. We tried butter too, but we thought the final product was better made with Crisco.
Trans Fats
Crisco gave cooks of that era a cheap, easy to use fat substitute. Baking and chocolate making processes were revolutionized. Absolutely nobody knew at the time of the by product that was created when those vegetable oils were
Is Crisco a solid shortening? Is butter or margarine a good substitute? Or is vegetable oil a better idea? Jen
Thank Napoleon for Margarine
substance (resembling Crisco but when I asked Germans what this “spread” was, a prize to anyone who could make a satisfactory (cheaper) substitute for butter, french, margarine, tartrazine, butter, butter substitute, napoleon
Chocolate Chip Cookies
The taste is a different storythe no flavor Crisco is exactly that: flavorless. Next time I will try butter flavored Crisco. The Splenda was a good substitute for sugar (I'm hoping to find Splenda brown sugar soon).
Trans Fats what they are and banned in NY
Taco Bell worked for more than two years to find a substitute, conducting blind consumer taste It was first made popular in a product known as Crisco. And if the pro-Crisco lobby wants to lobby for “freedom of -fat choice!
More Scents of Autumn!
Note: You can substitute Crisco or another shortening for the lard. Also, you can use 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup granulated sugar, and you can add 1 tsp. ginger and 1 cup of chopped walnuts, if desired. Makes 24 hermits.
How to Make Pumpkin Pie or Soup from Fresh Pumpkins
Combine two cups of milk, cream or soymilk, three eggs or egg substitute, Make two pie crusts using Crisco, flour and water (recipe on the back of the You could try substituting a healthy oil in place of the hydrogenated Crisco.

QVC Community Forums: Crisco vs Margarine
I just found a post from Deadeye Daisy saying that you should not substitute crisco with margarine because of the water content. Oh well that answers my
Yahoo! Answers - When baking cookies, can you substitute a cup of
There is a big difference in texture, etcdo you have any solid shortening, like Crisco? That would be a more apt substitute.
Cookie-Baking Tips
I simply substitute the Crisco for the butter called for in the recipe. I also add a higher percentage of brown sugar to the Tollhouse recipe - instead of
Too Many Chefs: Crisco Wants to Be Free
If you don't like Crisco, you can substitute olive oil or butter or cream. Or you could try the recipes as is. I've heard the best pie crusts are made with
vegan shortening for baking | Ask MetaFilter
Crisco is indeed the correct substitute for lard, and it's vegan -- but it is basically 100% fat, as I understand it. But apparently they now make
The solution is to substitute an ingredient called for in a recipe with another one, 3/4 cup Crisco shortening + 1 Tablespoon + 1 1/2 teaspoons water
Re: substitution for crisco
Lard is the best substitute for Crisco, but butter works well. However, you will get different attributes when using butter instead of Crisco,
Trans Fat - Quick and Delicious Dishes - tribe.net
for frying, i go with non hydrogenated canola but for a crisco substitute you may look for a shortning called Trans End. it has 2% fat as compared to
Crisco Kitchen -- Products
In general, you can substitute Crisco ® Shortening for butter or margarine in equal amounts. Crisco ® Shortening gives you higher, lighter-textured baked
alternative to crisco shortening for pie crust - Chowhound
Crisco was originally developed as a cheaper substitute for animal fats in making candles. It was mistakenly presumed to be safe for human consumption and substitute+for+crisco: substitute+for+crisco
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