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Cycling News - 86 8 Sa´dou Rouamba (Bur) 83 9 Jacques Fullard (RSA 17 54 Maros Kovac (Svk) Dukla Trencin 17 54 Jean-Noel Wolf ...
Veggie way of life is anything but a new fad (Portland Tribune)
Aside from being writers, what do George Bernard Shaw, Benjamin Franklin, Leo Tolstoy Adolf Hitler have in common? They were all vegetarians. Their individual culinary lifestyles are but a tip of the iceberg in Tristram Stuart's dense but readable first book, "The Bloodless ...
The Enlightenment: Anglo-American (Genesis) vs Franco-Germanic (Anti-Genesis) (Sierra Times)
"9th Circuit Endorses Censoring Christians," ruling declares 'family values,' 'natural family,' 'marriage' constitutes hate speech. (WorldNetDaily, 3/8/07)...
More News (Gazette.Net)
Out of all the arguments made for abolition over the years Gov. Martin O'Malley's argument before legislative committees, the likelihood of executing the innocent is the most compelling....
Glenn W. Smith: of Rousseau Hobbes (HuffingtonPost)
How Neocon David Brooks Gets Human Nature (and Everything Else) Completely Wrong Humans are a brutish, belligerent evil species, rotten to the core of our incorrigible selves, according to New York Times columnist neo-conservative propagandist David Brooks. We should consider ourselves lucky to have committed, self-sacrificing leaders like, I guess, David Brooks to help build ...
Brilliance, Silence, Courage (New York Review of Books)
An article by Joyce Carol Oates from The New York Review of Books, March 15, 2007...
Delinsky tours for first time in years (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Put simply, best-selling author Delinsky writes about the emotional crises of everyday people how those trials shape relationships. Yet latest novel is anything but simple....

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