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I’m a freelance journalist, photographer and translator based in Italy. I specialise in foreign news, current affairs and travel. I regularly supply news, financial stories and photos from Italy to UK, US and New Zealand magazines.

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Vegetariano fa bene
Mangiare carne e’ un po’ come fumare o non allacciarsi le cinture in macchina: fa male, si sa’, ma lo facciamo lo stesso.

New Zealand Se all'American Cup, Black Magic andava a gonfie vele, non si può dire lo stesso per l'economia neozelandese. I venti di riforma dei vari governi di sinistra e di destra, si sono rivoltati verso i contribuenti

la bicicletta di Leonardo Chi ha inventato la bicicletta ? Una di quelle domande che a volte ci chiediamo o che ci pongono alcuni giornali, incuriosendoci a comprare la prossima pubblicazione dove verá pubblicata la risposta. Chi ha inventato l`areoplano o l`elicottero? o il cappotto o il pantalone? e la cariola? Si chi ha inventato la cariola?

una serata alla TV a Londra on line Ieri sera ero stanco. Insolito ma vero. Da quando sono tornato dalle 2 settimane in Italia passate a dormire fino a tardi ed a (ri)assaporare i buoni piatti di mamma, la stanchezza tipica del bel paese mi è ritornata come per ricordarmi le mie origini

freelance a Londra e' bello Cari direttori di giornali, perché non date un po' più di spazio al nuovo?


a bike with a view Take a bike, a tent and your partner - find a lake and get a new life

cabiria's nights I used to get there with my old Volkswagen Beetle, parking in the square just in front of the bar

firenze When thinking of Florence, anyone who has already seen this beautiful city immediately thinks of Renassaince, art galleries and crowds of tourists. But there are other, more valid reasons to choose Florence as the goal of an Italian journey - its location, its countryside and the Historical Fancy-Dress Footbal game

behind a mask Venice is considered the most romantic city in Italy, the city of lovers, gentlemen and suitors. Since Casanova's time the women of Venice have been known for their beauty and flirtatiousness. I went to Venice to explore the mystique of Europe's city of romance, La Serenissima (The most serene republic)

bicycle thieves The worst thing about having your bike stolen is to know who`s got it and not have the right to have it back. The law seems to protect bicycle thieves more than cycle owners. You can pay good money for your bicycle, ride it for years, but if you are not cautious one day someone may say it`s theirs, not yours

The best way to enjoy Tuscany is surely in the countryside. It's only there where visitors can rest and admire the real beauty of Tuscany. Especially after a busy long day spent admiring the several art cities of Tuscany. So next time you visit Tuscany try to stay in a farmhouse (agriturismo) or a bed and breakfast in the countryside. Traditional Tuscany - is a small guide for Tuscany Farm Houses, Villas, Bed and Breakfasts and Apartments. The accommodation they offer is in villas, on farms and in bed and breakfasts in the Tuscany countryside where they know the owners and the properties personally.

Traditional Italy accommodation: Accommodation in Umbria, Marche, Liguria and Sicily.

Agriturismo Bramasole e Ginestra - Montopoli (Pisa) Farmhouse accommodation Tuscany - in organic farm between Florence and Pisa.
The Agriturismo Bramasole & Ginestra is an organic family farm with "3 Spighe" (or Ears) quality farmhouse recognition - the highest recognition of the Region Tuscany for holiday farmhouses that offer accommodation facilities. The farm is located on the hills of Montopoli Val d’Arno, a medieval village in the province of Pisa. Equally distant from the most famous cities of the coast and the inland of Tuscany.

leonardo's bicycle After the restoration of one of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks, a scribble of a two-wheeler was found in the renaissance genius' manuscripts. It was thought to be the drawing of the first bicycle. Later historians suspected it was a monk's XX century fake

cavetown Caveman's dwellings can be explored in the ravines between the insole and the heel of the boot Italy. Since ye olde times nomad shepherds have lived in these caverns out of necessity. Now is one of the trendiest places in South of Italy

wooden bike Bicycle historians argue over whether Leonardo da Vinci was the inventor of the bicycle, but there are no doubts that a modern day craftman from the same area of Italy made a workable modern two-wheeler from wood

bohemian london What's generally associated with the word "Bohemian"? Maybe a young artist, an attic in Paris Montmarte, dirty dishes in the sink, bills to pay and no money for the milk. But what if the same scenario is in a basement flat in London Stoke Newington?

florence - the cradle of modern football The game that claims to be the origin of modern football takes place under controversial conditions every June in Florence

dreams can come true I'm not a famous journalist. I've never written fiction, and my mother tongue is Italian. But if you are reading this in a magazine, this means that I've understood the snags and tricks of the freelance journalist

Italians behaving badly

A collection of articles about Italy and the Italians

Berlusconi special


Espresso coffee is in danger

In Italy it's getting harder and harder to get a decent cup of espresso coffee

Slaughter house Istanbul Do you need a fresh cheap kidney? Go to Turkey

North Korea pays its debts with slaves North Korea is repaying its soviet-era debt, worth billions of pounds, to Russia by sending thousands of servants to work in eastern Siberia. In this way Pyongyang reduced $50.4 million debt to Moscow last year

French baby gangs France is ashamed of its kids. The mayors of Orleans, Colombes, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Nice, Cannes and Antibes have had to impose curfews on children to defend their towns from infantile barbarity that is threatening tourism

Investment banks need a better professional ethical code Do not trust your investment bank advisors - they are incompetent and cannot tell you when to sell your shares to keep their job

Sex hunters mocked by Fidel Great disappointment for the Italian tourists coming back from their holiday in Cuba

Baby - its beautiful! It's arrived a little late in Italy but the bellies of pregnant women have become something to show off rather than hide away once the bump starts to show.

The "made in Italy" brand name is under attack The Italian food industry is losing its primacy in the world market.

The (fat)people versus fast-foods Fast foods like cigarettes; McDonald's like Philips Morris. The Mc-fat kills like tobacco does, and at the moment, it is enemy number one in the US. What's worse the fastfood-cocacola industry targets kids straight at their schools by using Walt Disney's characters, entertaining clowns (such as Ronald McDonald), happy meals with toys...

Iran - Rampant Prostitution (Where prostitution is a form of revolution)

Young Iranians From their favourite cafes young Iranians expect Khatami victory to change their lives

Italians behaving badly A collection of articles about Italy and the Italians

What does mean to have a right-wing government I don't know abroad, but in the Banana Republic of Italy, it means that

Queuing outside Italian consulates in Argentina After 3 years of recession, argentinans are starting to worry, if not paniking

Same in Romania

Flying is going to be more and more dangerous because of new management cuts

Italians cheat mainly in summer It seems that the hot weather has a strange effect on the Italian hormones. 8 out 10 Italians say they would leave and/or cheat on their partners during a summer holiday. It is a fact that summer triggers our sexual instincts in Italy.

How to buy houses in Tuscany with Real Estate Tuscany

Italians mainly split up in the summer

Dead Smokers Are Good for Government Budgets Philip Morris, the tobacco giant, may have the answer to the nightmare problems that beset every government when it tries to balance the budget.

Are you a doctor, a lawyer or a knight? Italy is one of the few Western countries that has strange titles in front of people's names.

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Charming and affordable farmhouse where to stay in Tuscany, check the appartments of this Tuscany farmhouse in the middle of Tuscany - San Martino in Colle >and in Chianti

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