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Venezuela views strengthening of economic model worldwide El Universal
Venezuela's trade relations with the rest of the world will be marked by two major trends in 2007, the year that is to define the path Hugo Chávez' new presidential term is to take.
Venezuela accepts Russian fighter jets Calcutta News
Venezuela accepts Russian fighter jets Venezuela has formally accepted the first two of two dozen fighter jets from Russia, part of a larger arms agreement, El Universal reported Thursday.
Venezuela accepts Russian fighter jets UPI
CARACAS, Venezuela, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- Venezuela has formally accepted the first two of two dozen fighter jets from Russia, part of a larger arms agreement, El Universal reported Thursday.
Chávez heads south for leadership; seeks control in Venezuela El Universal
Just 72 hours after his electoral victory and 24 hours after he was proclaimed the re-elected President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez packed, went aboard his Airbus 319, and late Wednesday arrived in Brasilia, where his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva welcomed him.
Optimism in Latin America San Jose Mercury News
Latin Americans are more optimistic than they have been in years about their futures and the state of their democracies, although suspicions about their governments persist, according to a landmark poll released Friday of more than 20,200 people in 18 countries.
Constitutional reform in people's hands El Universal
MAYELA ARMAS H. EL UNIVERSAL The economic policy of President Hugo Chávez will be based on an amendment to the Constitution, in order to include the social production model, and on a growing expenditure plan. The National Development Fund (Fonden) will be added as investment facility.
Chávez resumes cooperation agenda in South America El Universal
The need to speed up construction of the Gas Pipeline of the South will be a topic the Presidents of Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, Hugo Chávez, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and Néstor Kirchner are addressing.
Chavez's Venezuela "red, really red" Reuters via Yahoo! News
President Hugo Chavez painted Venezuela the "red, really red" of his anti-U.S. socialist revolution, after sweeping to re-election in Sunday's vote with wins in every state in the OPEC heavyweight.
US is "ready, enthusiastic and willing to enter into dialogue" with Venezuela El Universal
Both governments have philosophical, ideological and political stances that, in some ways, mirror significant, basic differences between the two countries.
"We will know the truth when we have clean elections" El Universal
NGO Súmate has ratified the statement of ex single opposition candidate and Governor of western Zulia state Manuel Rosales, who said that the count and audits results match with the official numbers produced by the National Electoral Council (CNE). However, they highlighted, "balloting was not clean, parent or reliable."

Todos los periódicos diarios de Venezuela
TODOS LOS PERIODICOS DIARIOS DE VENEZUELA. EL NACIONAL, Caracas, www.el-nacional.com. EL UNIVERSAL, Caracas, www.eluniversal.com
VENEZUELA. CENSIMENTO 2001. PERIODICO : EL UNIVERSAL 30/11/2001. Sono circa 22 milioni gli abitanti in tutto il paese, il dato è stato diffuso in un
El Universal
El Universal.com (Venezuela) 18 gennaio 2005. Claudio Abbado. Claudio Abbado ha creato un'orchestra sinfonica giovanile dell'America Latina,
Periódico El Universal. Venezuela
Caracas. Datos sobre el Periódico El Universal. Periodico El Universal, Venezuela. diarios. Buscar Noticias :: Mediatico.Com ::.
Dossier Venezuela - Appendici e materiali
D - È quanto sta avvenendo in Venezuela? R - No. Alcuni giornali, come El Universal e El Nacional e qualche altro, sono testate con una lunga tradizione.
Dossier Venezuela - quinto capitolo
Anche Cesar Miguel Rondon, noto giornalista televisivo e commentatore di el Universal , rileva però che nel 1999, quando venne eletto capo dello stato per
El Universal (Venezuela) - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
El Universal es un periódico de circulación matutina de Venezuela, de ideología de centro-derecha y uno de los mayor tirada del país.
Venezuela, una stravagante democrazia alle urne
La extravagante democracia de Venezuela a las urnas. Inchiesta del paese – come El Universal e El Nacional – in mano a persone vicine all’opposizione,
Economía - eluniversal.com
Noticias de Venezuela y el mundo. Avances informativos de último minuto y reportajes El último reporte de la Cámara Automotriz de Venezuela (Cavenez) (.
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