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UK 1967 - Chelsea  ► FOTOVIDEO

La minigonna e' una gonna con il bordo ben sopra il ginocchio ( generalmente 20cm o piu'... ) ed e' stata il simbolo piu' significativo della "Swinging London" degli anni 60 .
L'invenzione della minigonna e' generalmente accreditata alla disegnatrice di moda Mary Quant , che fu ispirata dall'automobile Mini Cooper , ed allo stilista Francese André Courrèges , anch'esso spesso citato come suo inventore . Ancora esistono discussioni su chi sia stato il primo .
Molti accreditano anche Helen Rose , che ideo' alcune minigonne per l'attrice Anne Francis nel film cult di Fantascienza " Il Pianeta Proibito " , del 1956 ; anche se esempi di mini vestiti erano gia' apparsi in film di fantascienza precedenti, come l'abito di Dale Arden in " Flash Gordon " del 1940.
AU 1967 - Ragazze di Melbourne

The miniskirt is a skirt with a hemline well above the knees ( generally 20 cm , or more , above knee level ).
The mini was the defining fashion symbol of "Swinging London" in the 1960s.
The miniskirt's existence in the 1960s is generally credited to the fashion designer Mary Quant , who was inspired by the Mini Cooper automobile, although the French designer André Courrèges is also often cited as its inventor (the French referred to it as la mini-jupe), and there is disagreement as to who invented it first.
Some give the credit to Helen Rose who made some miniskirts for actress Anne Francis in the 1956 science fiction movie " Forbidden Planet " , but examples of midresses appeared in previous sci-fi movies , like the minidress of Dale Arden in 1940s movie " Flash Gordon " .

Recently, Marit Allen, a Vogue " Young Ideas " editor at the time, has stated that "John Bates, in particular, has always been completely unappreciated for his contribution to the innovation and creativity he brought to the London design scene." He bared the midriff, used transparent vinyl and, Marit Allen asserts, was responsible for "the raising of the hemline. It was John Bates, rather than Mary Quant or Courrèges, who was responsible for the miniskirt."
Bates' costumes and accessories for Diana Rigg , as Emma Peel in the ABC TV series, The Avengers, from 1965-7, helped to define " Mod style " . As The Avengers' filmed episodes were made several months before screening, Avengers producer Brian Clemens confirmed in interviews that the miniskirt designed by Bates had to be used as a "gamble", since they did not know if it would catch on in public or be seen as a fashion failure by the time the episodes aired . However, Emma Peel's fashions were accepted by the public and even spawned a line of replicas of her clothes for public sale.
Another, more "immediate" proponent of the miniskirt on television was Cathy McGowan, who introduced the weekly rock music show, Ready Steady Go! (1964-66).
USA 1968 - Sharon Tate  ► FOTOVIDEO
UK 1966 - Jane Birkin  ► " BLOW UP "
USA 1968 - Sharon Tate " The Wrecking Crew "  ► FOTOVIDEO
FR 1967 - Sylvie Vartan  ► VIDEO
UK 1968 - Modella
UK 1966 - Twiggy  ► FOTO
UK 1970 - Twiggy  ► FOTO
AU 1968 - Sidney
UK 1968 - Ascot
UK 1967 - Londra
Anni 70 - Suore ( ?? )
USA 1967 - Cher  ► VIDEO
UK 1968 - Ma le gonne dove sono ?
FR 1969 - Modello Pierre Cardin
UK 1969 - "Save the Mini"  ► VIDEO
Londra 1969 - Taxi
Londra 1969 - Sposa
Londra 1967 - Mini e Midi  ► FOTO
Londra 1966 - Ragazzine nella City  ► VIDEO
UK 1967 - Londra
IT 1968 - Roma

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Londra 1967 - Carnaby Street
Irlanda 1969 - Minigonne esibite e fucili spianati
Italy 1968 - La Polizia sta a guardare
Italy 1970 - Filmino amatoriale
USA 1970 - Prostitute a New York
USA 1970 - Prostitute a New York
USA 1969 - Black Panthers
UK 1969 - Ascot Horse Racing
UK 1970 - Commesse a Londra
USA 1970 - Assistenti di volo
FR 1970 - Uniformi per infermiere Pierre Cardin
Vietnam 1967 - Raquel Welch  ► VIDEO  ► FOTO
UK 1969 - Ragazze che disegnano sull'asfalto
USA 1971 - Gemelle in hotpants e minigonna
Italy 1967 - Jean Shrimpton  ► FOTOFOTO
Italy 1972 - Raffaella Carra' e Mini Innocenti  ► FOTOFOTO

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